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[Legend] 63% winrate MURLOC DH

  • Last updated May 21, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Tempo DH
  • Crafting Cost: 7540
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/20/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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Yo guys, I'm experimenting Murloc DH, it seems so much better than Murloc Paladin, as DH has enough finishing if you are out of tempo with your murlocs.
I climbed from 10k Legend to top 1500 Legend in a day or less, playing only this and Murloc Paladin(it has around 50% winrate, while my DH has almost 65%). 

Meta is a must have in this deck, you can't replace it sadly.

Proof of Legend : https://imgur.com/MJ5Kbzu


First the changes I made.
-1 Felfin Navigator + 1 Glaivebound Adept - This gives a little more burst if needed lategame, also with adept you can take back tempo if you are behind.
-1 Skull of Gul'dan + 1 Spectral Sight - This is under testing, but it seems better, holding 2 Skulls all game can be terrible, but that card is just too good to cut.

Someone mentioned Chump, a hearthstone youtuber who played a similar deck, I looked up his video and he had Wrathscale Naga in it. Im currently testing that card if it's decent.

Alright guys, just as I promised here is the mulligan guide, also some insights into the matchups.

I played exactly 100 games before doing this, I think this gives a good sample of how things should go in each matchup. The deck is down to 59% winrate now, but i still believe it's pretty good, compared we are playing a kinda offmeta and fun deck.

Im going to start with a general DH tip.
The magic number is 12. you can deal this much damage with one card in 2 turns. And that card is Metamorphosis. Turn 7 you Heropower Meta Heropower. Turn 8 you Heropower Heropower. Kayn , Altruis, warglaives, and twin slices can add to this number, play them accordingly. Always keep in mind if you can go for lethal next 3-4 turns, and set that up.

General Mulligan guide:

The curve is everything. Always plan before you keep every 1 drop, if you can play them to have a perfect curve. Hero power also not counts in it(only if you have to setup lethal, or you need to clear something with 1 health)

When you are first: you want 1 2 3 drops in your hand. Tidecaller OR Murmy, depends on matchup, generally Tidecaller is the way here , Tidehunter or Flishfinger for 2, and Coldlight Seer or Warleader for 3. Coldlight is better in most cases. Twin Slice is an always keep, broken card. NEVER KEEP FELFIN NAVIGATOR.

The nuts start looks like this : You play Tidecaller T1, Tidehunter T2, and buff them T3, then in the meanwhile you clear with twin slice and draw navigator for T4. This scenario is an instant win if your enemy can't handle the board at T2.

When you have the coin: If you can't find a one drop, you are fine with having two 2 drops, usually Tidehunter and Fishflinger(which can give you a turn 3-4 murloc) If you have 1 drop, 2 drop, you can keep Navigator and play coin Navigator on turn 3. Twin Slice is also a keep here in every cases.

Battlefiends: They still insanely good cards even after nerfs. You keep them most of the time if you can play them on curve, and does not interrupt with other murlocs. For example, if you have the nuts already, you don't keep them since you can't find a way to play them until T4-5, where they become less useful.

You can keep furious felfin if you don't have any other 2 drops, but they are mostly in for board control and clear purposes.

Class Insights :
Im going to include every winrate against every class.

DH 8-11 : Generally hard matchup. Twin slice alone can win games, and generate enough tempo to beat them, if I have twin slice on outcast spot, I like to keep altruis and hope for the best early murlocs draws. Warglaives also very strong against them as you can remove most of their threats now, since they don't play Pirestess of fury anymore. Murmy is usually better than Tidecaller here, it can stick longer, and trade better if buffed.

Druid 3-0: No problem at all, general mulligan guide applies + Warglaives is a key card in this matchup, however I wouldn't mullgian for it, just hope you draw it. All 3 of the druids i faced were spell Druids. I rushed them all with my murlocs, only one of them had a good start with early Glowlight Swarm, but warglaives can clear them easily.

Hunter 11-4: Also a Favored matchup, most of my Hunter enemies were Highlander, they are easy to deal with, general mulligan applies.
If Highlander, rush him before he can play big bois( be careful of Zephrys, Don't overextend if not absolutely necessarry to win). If face or dragon Hunter, you should always trade, and play for tempo, time is ticking for you in those matchups.

Mage 4-2: I think its pretty 50-50, but I was lucky in these games, even won against one of them on turn 5. General mullgian guide also applies, this matchup is an RNG fiesta, I hate highlander mages because of that fact alone. You have to rush, otherwise you will lose later.

Paladin 3-0: Faced one Murloc Pally and 2 Pure Pallies, Pure pallies were piece of cake, they can't keep up if their draw isn't nuts. Murloc pally was very hard, 50-50 matchup, you should always aim to keep the board, as they lack lethal damage if they don't have board control. Keeping Altruis, if your twin slice is in an outcast spot helps too. Felfin trades with Navigator very well.

Priest 5-10: Oh oh ouch. This matchup is super bad, I don't even know how i managed to beat five of them, but I was pretty lucky. You have to find the balance between tempo and face in these matchups. I usually keep Felfin Navigator if my hands is full of murlocs, they are good value and hard to deal with. Metamorphosis is always 100% needed to win this one, so pray you draw it in time.

Rogue 11-5: I think it's an easy one. I got pretty unlucky in some of them, could've have won more.(drawing Galakrond, Kronx for 0 or going nuts with secrets early.)Keep Furious Felfin, you need to kill Shadowjeweler Hanar, and Felfin does that super efficiently. Otherwise, they lack aoe to keep up with your murlocs.

Shaman 3-1: Not much to say, I encountered the same shaman player three times in a row at 3AM, They are in a weak spot right now, you should win fairly easily.

Warlock 8-1: All of them were questlocks, no zoolocks to be found. Probably the easiest matchup of all, you go in and go out with a victory most of the times. Go face, kill them turn 4. Warglaives can help a lot to burst and to kill 4-6 taunts in 2 hits. The one game I lost he healed 16 with double Mo'arg Artificer + Nether Breath combo, then healed 11 with Alexstrasza.

And last, Warrior 2-8: This is soon becoming an auto concede, it's that bad. You can't do anything against their aoe+armor combo. They rush you easy, and keep the board for themselves. In both of my wins I had perfect curve start, and won very early.