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[69% WR D5 to Legend] Pure Libram Paladin

  • Last updated Jun 1, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: No Neutral Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 6880
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/26/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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Standard Libram Paladin

DISCLAIMER: I didn't design this list and am not trying to take credit, I just don't know who to attribute it to, as I found it on HSReplay. I'm just trying to spread it around and show that it works well!


Midrange Paladin has always been my favorite deck archetype since I got into Hearthstone's beta, and I started working on a good Libram Paladin list right after they were first announced. At first, as we all know, it wasn't super strong, so I took to Tempo DH to get to Diamond 5. After the buff to Aldor Attendant, I took a look back at the archetype, and it works like a charm. this is my first time getting legend, and I'm excited and thankful that it could be with such a fun and nostalgic deck!

This deck worked extremely well for me against Hunters and Demon Hunters, which was most of what I faced on ladder. My only negative matchup was against Druid at 0-3. The list supposedly does very well against warriors, but I saw very few on my climb from D5 to Legend. Those games went very well, though. Games against Mage can feel pretty tight, but more often than not when in my favor. Overall, I'd say it's very good for laddering!

Mulligan Guide

Look for your one drops and keep Shotbot first. If you have an Aldor Attendant or a Shotbot, keep Hand of A'dal. Most people suggest always keeping it, but I personally find that it isn't very useful without an early body.

If you have an Aldor Attendant and you're on coin, keep a Libram of Wisdom. This applies tons of pressure on turn one and, IMO, is almost always worth the coin, unless your hand turns out to be too heavy. A turn one 2/4 is usually enough to hold off any aggro deck's early turns and is almost always able to carry a control matchup's early game.

If you have your turn one and you're against aggro, keep Underlight Angling Rod. It's very useful against Demon Hunter and Hunter's early minions especially, and has often generated strong enough buffs for my Imprisoned Sungills to carry games on their own.

Stats suggest you should always keep Aldor Truthseeker, but I personally only will if I already have a one drop, and against aggro will typically look for Underlight Angling RodShotbot, Consecration, or more one drops instead.

Gameplay Guide

Demon Hunter: Do your best to control their early game. Building a strong presence on turns one and two is extremely helpful, but make sure not to waste your minions if they're going to just remove them with their weapons and hero power. Make sure your plays are resilient enough to make an impact. Your two mana buffs will help make sure your early minions are tough. Underlight Angling Rod is really useful in this matchup to help clear up just about any of their early game minions that haven't been buffed by a Beaming Sidekick, which leaves Consecration and Lightforged Zealot to clean up the rest. A good Aldor Truthseeker with a Libram of Wisdom or two is normally enough to put the final nail in the early game coffin. After you've established board control, they'll typically look to start playing larger minions, which you take care of easily with Lightforged Zealot and Libram of Justice, or they'll start to go face to try to finish you off, which is easily avoided with Libram of Hope and Amber Watcher. Use Lightforged Crusader at any chance you get to refill and look for more heals and removal.

Hunter: This matchup depends on the Hunter you're facing, but is mostly the same, and very similar to Demon Hunter. If you don't have a two mana buff, it's often better to play Imprisoned Sungill on turn one than Aldor Attendant, as it's a very useful tool against Imprisoned Felmaw and is more resilient against Dwarven Sharpshooter. It's still always a priority to get a buffed Aldor Attendant down as quickly as possible, but it's important to not waste it if a Dwarven Sharpshooter kills it for free before you can buff it. Aldor Attendant, Coin, then Libram of Wisdom is extremely potent in this matchup for that reason. This forces them to rely on Corrosive Breath and Stormhammer to eliminate your one drop, which makes your midgame even more powerful. The midgame is when things can start to get a little trickier. Against Face Hunter, just establish your early game board presence then heal and taunt until they can't fight back. Against Dragon Hunter, you'll essentially do the same, but do your best to play around Rotnest Drake. Highlander Hunter is a harder matchup. You have to do your best to not commit too much into Zephrys the Great while also applying enough pressure to not allow them to blow you out of the water with Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and Dinotamer Brann. So do your best to have a board that's moderately threatening without using all of your available resources. Lightforged Crusader is at its best in this matchup, as it gives you both.

Mage: This is my least favorite deck to play against. Apply as much pressure as you can while not over committing into board clears. Play just enough minions to force clears without giving up all of your resources. Minion placement and Libram of Wisdom targeting are very important in order to protect from Rolling Fireball. Libram of Hope is a pretty strong counter to Deep Freeze. This is ultimately a very hard matchup if you aren't able to properly maintain board power in the midgame, as their late game power is absurdly high. 

Priest: Similar to Mage, but their early board clears are much easier to play around, and their late game is half as powerful. And you don't have to deal with obnoxious freeze effects. Just do your best not to play around Apotheosis on turn three and Galakrond, the Unspeakable in the late game. Typically we have enough value to easily compete against both Galakrond Priest and Ressurect Priest even if the early game isn't too powerful.

Paladin: Against Murloc Paladin, just do what you can to keep their board small so their buffs aren't as potent. Our clears, early game weapons, and heals/taunts are usually enough to stay healthy until our inevitability in the late game. In the mirror, try to pressure early and hope for better late game. Don't overcommit into Libram of Justice.

Rogue: Just pressure and play around Faceless Corruptor and Flik Skyshiv. Libram of Hope is strong because Flik Skyshiv can't remove them from your deck if it hits one on board, but make sure to space them out properly to take advantage of this. This matchup is pretty reliant on generating better cards on them if they manage to survive to the late game, but they have very little to control the board well in the midgame, so we have a large advantage there. Try to put some damage on smaller buffed minions so they aren't easily removed by Seal Fate.

Druid: This was by far my hardest matchup. Once again, pressure as hard as you can early, and just hope they don't get too good of a draw. Consecration is powerful against an unbuffed Glowfly Swarm and Libram of Justice is very important against Ysera, Unleashed, Exotic Mountseller, and Ironbark. Most of the matchup just relies on them being unlucky.

Shaman: Shaman is my second favorite class, but it can't do too much right now. Just try to kill totems in the early game and you should be good in any matchup.

Warlock: Pressure early game, heal late game. They practically kill themselves, so you don't have to do too much work. Try not to overcommit into Dark Skies or Crazed Netherwing. They're normally forced to use burn on your minions in the early and midgame, so as long as you stay healthy-ish until they use Alexstrasza and heal well after, you're good to go.

Warrior: Honestly, I only saw this matchup a couple of times and didn't do much. They're built to clear low health early minions, which isn't an issue with our midrange deck, and to hit you with high attack charge minions late game, which doesn't do well against Libram of Hope, Aldor Truthseeker, or raw heals. Just try not to give them too powerful of a swing turn with Bloodboil Brute.

Gameplay Video by Hearthpwn User Kadakk

Kadakk was kind enough to make a gameplay video/guide for the list, check it out!

Proof of Legend and Winrate


Thanks for checking out the deck, good luck climbing!

If you have any questions or suggestions for the guide, please comment or DM!