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Fun Feign Death Face Hunter Scholomance Update

  • Last updated Aug 18, 2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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  • 9 Minions
  • 19 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Face Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 4440
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/10/2020 (Twin Slice Nerf)
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Hello everyone!  If you want a fast/cheap deck that can climb from Bronze 10 to Diamond 8 (with 0 bonus stars like I did), then this deck might be for you! 

8/18/20 - UPDATE Below!

I figured you all are getting a little bored right now.....so trying some new decks.  For this one....FUN is the key word....honestly I'm not sure Teron Gorefiend is good (at least not yet), so please CRAFT AT YOUR OWN RISK!  I only have a few games so far, but I tried to include good cards along with cards to make Teron Gorefiend and Feign Death have some value.  That is the point of this deck.  Face Hunter with Deathrattles!!

Feign Death and Leeroy Jenkins are the only reason this is wild.  For some reason it feels worse in standard imo.  You could add a second Feign Death.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  I'll post an update if I can get this hot mess to work - lol.  Good luck!

UPDATE - 7/10/20

- Leeroy Jenkins, - Dwarven Sharpshooter, - Augmented Porcupine, + Feign Death, +2 Kobold Sandtroopers

Making the deck greedier....let's go all in.  I really like 2 Feign Deaths here.  Using two on Teron Gorefiend sounds good.  Also, you can do 14 damage for 6 mana if you are ending your quest that turn and you can play Feign Death twice.  Or Feign Death and Teron Gorefiend 7 mana.


UPDATE - 7/21/20

- Stonetusk Boar, + Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy Jenkins is good.  If you don't have him, you can use Stonetusk Boar.  This gives Scavenger's Ingenuity a little more value because you have three beasts to pull.  But often you are looking for a Phase Stalker anyway.  You can also put in another Leper Gnome.

So, I think this deck might actually be decent.  I can't give 100% stats, but HSReplay has me at 80.6% winrate after 98 games.  I realize this is high, but I did start from Bronze 10 to Diamond 8 on my f2p account - EU server.

Here's a guide for you: (these are my personal strategies and opinions....there may be better options, but these have been working for me so far.)

In general, play minions before burn spells!

On turn 1, play Toxic Reinforcements.  Don't use The Coin.  Save it for turn 3 or later.  If you don't have the quest, I like to use Tracking to look for it.  Usually you want to play Toxic Reinforcements as soon as you can.  (Of course there are exceptions for this, but I usually only delay it one turn if nec.)  Or you can play Leper Gnome.  Next option is Rapid Fire to the face.  Do not play Arcane Shot early, unless you need to kill a could-be-deadly 1-mana 2-health minion like Lowly Squire. Otherwise, pass. 

Turn 2, play Imprisoned Felmaw with or w/o The Coin.  You want to get this card down as soon as possible.  If you don't have him, play Scavenger's Ingenuity to pull a Phase Stalker.  If you don't have either of those, you can play a secret.  Pack Tactics can be really good here even if you don't have a minion down yet (your opponent often won't expect it).  If you have the quest in play you might want to HP, but you often want to delay finishing the quest until you can play Feign Death and/or Teron Gorefiend.  Again, don't use The Coin here.

Turn 3, use The Coin, Phase Stalker and HP.   If you don't have him, play Imprisoned Felmaw.  (Maybe play that first anyway, not sure.)  If you don't have those two cards, play Scavenger's Ingenuity.  Don't worry about floating mana here if you don't have The Coin.  I'd save Arcane Shot for later, even if it means you float 1-mana.  If you have The Coin, play a 2-drop and HP if possible (or two 1-drops and HP). 

Turn 4, Phase Stalker and HP.  Next option: Imprisoned Felmaw and HP.  Next: Scavenger's Ingenuity and HP.  (You should be seeing a pattern by now.)  Play any other 2-drop and HP if you don't have any other option.  Try to use The Coin by now, but I wouldn't just coin out a Rapid Fire.

Turn 5. repeat steps in Turn 4 but instead of a 2-drop play Eaglehorn Bow and HP.  This seems to be a common play for me on this turn.  I'll let you figure it out from here.


Keep Toxic Reinforcements, Imprisoned Felmaw, Scavenger's Ingenuity all day.  Keep Phase Stalker if you don't already have Scavenger's Ingenuity.  If you have Toxic Reinforcements, you may be greedy and keep Feign Death or Teron Gorefiend.  Just remember to wait until you have enough mana to finish the quest and play those cards on the same turn.  Otherwise, your opponent will probably kill most of those Leper Gnomes.

Some Card Explanations:

Arcane Shot - I never use this on turn one.  The exception is to kill off a potentially dangerous 2-health minion as mentioned above.  I usually use this in the mid-late game to finish off that last mana, but not till turn 5 or later.

Rapid Fire - Now this one I'm more casual with.  I never keep it, but if you have nothing to do on turn one, go ahead and ping his face.  I'd think twice about it against priests though.

Toxic Reinforcements - This card will increase your winrate if you play it soon enough.  Often you don't want to finish the quest until you can play Feign Death and/or Teron Gorefiend on the same turn.

Tracking -  I never keep this, but if I don't have Toxic Reinforcements I will play it on turn one to find it.  You can also search for Phase Stalker or Feign Death/Teron Gorefiend if you already have the quest.

Feign Death - Teron Gorefiend - These two cards are the reason for the deck  Again, just make sure you have enough mana to finish the quest and play one or more of these cards on the same turn!

Imprisoned Felmaw - This card is good.  But it's not much of a finisher, obviously.  Play it ASAP, but not on turn 1.

Misdirection - This card is fun.  It can win you games too.  I think it belongs in most face hunter decks.

Pack Tactics - I don't usually like this card in face hunter decks, but with all these deathrattle minions it works here.

Phase Stalker - Use this to play secrets right from your deck!  Yeah, this card is key.  Play this as soon as you can along with your HP.  Turn 3 with The Coin if possible.

Scavenger's Ingenuity - This card will only pull Phase Stalker from your deck.  Otherwise, it's useless.  But it's still powerful enough to be included.  Keep this in your opening hand.

Eaglehorn Bow - I usually use this on turn 5 with HP.  Sometimes I'll hold off the final swing if I think my opponent will trigger a secret next turn...giving you that extra durability if needed.  It depends on the situation.

Kill Command - I try to save this for lethal, but if Phase Stalker is on the board I'll try to get the value out of this card.  Most of the time it's just 3 damage to the face...which is just fine.

Unleash the Hounds - I'm not sure one is even necessary but I like the versatility here.  2 feels bad.  I mean, this card is useless against an empty board.  It has won me a few games though.

Leeroy Jenkins - Great card.  Sometimes I'll play him before lethal.  Again, it depends on the situation.  If you don't have him, you can use a second Leper Gnome or even a Stonetusk Boar (which would affect Scavenger's Ingenuity!)  If you play a lot of aggro style decks, I think he's worth the craft.


I hope this helps.  I'll try to update this one soon.  Good Luck out there!


8/5/20 - UPDATE

No changes...just data here. 

LAST SEASON - According to HSReplay.net (which is not totally accurate - it misses disconnects, etc.) - I played 150 games with a 67.5% winrate.  Again, I started from Bronze 10 on EU with 0 bonus stars (a ftp account).  This is the only deck I've played on Wild EU server.  So I think the deck isn't great, but it's good enough to climb to Diamond level.  I finished at Diamond 7 last season.

Current Season - So far, again according to HSReplay.net, I've played 42 games with a 57.1% winrate.  I had some bonus stars from last season (I don't recall how many), but right now I'm at Platinum 5.  I do play on other servers, so I'm not playing too many games right now on EU, but I'll update later if I continue to climb with this deck. 


8/18/20 - UPDATE

- Leper Gnome, - Leeroy Jenkins, +2 Voracious Readers

I don't want to change the deck too much, but I think the Readers are good.  I may try Tour Guide as well.   Let me know if you have any ideas.  Good Luck!