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Ysiel Maly Quest Druid *with Guide*

  • Last updated May 29, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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  • 7 Minions
  • 23 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Malygos Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 7620
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/22/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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Hey you!  Unpacked Ysiel Windsinger recently?  Well get ready to re-enchant her, because she has potential BEYOND that Wild Aviana combo deck!  She is teaming up with Malygos to sing the song of INSTANT DEATH upon your opponent.  And the best part: with the current meta, no one will see it coming!  Prepare to style on your opponents with this off-meta powerhouse of a deck!

  1. Game Plan
  2. The Combo  Ysiel Explained
  4. Card explanations
  5. Card Replacements
  6. The Elise Combo coming soon
  7. The Ysiel Emergency Combo
  8. Mulligan coming soon
  9. Matchup Details and Strategies coming even sooner
  10. Author's Concluding Note

WARNING: Very difficult deck to play.  This is not the deck if you only care about the climb.  This deck achieves success after a LOT of practice, and punishes mistakes.  If you want a druid that will get you an easy legend, grab Spell Druid. 

You need to actively think ahead with this deck, knowing when to save removal options depending on the opponent, and how to reach your win condition.  With that being said, it's the difficulty that makes the deck fun, imo.

1. Game Plan 

Vs. Control: It is here where the OTK thrives.  We are prioritizing drawing our combo pieces and controlling major threats.  The central combo involves using Elise the Enlightened to copy combo pieces, such as Malygos, Moonfire, and Swipe.  Focus on trading efficiently, playing reactively, and saving big removal for big threats.  Use combo spells as removal sparingly.  Always have a win condition in mind, and note that you can replicate combo pieces with Elise.

Vs. Aggro: We are using small spells to clear major threats, and prioritizing completing the quest as fast as possible. Use the completed quest to stabilize with Starfall,Oasis Surger, and Hidden Oasis.  From there, keep slowing the game until you win with minion damage or with Malygos.  If possible, discounted Ysiel Windsinger is an option to achieve a game-winning swing using Nourish.

2. Ysiel explained

Ysiel Windsinger: Below are the justifications for why she improves the matchup against aggro and, more consistently, control.

  • Nourish chains: Nourish with Ysiel Windsinger gives a net gain in mana, allowing for two extra spell casts.  When quested, simultaneously drawing three cards can find the spells to play THAT turn, including Starfall and Hidden Oasis, which can cheat games against decks that go all-in during the mid-game (Fig. 1)
  • Satyr flexibility: Imprisoned Satyr can fill up hand space if waiting to discount Malygos.  Discounting Ysiel Windsinger contributes to the combo equally AND allows you to play Satyr early, freeing hand space for draw

Discounted Ysiel played against Face Hunter.  Opens Nourish, Hidden Oasis, Starfall, and Starfire in one turn, securing the game for Druid

Figure 1: Discounted Ysiel Windsinger played against a Face Hunter.  Opens Nourish -> Starfall, Hidden Oasis, and an additional spell IN THE SAME TURN.  Stabilization was effective, and Druid won this game.

3. MAJOR DECK UPDATE: YSIEL 2.0 (a.k.a. Ysiel and Elise Join Forces)

 Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know why I didn't see it sooner.  Everyone in the comments brings up how the Elise-Malygos combo is better than the Ysiel-Malygos combo.  Folks, the holy trinity was in front of us the whole time.  Running all three increased the flow of the deck immensely!

While Ysiel Windsinger improves flexibility of Malygos combos via allowing a variety of combo pieces, all of her combos required about 7 cards.  Therefore, the Ysiel combo should be utilized as a last resort, such as when you just can't seem to draw Elise the Enlightened with that being said, Ysiel speeds the deck immensely with the Nourish chain discussed in part 2.  I think this deck has serious potential, and I am excited to hear responses.

More updated guide coming soon, but I needed to get this version out there because Elise, Malygos, and Ysiel are a dynamic trio that should not be underestimated.

Also I replaced a Starfire for a Bogbeam due to heavier deck and less reliance on Ysiel Windsinger combo

4. Card explanations

Innervate- Mana cheat for the combo against control decks. Don't save against aggro, and instead use to complete quest and push big cards.

Moonfire- Combo piece for OTK, ping removal against aggro.

Crystal Power- Removal against early game, or execution/healing late game
• When quest is completed, this spell deals two damage to a minion, and then heals it for 5 if it did not die. If the 2 damage does not kill, it get healed for 5. So this card is good for "executing"
• Quest or not, it does not damage face, only heals.

Untapped Potential- This card should be completed ASAP, no matter who you are facing. If you have the coin, use it turn 1 for the quest. Use Innervate for the same purpose, unless you are need it for OTK. You want the hero power for a power swing by turn 5-6.

Worthy Expedition- Provides flexibility.  Priority targets depend on the matchup and the situation, but ideally aim for card draw (Rising Winds, Nourish) during slower games to reach the combo faster, or control and sustain options for games with more pressure (Hidden OasisOasis Surger, Starfall)  

Rising Winds- Gread card draw or cheap minion, depending on situation. Great value with quest, but be careful of hand space, as it is a Twinspell.

  • A common decision to make is whether to summon eagle or draw a card during the early game.  Ideally, minion value = health value = you live longer = you draw more.  With this logic, the eagle is often more impactful, even in games where it trades poorly.  So, eagle often
  • A major exception: i choose draw when I am going to die in two turns (Murloc Paladin tends to do this) and you desperately need to set up a Hidden Oasis or some board control.

Wrath- Great early game removal against aggro that gets really strong with quest as a 4 damage cycle.  Note that this deals 3 damage and THEN 1 damage.  Thus, only 1 damage would be dealt to a divine shield minion.

Imprisoned Satyr- Combo piece for OTK, can discount Malygos and/or Elise. Is also a useful discount for Ysiel Windsinger to set up an early board swing.  Be careful not to discount Oasis Surger!

Germination- Combo piece for OTK. Weaker against combo, but note that the copy gains taunt, for a slight defense boost.

Swipe- Combo piece for OTK, good removal. If you are about to die and are desperate, play a bare Malygos and Swipe as a hail mary.

*NEW* Elise the Enlightened- Absolutely key card in any Druid Malygos deck.  Valuable when she replicates Moonfire, Swipe, Germination, Innervate, and even Malygos himself 

Oasis Surger- This minion is the best removal in the deck when quested, and is why we *rush* to complete the quest on turn 4 with the coin. 8/8 minion? DEAD! Cant be targeted by spells or hero power? DEAD! Two medium sized minions? Two medium sized DEAD minions!
• Against control, try saving Oasis Surger in the hand, as the minion rush value is not worth losing to AOE

Starfall- Flexible board clear, especially when quested. Save for the major threats against control.

Hidden Oasis- With the quest, this is an aggro devastator. The taunt and heal are weak alone, but devastating when combined, further justifying rushing quest completion against aggro.

Nourish- Key card in speeding the win condition with ramp and card draw, especially with quest. Also acts as mana cheating for Ysiel, either for the OTK or for a board swing in a pinch.

Ysiel Windsinger:- See section 2 and 3.  To summarize, she helps speed the deck towards combo pieces, can steal games from aggro matchups if discounted and/or played with Nourish, and can even pull off an emergency combo with Malygos if Elise the Enlightened never appears. (see part 6)

Malygos- Essential for the OTK combo with +5 spell damage. OTK is not necessary against aggro decks, and simply summoning him discounted is threatening.

5. Card Replacements:

Most of the cards in this deck are common or rare.  Here I will tackle replacement options for the most expensive of the cards in my list.

6. The Elise Combo: A Basic Combo

7. The Ysiel Emergency Combo: An Advanced Combo

The heart of this deck is the OTK combo.  There is tons of flexibility and combinations with the standard combo between Elise the Enlightened and Malygos, but in scenarios in which Elise does not show up, it is helpful to know that there is a COMPLICATED YET POSSIBLE way to achieve 30+ damage.  

  1. Discount Malygos and/or Ysiel Windsinger with both copies of Imprisoned Satyr
  2. Summon Malygos, Moonfire face for 6, 2x Innervate, summon YsielGermination the Malygos, Moonfire and Swipe face (11 and 15 damage)

34 damage!  Kinda complicated, huh?  This combo maintains consistency because its pieces are interchangable:

  • You can pull off a 30+ combo regardless of where the Imprisoned Satyr discounts go.
  • For mana cheating, one or both of the innervates can be interchanged for Nourish.  Remember that Innervate needs to be played BEFORE her, and Nourish needs to be played AFTER her.
  • With two mana cheats, any three spells can achieve 30+ damage.  Against control, always have 2 mana cheats and 3 spells left over.

As a concluding point to this combo, it is a complicated means of getting lethal.  However, if a Satyr discount lands on Ysiel, it is handy to know that this is a potential win condition.  You can even play Elise the Enlightened to set up a Ysiel-Malygos combo.  The possibilities are endless, and are impossible to cover all in one guide.  But hopefully you can use this information to find this kind of lethal in your own games.



10. Author's Comments on May 25, 2020

Does anyone even read these?  Did you even make it this far?

Thanks for all the support in the comments!  While I'm not getting any money or exposure from all the attention this guide is getting, it feels good that so many people are learning, INCLUDING ME!  Yes, it was because of you all that I learned the value of Elise, and though I was skeptical of putting both her and Ysiel in the same deck, I have a good feeling about this one.  Please lmk what you think of the 2.0 update!!  Stay tuned for updates.

Would y'all watch a youtube video showcasing how badass this deck can be, with commentary?