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[D5-Legend] Tortollan secret mage (OP)

  • Last updated Sep 4, 2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Freeze Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 5600
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/31/2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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I don't use HSreplay to record, but just before the new season started, I got legend with this deck from D5.

The hardest matchup might be face hunter or aggro rogues but I still manage to win a lot with different variations of this deck but this one worked pretty well and I got to LEGEND from D5 with ONLY 2 looses. 

I added Wandmaker and Wand Thief because I like harry pot.. just because they saved me a lot in many games.

Just be aware that many people will use threaten emoji to you at the end. 




Winning condition: The main goal is to win by spamming Cloud Prince when you freeze and play Ice Barrier each turn, (usually it remains once you freeze your enemy's minions). Sometimes your opponent can't even attack you so you will have a secret anyway. Against super aggro decks, you just want to survive so heal yourself, use a secret, and frost nova as a spell until you are safe..


Sphere of Sapience: Be smart. You only need 1 copy of each of the three spells that should remain in the deck. So if you send any spell at the bottom of your deck, it means you can use your Tortollan Pilgrim safely. 

Lorekeeper Polkelt: Again you have to be smart with your decision to play Lorekeeper Polkelt.  You only wanna use it if you want to draw your Tortollan Pilgrim in the very next turns. Because if you play it on Turn 4, it means until you play your Tortollan Pilgrim you will keep drawing useless cards and can't even play taunts, etc. to survive and you might draw your Potion of Illusion when you want to combo. So I usually play it on Turn 7 or if I have too many spells and I don't want to draw the second one and think that I am safe enough to play my Tortollan Pilgrim.

Tortollan Pilgrim: Don't be greedy and try to have 6-7 Tortollan Pilgrim in your hand. You only need 2x 1 mana Tortollan Pilgrim usually. If you had played Lorekeeper Polkelt and you know that your next draw is also  Tortollan Pilgrim or you have it in your hand, it means you can use your first Tortollan Pilgrim to cast Frost Nova, if you want to survive. BUT!!, remember that if you use your second Tortollan Pilgrim with 9 mana crystals, you can only use your second Tortollan Pilgrim for 1 x Potion of Illusion and 1 x Frost Nova, unless of course, your first Tortollan is still alive in the field because then it means you will have 1x 1 mana Tortollan Pilgrim in your hand. Otherwise, you should survive until you have 10 mana crystals.

Cloud Prince: When you have a secret on the battlefield and a Cloud Prince, you can play 1x 5 mana Cloud Prince, then play 1x mana Tortollan Pilgrim for Potion of Illusion, then play 1 mana Cloud Prince followed by again 1x mana Tortollan Pilgrim for Potion of Illusion, then freeze the field. DO NOT be greedy and spam Potion of Illusion until your hand is FULL. Just avoid doing it and have a few of them only. Remember 1x 1 mana Tortollan is enough to restore your combo. Next turn, you just simply trade your Tortollan let them die and play another Cloud Prince followed by  Potion of Illusion then trade your remaining Cloud Prince on the battlefield and your opponent will already be dead even if they heal.

Weird cases:

I drew 2x Potion of Illusions: It means you play aggressively and try to kill your opponent by feezing damaging face and try to either boost your damage with Cloud Prince or rely on your minions for more value to do more damage such as using it on minions such as Wand Thief or Wandmaker.

I drew 2x Frost Nova:  Well, then you have to use it in the most efficient way. If you manage to get 1x mana Tortollan, it is usually enough to win by using it from your hand.

I drew 2x Ice Barrier: DO NOT USE the second one for no reason. Keep it until you have enough space and time to get as many Cloud Prince as you can. Then you can win by using Ice Barrier for 3 mana and spam 6 damage each case. Besides your opponent usually does not have 30 HP, which means you don't even need like 5x Cloud Prince.

I drew 1 copies of a spell and I equipped Sphere of Sapience: Well don't be greedy and if you for example have 1x Potion of Illusion in your hand, you might not want to risk drawing a second one so if you draw like Ice Barrier or Frost Nova for the first time take it because if you send it to the bottom, your next card might be your second Potion of Illusion, unless you are too desperate and need like taunt minions, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Try to trade your minions on the battlefield by NOT killing your opponent minions so just trade to kill your own minions by letting your enemy have many minions so that you can freeze and decrease their chance to play a minion. Usually, you don't want to copy any other minion than your Tortollan so just trade and damage your minions before your combo.

I used to use Doomsayer but aggro decks usually go face anyway so I no longer use it because it is not good for the meta due to the rush minions etc. anyway. 


I tend to mulligan for anything but spells, I usually keep Cloud Prince and Tortollan Pilgrim


AGAINST CLASSES:  I will update this part occasionally. However, there are certain matchups that you have to be careful with!

Control Priest: Usually not a hard matchup. The thing is you shouldn't waste your second 8 mana Tortollan because your opponent might play Mindrender Illusia. One other way to deal with it is to freeze your opponent's minion and DO NOT KILL THEM. So they won't have an empty board to waste your 1x mana Tortollan or Cloud Prince. 

Demon Hunter: One important tip is that DHs usually attack face so will heal you due to your Ice Barrier, however, you might avoid using a minion on the board if you have 4 or less hp so your opponent might not kill you with Glaivebound Adept.

Hunter: One of the hardest matchup. DO NOT ATTACK with your taunt minions due to Freezing Trap. Earthen Ring Farseeris very important for this matchup and you just need to survive 

Rogues: Try to discover spells that kill these stealth minions. If they had to use spells on minions, you might rely on Ice Barrier later on.

Druid: Druids were easy for me if they go RAMP beast. Just freeze, freeze.

Paladins: Unless they can go super-aggressive, again not a hard matchup. 

Warlocks: Easier than hunters, only super aggressive zoo locks might kill you. 

Overall, hunter, rogue, and DH matchups are the hardest but still pretty much winnable once you manage to be safe and let them deal with your endless wall of taunts, heals, and armors until you keep freezing the battlefield. 

I hope you try and enjoy the deck!