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80% WR *UPDATED* Spell Reno w/ Guide Alpha Reno...

  • Last updated Jun 2, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Malygos Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 18200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/24/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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Just beat this deck with my new Reno Druid. Check it out here - Reno's Deathwing Revenge

*UPDATE 5/27*

Replaced Hagatha the Witch with Frizz Kindleroost for a better mana curve with a 4 cost 5/4 and a 3rd way to discount Malygos and Dragonqueen AlexstraszaHagatha the Witch was causing too many cards in hand to efficiently play late game.

80% WINRATE - 40-10 since the Frizz Kindleroost addition!!

75% Win Rate - 46 wins - 15 losses so far in legend rank. Thank you so much for the upvotes and as promised here is a guide below.

76% Win Rate - 67 wins - 21 losses and climbing!! This deck seems to be a Miracle Shaman because even when I think I have no doubt lost it finds a way to win.

Proof of Legend

Do you like having the power to spell blast like a Mage? Do you like having the self healing control of a Priest? How about crazy Shaman Board Clears? This deck combines all 3 into one with massive stopping power. If you are a fan of breaking the meta and leaving the opponent wondering what the hell just happened then this is the deck for you.

I have seen a lot of Shudderwock decks rely on him to be the finisher and have rarely played any decks with him that have Reno Jackson that actually allow me to use Shudderwock as a second full heal. So I decided to do some testing and after countless hours of trial and error I finally pieced together this gem of a deck. Not only can you stay alive long enough to get to actually play Shudderwock but you can use him as you see fit. He can be a second Jepetto Joybuzz, Vashj Prime, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and so on. It occured to me that no one in the meta expects a highlander Shudderwock deck to actually work so why not build around their ignorance with spells and highlander cards to make a beautiful yet deceptive deck. 

Main goal is to control your opponent with spells and constantly drop board fulls of sticky minions using The Fist of Ra-den to get to late game. With Jepetto Joybuzz and Vashj Prime it’s possible to have insane turns with Malygos and cheap spells. Do not be afriad to use Shudderwock for a repeat of any of the battlecrys as needed.


Explanation of Cards and Synergy

Earth Shock-No Shaman deck is complete without this beautiful silencing spell. Works great in the current meta to stop some of the massive combos from happening.

Frost Shock-Super useful to slow a massive minion or weapon from smashing your face but also a great spell to hold onto to use with Malygos to hit them in the face.

Lightning Bolt-Great for 1 mana stopping power of a small minion but mainly hold this card to use with Malygos or Electra Stormsurge or both of them if you pull either one with Jepetto. If you have both that's 3+5x2=16 Damage. Really nice for finishing them off.

Devolve-No explanation needed this is a staple card in the meta.

Lava Shock-Great to unlock mana crystals but also nice to save to be used with a cheap Malygos especially after Emperor Thaurissan has made it cost 1.

Omega Mind-This gem of a card allows all spells this turn to heal you for damage dealt for only 2 mana as long as you are at turn 10 or above! That is insane value with Hagatha's SchemeVolcano, and Earthquake. It is essential another Reno if used with any of those spells to clear a big board. Don't forget Shudderwock will proc this battlecry again! 

Far Sight-Allows for cheap minions or spells as well as adding come card draw.

Healing Rain-A staple in my eyes for any Shaman deck looking to survive some early game aggro or some late game big hitters. Also pairs nice with Electra Stormsurge for a quick 24 hp heal.

Lady Vashj-Great for early board control and some extra spell damage to finish off some minions just out of reach of our normal damage spells. This beautiful addition's prime allows this deck to have amazing turns with Malygos by drawing our face damage spells for cheap. Once again Shudderwock will proc this battlecry for even more value out of him.

Lava Burst-Big damage when paired with Malygos especially if it was drawn cheap. A great finisher is Malygos and Electra Stormsurge for a quick 20 damage to the face.

Lightning Breath-Only 2 Dragons in the deck but you get more with Dragonqueen Alexstrasza. When you have a dragon in hand this is great for clearing petty boards of 3. Does wonders to clear that annoying quest mage board.

Serpentshrine Portal-Great for some face damage and board presence at the same time. Also works well if drawn cheap to use with Malygos and Electra Stormsurge for 16 damage and 2 3 cost minions added to the board for presence.

Frizz Kindleroost-The new addition that is a 4 cost 5/4 that always draws attention and most times the opponent will kill it at all costs which saves your face from that early damage. This also allows both dragons in the deck to cost 2 less and when Shudderwock comes into play it discounts the dragons another 2 cost. A 5 mana Malygos or Dragonqueen Alexstrasza is a huge game swing and usually gives you the win.

Jade Lightning-Great for a quick blast of 4 damage. Also works well if drawn cheap to use with Malygos and Electra Stormsurge for 18 Damage. I personally use this card to summon a random 4 cost legendary using The Fist of Ra-den.

The Fist of Ra-den-This summons a random legendary minion for the same cost as the spell. I always mulligan for this card. If played turn 4 you usually control the board for the rest of the game because you have an answer after turn 5 for everything else.

Torrent-Say goodbye to those pesky 8/8s in the meta with this beauty. 8 damage to a minion for 1 mana? The value speaks for itself and considering this deck revolves around spells its always 1 mana to use when in a bind. Don't be afraid to use this with Omega Mind or after Shudderwock procs Omega Mind's battlecry for a quick 8 hp heal.

Hagatha's Scheme-The board clear we all dreamed of back in the early days of the Hearth. When paired with Omega Mind the healing is unreal and the board is usually gone. I try and mulligan for this against control deck or even Odd DH to destroy their midge board.

Shattered Rumbler-Pirate Warrior, Odd Dh and Even Shaman beware when this 5/6 hits the board it clears their board most of the time as long as you cast a spell last turn which in this deck is pretty much always procced.

Volcano-We all have been using this card forever as a board clear. Not as good as Hagatha's Scheme or Earthquake but still gets the job done using 2 mana from the next turn.

Eureka!-I use this with The Fist of Ra-den to put 2 big minions on the board and if you have Grumble, Worldshaker pulled to the board you can pick him back up by playing him next turn and having him for 1 cost to pull any of the bad boys back to your deck during the game. Also great with Electra Stormsurge to pull 2 of anything to the board. 2 Malygos on the board allows for some crazy damage and is usually really sticky for your opponent.

Grumble, Worldshaker-I have loved this card since the first Shudderwock decks and I use it whenever I can in this deck because every card played has value. It is also fun to pick up the minions The Fist of Ra-den summons to the board to play them for their battlecrys to make Shudderwock even stronger late game.

Earthquake-A brutal massacre of pesky reborn minions. Almost impossible to survive when paired with Electra Stormsurge. It just clears everything doing 14 damage to the entire board in 4 different waves. Cubelocks hate when I pull this off because all their board is wiped clean.

Hagatha the Witch-5 armor and 3 damage to all minions with an amazing hero power swap. Huge value out of her because when we play minions we get those nice random spells that synergize with the entire deck. For instance Dragonqueen Alexstrasza becomes a 2 0 cost minion and 3 random spells for 9 mana! As I've stated before in this guide the value here is just incredible.

Shudderwock-The beatuful bastard that makes the deck work. With super value cards Jepetto JoybuzzReno JacksonDragonqueen AlexstraszaGrumble, WorldshakerShattered RumblerHagatha the WitchVashj Prime, Electra Stormsurge and Zephrys the Great you can pretty much fill your entire hand again with this guy and if you get him for 1 cost with Jepetto you will usually win the game because why not fully heal and double the next spell while drawing 2 minions and making them cost 1 also adding 2 0 cost dragons and 3 spells for 3 less to your hand and dealing 5 damage to the whole board. Who doesn't like the sound of that super turn? Now that's the dream turn when you have everything procced and that Reno Priest just used Psychic Scream to put your mammoth board back in your deck but when it happens you will be smiling ear to ear knowing you just face raped your opponent without lube in the most spectacular fashion.

Zephrys the Great-In my opinion this is the best card in the entire game. The amount of AI leads to wins you didn't know were possible and he can save your ass when you are in a pinch. If you have a board turn 7 and you play him you can snag a Bloodlust and when paired with Electra Stormsurge 2 turns later every minion gets +6 attack on the board and you win. Turn 10 you net yourself a nice Twisted Nether to clear the huge boards with control decks this meta and the more you use this little gem the more you learn what you'll get every amount of mana left when you play him. Learn him and use him wisely because he is truly game breaking when properly applied to a sticky situation.

Emperor Thaurissan-Who doesn't like cheaper cards? I play him as soon as I can to help my mana curve to get to my late game control. When used with Reno Jackson and Grumble, Worldshaker in hand you can play them both with 10 mana and get an extra Reno Jackson for 1 mana! Can we say long game control?

Reno Jackson-The Alpha highlander that keeps you in the game when you should have been dead already. Shudderwock will heal you again later in the game.

Jepetto Joybuzz-The ultimate tide turner for any game. 2 minions drawn and their cost dropped to 1 and they become a 1/1. Every single minion in this deck has amazing value so no matter who you draw you are loving it.Shudderwock will do this again allowing you to have most of your minions costing 1 to just dominate the game from then on out.

Dragonqueen Alexstrasza-Another staple in every highlander deck with insane value. Feel like there is no way to win? No problem just drop this big 8/8 and pray. Most of the time you are not disappointed with the free dragons and they usually change the pace of the game completely in one turn. I rarely use her to win games with face damage from the dragons but they become instant bait to soak up some big spells and minions from the opponent.

Malygos-For 7 years I've been trying to perfect a Shaman deck with this incredibly overpowered godly dragon. I finally succeeded with a deck that allows him to shine the way he was meant to from day one. +5 damage to all spells which when combined with Electra Stormsurge allows for a high face damage turn and possibly an OTK depending on what spells you draw for cheap.


The Old Fashioned Combo - Eureka! > Malygos > any of the face damage spells for massive damage.

The Trickster Combo If you have board control turn 6 playing Eureka! with Grumble, Worldshaker as the only minion in your hand puts a 7/7 on the board which is pretty sticky. If you happen to have The Fist of Ra-den equipped it will summon a random 6 cost legendary to go alongside of it. Most of the time they wont kill Grumble, Worldshaker which allows you to simply play him on turn 7 to get a 1 cost Grumble, Worldshaker in your hand which comes in handy later making Malygos 1 cost at 10 mana.

The Trickster Finisher Combo - 1 cost Malygos > Electra Stormsurge > Lava Burst > any other face damage spells to finish the game.

The Value Play - Electra Stormsurge > Far Sight turn 6 for a huge value swing in your favor.

The Dream Combo - After you have already played Electra StormsurgeJepetto Joybuzz, and Vashj Prime you can play Shudderwock for 9 mana to draw Malygos for 1 mana and any 3 of Lightning BoltFrost Shock, Lava Burst and Lava Shock for 3 less making them cost 0. Because you will have the next spell played twice just play Lava Burst for 20 damage and any of the other 2 to OTK them out of nowhere for 10 mana. I have pulled this off 6 times in 46 games but it all comes down to luck of the draw to get this dream in place.

I always play totems turn 2 and 3 to trick the opponent into thinking I am a totem shaman unless I have a Far Sight in hand then that gets played turn 3.


Far SightThe Fist of Ra-denHagatha's Scheme, andLady Vashj against Discard Lock, Quest Mage, Murloc Paly, and Face Hunter.

Far SightThe Fist of Ra-den, Jepetto Joybuzz, and Lady Vashj against Control.

Never keep Malygos or Shudderwock in your opening hand.

Please let me know how you enjoy climbing the ladder with this and any tips of how to possibly make this monstrosity of a deck stronger than it already is. Enjoy slaying every deck this season in style with something they never saw coming. Alpha Reno and the Omega is truly my greatest masterpiece in my 7 years as a veteran Hearthstone player.