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Ashes of Outland Control Warrior

  • Last updated Jun 8, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 16720
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/24/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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A deck I've been having a good run with this meta, though control warrior seems to be kinda dead right now, but I'm here trying to make it work!

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AAND, We're at 10! Hi guys, Zenthon here, posting this Control Warrior deck that I've been using for Ashes of Outland, which has given us fantastic tools to aid the more midrange side in Enrage Warrior, but some cards have made the control aspect stronger, which is what I would like to share with you here! Hope everyone is coping well with what is going on out in the world right now! If you're here to play a deck that does the following:

1. Grind

2. Makes you think

3. Frustrates sometimes

4. Not play aggro

You have found the right deck!

Control warrior is all about outlasting the opponent until they run out of resources, until they run down to a low health level. It also relies on drawing many cards to gain advantage and hold its answers for massive AOE clears. This deck breaks down the minions and spells into certain plays:

The Holy Trinity

These minions provide means of defence and also maintain your advantage and options, after stalling with your bigger AOE Clears. Use this combination for a +10 Armour gain and 2 damage to the entire board, and then with Battle Rage for a potential 4-card draw for 8 mana.
Risky Skipper: The bread of the combo. Primary whirlwind activator to clear out aggressive boards, do take note of the health of this minion before dropping any more, while looking out for the numbers on opposing minions. It is important to weigh the costs of putting something more down especially since this minion is so small.
Armorsmith: The butter of the combo. To face the current situation of highly aggressive minion-based decks, 2 copies are included to combo with the few whirlwind effect of Risky Skipper and Bloodsworn Mercenary, giving you a total of 10 armour for 6 mana, dealing 2 damage to the board.
Bloodsworn Mercenary: This would be the knife, spreading the butter across. Always try to place this down with the other 2 for the armour gain, or maybe to copy Kargath Bladefist for the extra prime potential. 

The Supporting Cast

EVIL Quartermaster (RETIRED): solid 3-drop to place down for armour-gain and value in the lackey. Unfortunately, this card has been retired for draw synergy and a higher armour count while having a better board impact.
Warmaul Challenger: Not the most important, but the most interesting card in the set, this is very good for dealing with early game minions and then sticking around to aid in Battle Rage synergies.
Kargath Bladefist: The real beauty of this card is the Prime minion, who gives you 10 armour when killing an enemy. You would want this to die as soon as possible so that you have access to it quickly.
Magtheridon: There would definitely be some questions on why the inclusion, but it is a great board clear to have with a 12/12 attached. Best to be combined with Bladestorm or Brawl to guarantee its summoning.
Restless Mummy: probably the most flexible spot in the deck. Its potential to deal 6 to one minion of 3 to a pair of minions which is sometimes very handy, but not the most important, therefore it is set at 1.
Big Ol' Whelp (RETIRED): For faster draw synergy and dragon synergy which is fantastic to get those duplicates out. This card has been retired for earlier draw synergy and the changes to remove the dragon package.
Cobalt Spellkin (RETIRED): For value generation and some dragon synergy at the same time. This card has been retired for earlier draw synergy.
Kobold Stickyfinger: Not the most necessary, but a few classes are playing weapons nowadays and a 4/4 that steals that weapon is a massive tempo swing.
Deathwing, Mad Aspect: A dragon that clears the board? I’ll take that. Easily flexible to the point where you can slam into multiple minion or take out one big target. Take note that poisonous minions kill it instantly and stop his rampage!
Archivist Elysiana: Okay look, I see a ton of priests and other decks which take me deep into fatigue, which is why I’ve included her into this deck. This coupled with the immense armour gain equates to a lockdown in many matches. If I had to change it, I would probably include Grommash Hellscream in her place.

The Singles Club

Zephrys the Great and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza: The amount of draw included in this deck should be able to cycle through the deck containing 10 duplicates easily, using Zephrys the Great as an emergency button or a finisher and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza as a penultimate value generator.


Rule of thumb:

Always consider the following levels before using removal:

1. How much damage does the opponent have on the board. Only consider using removal if he deals 4 more damage than your rate of armour gain. It is often the best play to do nothing and wait for a much more valuable play.

2. Minion or spell? Sometimes it is better to use minions to intimidate opponents' bigger minions and force inefficient trades, or placing a taunt minion to safeguard against the smaller minions. Sometimes your thought process would end at this level.

3. How do you want to remove minions? Board clear or targeted? It happens often that the best play is to remove only one minion when you are facing maybe 5 - 6 minions on the board, because you know that if you do use an AOE, you would not be getting full value from it.

Remember, like in life, sometimes the best reaction is no reaction

That being said, these removal spells are to be used sparingly except for Brawl

Sword and Board (RETIRED): a single copy in this deck aids in damage activation if needed and also some small single-target clearing. This card has been retired in favour of more draw and armor gaining synergy,

 Shield Slam: While you will have decent armour count in this deck, mentally reserve this spell for the bigger threats.

 Bladestorm: Tricky to use, but is just as powerful for clearing a hoard of minions with the same stat line, or an obscenely big minion. It’s just the numbers you need to take note of for this one.
Molten Breath (RETIRED): We played 4 dragons, and with the cycle this deck offers, it wouldn’t be too long before we draw one of them. Otherwise, it deals 5 damage which is still pretty good. Unfortunately with the deck needing more draw power, I have shifted away from this card.
Brawl: Your ultimate board clear especially against token decks or when facing very big minions. Use it sparingly, for it is sometimes okay to bleed when there are multiple small minions, unless its druid or shaman of course.


Value Spells

Battle Rage: You primary draw spell, try to always use in conjunction with Risky Skipper after dropping another minion with it for at least a +2 in draw. Sometimes against priests or decks which don't do too much, it is okay to just throw this card out if there is a need to size down your hand to 9 cards.
Corsair Cache: 1 was included because we only ran 2 weapons which had an equal upsides for being buffed. With the shift in the need for value draws, I have put this at 2 copies to draw 2 of the 3 weapons in this deck.
Shield Block: Only use when in need of a boost for shield slam or when you really need to draw a card. 

Fight beside them!

We have a pair of weapons in our arrrsenal which are important to filter through the deck and buy us time
Ancharrr: We run three pirates, one of them being Risky Skipper which is central to clearing out big board or at least poking them by 1 or 2. Deck thinning is important with the draw-dependant meta and having specific draws can be really powerful.
Bulwark of Azzinoth (RETIRED): Ok this is an odd one, because there’s not much use for it. But if you look at the oncoming control decks, this shield is able to deflect their big boards to ensure you have time to bring up your armour count and draw cards. Sure, it might be dead in the aggro matchup, but any amount of damage sponged up by this card helps to buy you valuable time. Over time, I realised that this card wasn't necessarily needed but could be an option to further aid in highlander synergies if you wanted.
Livewire Lance: Value generation from this weapon is very critical especially in the early to late game, therefore the inclusion.


Always search for the holy trinity to begin with and then Battle Rage, because we are supposed to absorb all that damage in the early turns. Ancharrr is also an option to draw out Risky Skipper if you have it, while Corsair Cache can also be kept in the control-oriented matchups. 

In this deck, you have to prioritise armoring up, while placing defence measures to stall the game. Cycle to find your answers and make sure that the opponent overextends instead of using single removal on each of his minions, while drawing into the finishing combinations. However, be prepared to stay flexible as not everything can go your way. Aim to draw out your 7 duplicates early so that your highlander synergy cards can activate.

Substitute options:

Yes, there are some questionable inclusions in this deck, but remember that it is all in good fun! Here are some ideas to trade in depending on the meta:

Archivist Elysiana -> Grommash Hellscream

Bulwark of Azzinoth -> Livewire Lance

Remember that the highlander synergy cards are included, so it is perfectly fine to cut some cards to 1 copy, save the hard removal cards, which are vital to survival.


Kadakk has kindly uploaded a video of the deck with a more weapon-heavy approach, sporting two Livewire Lance and Corsair Cache, cutting Bulwark of Azzinoth, Shield Block and Deathwing, Mad Aspect which he did not have. It is informative and insightful on decision making and a good guide to watch!


Hope you guys enjoyed the guide, happy laddering and here's to hoping the situation in the world gets better over time!