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[LEGEND 73% WR] Highlander Paladin

  • Last updated Jul 26, 2020 (Pre-Expansion Nerfs)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Highlander Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 17940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/23/2020 (Pre-Expansion Nerfs)
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Wild Pyromancer



Funny deck with wich I become legend this season.

Strong vs the hunter plague we have now (10-2 vs them).

First of all some general tips and possible replacements for the deck.

This is a midrange deck. That means you don't play defensive at starting like would do higlander mage. This deck has not that strong tempo swings, so you have to play it more like highlander hunter. This is less agressive, but has much more value and sustain. So the general plan is to dominate the board ALWAYS.

Any of the cards are a must in the deck, but don't play this deck if you miss any of the highlander cards. You can take off some dragons if you don't have Dragonrider Talritha, but where is the fun about take out that? :D

I have to say I changed some cards doing some tests. I have Wild Pyromancer in the list because I faced a lot of spell druids and needed to counter those annoying 2/2 insects, but I didn't faced anyone after the nerfs, so you can replace it for Acidic Swamp Ooze if you are facing warriors or Shotbot if you don't need weapon removal. If you are facing aggressive decks with wide boards you can replace any fat dragon (not alex ofc) for Lightforged Blessing, and enjoy the fiesta with the pyromancer.

General mulligan: Always keep Aldor Attendant, Murgur Murgurgle and Sir Finley of the Sands. You can keep Dragonrider Talritha if you have the coin and any "little" dragon like explorer or evasive if you are not facing a fast deck like Hunter or DH. If you have Murgur Murgurgle and/or Micro Mummy consider to keep Teron Gorefiend, this combo makes a lot of tempo and value. I use to keep Zephrys too because you know, is the most versatile and flexible card of the game.

In general you want the best tempo hero powers with Finley. So you will be looking for rogue, mage, DH, druid and pally (this is pretty good vs rogue). But if the game is reaching late when you play Finley, maybe you prefer to take hunter for finish, warlock if you are out of fuel or warrior/priest if you need sustain (better priest). There are two exceptions. You may consider to pick hunter HP vs mage, and warlock HP vs priest, but I use to prefer the first 5 I mentioned.

TIP: Don't throw Nozdormu the Timeless on curve without meditate it. If they have a full hand should not be a good idea. If you are facing HL Hunter they should follow with the 10 mana spell or brann and you will be pretty fucked. But if you are ahead or you have answers in hand like Librams, Zephrys or Alex and feel brave, try it.



If it is face hunter is an easy win. You will dominate the board easily. Keep the mrlock weapon if you have the coin to kill the beast that puts secrets and just heal yourself as much as you can. In this case you can pick warrior/priest HP with Finley.

If you are facing HL hunter try to win the board the faster you can. Aldor AttendantHand of A'dal or Sand Breath helps a lot. If you win the board early the game is almost won. Don't overextend on Zephrys or Veranus and check your hp for Brann shenanigans and is gg.

Don't be afraid of use Zephrys in the first turns to win the board.


In this case you will probably win the board early, but you have to play arround the aoe pirate. If is the enrage version with eggs you want to go with big minions, if it is the control version you have to take care with Bladestorm or execute if you only have a single big minion. You can win vs the control version by pure value if they DON'T play the bomb package. You would probably need the Ooze here, but remember you can get it via Zephrys too.


Spell mage is just about build a board and make pressure. Then, when he starts to freeze your board 5 turns in a row and smash your face with his minions, drop your taunts/heal yourself and save your libram of justice/Zephrys for counter that plays.

Highlander mage is harder. You want to be agressive and make a lot of pressure before they start to do their shits. When you think you will win, they will shit on your face with an "skilled" Yogg box, so there is high probability of losing just by pure RNG. Take care always of the Amazing Reno, dont play Tyirion + Murgur + Talritha into it.


For me is the hardest matchup. As always try to keep the board, but you will have hard time to do it if they draw good or they play Hanar on curve and they will start the lackey fiesta that will be hard to stop. Don't doubt to coin Air Raid here, specially if you have Hand of A'dal and/or Micro Mummy


If it is quest/highlander follow the general plan. Fight for the board and you should be fine. If it is totems you need a good starting and trade all, don't let them anything alive, if you lose the board the first turns you will probably lose the game fast.

 Demon Hunter

Favorable matchup. Aldor Attendant + buff in the first turns almost gives you the game. Consecration and Wild Pyromancer are nuts here. Coin Finley here if you dont have a perfect curve in the first turns. Sames as hunter, control the board and heal yourself.


Didn't face zoolock lately, but if they had a good starting can be a hard matchup. Follow the general plan. If it is quest warlock you need to put pressure on him. If you don't have a good curve use Zephrys for Wild Growth. Try to force their Dark skyes fast and play arround Twisting Nether. If they don't pull a big combo you should win this.


If you can build a board fast and have an answer for their big turns (the 2/2 full board and Exotic Mountseller) you will win, if not, you will lose. It is a coin flip.


Keep the cost 3 weapon if you have the coin. If they drop the 2/3 guy that gives them spells you really need to kill it fast before they buff him. Apart of that, you will win the board easy, just don't overextend into their removals (they could have/generate the plague) Play arround the spell that steals you a minion, don't let Murgur alive without divine shield with other minions or you will give them a free prime. Take care too with the mirror spell.


Well, pure paladin is pretty favorable, just fight for the board. In mirror match, just be better than them :D

 Feel free to ask anything.