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[75% to legend] Highlend-ish

  • Last updated Jun 22, 2020 (Twin Slice Nerf)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Highlander Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 17260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/20/2020 (Twin Slice Nerf)
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Hey guys, thanks for taking a look at my very first deck.

It's super control-oriented with a lot of armor gain and it rocks in the current meta.
I went from roughly D5 to legend with this version 24W/8L for a 75% win rate.
A game is usually 10-16 turns long.

Wait, this deck seems weird because...

There's Zephrys and Alex in a deck with a lot of duplicates?
I love both those cards, but Highlender Warriors I have tried lack counters to meta decks - against all those druids you want 2 Brawl and 2 Bladestorm. Just don't keep Zephrys the Great in your opening hand and consider him a late game card.
The duplicates are vital cards (card draw/board clears/armor gain). It actually doesn't take that long to get rid of duplicates, and in the few games where it does, it's not that big a deal. You draw a lot in the deck and often have other good plays.

Galakrond without any invoke galakrond cards?
Well, the draw 1 minion and give it +4/+4 is nice enough.  Galakrond's hero power is good in control games. And then there's that Kronx Dragonhoof, an extra clear against druids, a multitool against other classes, or just a plain 6/6 that tutors Galakrond.

Dragon Breeder what the hell?
I always thought this card is underrated, especially with Deathwing, Mad Aspect. Not often will you be able to copy Dragonqueen Alexstrasza except if you manage to keep your coin. Also keep in mind that you can easily copy a dragon generated by Alex (copy won't be 0 mana though).
Best target is Deathwing in most situations.

Do try the card, it's awesome :)


Easy keeps against anyone will be Armorsmith, Corsair Cache, Ancharrr. The rest will depend on the matchup.
Warmaul Challenger is funny because it without any more informations, your opponent will think OMGGG it's Egg Warrior!! and will use countless resources to remove it before a buff and copy. This happened to me often, so consider keeping it :)

Rogue 4-0 100%
Easy enough matchup, you just need to be prepared against those stupid combos rogues can sometimes pull off. Edwin VanCleef and sometimes Questing Adventurer are the main threats, the rest is okay. Rogue will struggle to deal with your big minions and will often settle with sad plays like returning Deathwing, Mad Aspect to your hand.
Mulligan: I like to keep Warmaul Challenger

DH 5-0 100%
I'll admit I have been lucky with a good starting hand on all those matches. I think a more realistic WR would be around 75-80%.
Mulligan: Sword and Board and Bladestorm, sometimes I keep Kobold Stickyfinger if my other cards allow it.

Warlock 2-0 100%
You instawin against quest with all that armor you generate. Only threat is Abyssal Summoner. Maybe I'm being overprotective, but I try to trade minions rather than my face whenever possible, even against small enemy minions. Keeping a high amount of armor is your win condition.
Mulligan: Shield Slam is good against Abyssal Summoner, you usually will have enough armor by the time he plays his first one.

Warrior 3-1 75% WR
If pirate or egg, he might be too fast if your starting hand is bad. Other warriors are an easy win.
Mulligan: since you won't know what type of warrior you are facing, prepare for aggro. So Warmaul Challenger and Kobold Stickyfinger are nice keepers.

Mage 1-0 100%
I did only one match so I can't really develop on this one, but the one game went smoothly.
Mulligan: you don't need early removals, try to get some board presence like EVIL Quartermaster, Kargath Bladefist, Warmaul Challenger.

Druid 7-2 78%
This matchup is very difficult, you will have to brainstorm every decision you make and draw your board clears on time.
Mulligan hard for Corsair Cache, Brawl, Bladestorm and Ancharrr. On the early turns while he ramps/does nothing, use every possible card draw to get either Bladestorm or Risky Skipper combo to counter Glowfly Swarm. Or thin your deck with tutors like Ancharrr. Never armor up if you can increase your chances of drawing your mass removals.
Only use Brawl against Glowfly Swarm if absolutely necessary for you need it against Exotic Mountseller.
But that's not all. Keep in mind that Druid has very few burst from hand except Savage Roar. You don't have to brawl right away at the first use of an Exotic Mountseller, calculate the damage he can deal to you next turn, always considering with Savage Roar *2. By this time you should be between 40-50 life inc. armor, so if you can wait a turn to (a) have a chance to chip an Ysera dragon away from his deck and (b) get you a little closer to your next board removal, then do wait and tank the damage. He might also do silly things on his turn like blasting his own minions or play useless spells just to get extra value from Exotic Mountseller or just expanding because he thinks you don't have any Brawl in your hand. Worked several times for me!

Hunter 4-1 80%
You need him to have a slow start. Otherwise, the matchup is okay even though most games are very tense.
Mulligan: Kobold Stickyfinger if your hand allows it, Wrenchcalibur if your hand allows it. I found Bladestorm and Kargath Bladefist to be very useful early.

Priest 0-4 0%
Don't even try, I managed one win with an earlier version of the deck but mostly, don't waste 20 minutes of your time, do yourself a favor and concede.

Paladin faced none
This matchup is probably defavourable, not sure yet.

Shaman faced none
Is probably an easy win?

Card replacements
A lot of cards can be changed. I tried
Blastmaster Boom instead of Siamat, it did fine but was a little less consistent. Grommash Hellscream is a good finisher if you feel like you need one. I would love to add a Cobalt Spellkin as there are a lot of good 1 mana spells in warrior. In a lot of matches I would think to myself "I would love a second Shield Slam here". Elysianna might help against priest, but don't focus on this matchup too much or you'll be less efficient against the others... every deck has its counter, just accept that. In a nutshell: keep all the doubles, the card draws, Gala+Kronx, the dragons, zephrys, dragon breeder, kargath bladefist. Should you remove any of those, that's fine, but you won't be using my deck anymore :D
Still be careful not to add too many new duplicates.

And finally...
so much for reading this, hope you have fun with this deck, I had a blast with it!