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Aggro-Midrange Dragon/Spell Shaman

  • Last updated May 16, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 6960
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/15/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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         This deck is another iteration of the spell + dragon shaman decks out there. The main focus is to end games ASAP if possible, but it has plenty of mid-late game value to beat most control decks out there.  My core inspiration for this deck is to beat DH decks, Galakrond Rogues & Face Hunters with style, but it does plenty to finish off other classes and archetypes too.

Since this deck is leaning toward success against the face classes, Marshspawn can also be replaced with Frozen Shadoweaver for the extra freeze, and the non-situational advantage of using the card on curve if Arcane Watcher isn't in hand on turn 3. Both bodies have great stats.
2) I don't think the deck needs Novice Engineer. Seems to have enough draw, anyway, Lava Burst always feels good. Happy High-Rolls.

This deck is heavily inspired by GayPirate's Spell Shaman. Feel free to read their core card descriptions to understand why they exist in this deck.

The main counter to this deck feels like Galakrond/Secret Rogue if they get a head start and get lucky with secrets + Blackjack Stunner in hand. Galakrond thief priests are also disgusting since they can just steal your value and burst potential. There is not much you can do about that, but it is surprisingly still possible to win in the long game if RNG favors you.

This deck is aggro if you high roll, yet still contains enough value to fight for your life against the long game 'til the very last cards. This deck is without Lava Burst, but the two Cobalt Spellkin usually grant additional Frost Shock and Lightning Bolt cards to finish off games.
The floater card in the deck is Novice Engineer, so you can always include Lava Burst or an additional +Spell Power card to replace it if you feel the need. My preference is always card draw however because you can always discover a Lava Burst from Marshspawn or an Ethereal Lackey.

Always for Faerie Dragon  & Arcane Watcher or Sludge Slurper. If you are unlucky, Lady Vashj isn't so bad to get the prime version quicker. There is potential for Frizz Kindleroost, or Marshspawn if you feel like gambling for more mid-range game to control type game.

Some of the Core Choices in this deck:

Faerie Dragon :
Get an early minion to stick against the current. At first, I tried Surging Tempest, Blazing Battlemage, Acidic Swamp Ooze, but this card can't be removed with DH Eye Beam, Backstab, or hunter/mage hero powers. It forces trading with minions or face and the extra damage it provides from it is great. Faerie Dragon just sticks so well against all classes and when followed up by Arcane Watcher, it puts you in a great aggressive position.  

Arcane Watcher :
Nothing much to say except play it as early as possible and watch it carry you through early game with all your +spell damage cards. Core of the core.

Squallhunter :
Huge pressure while also activating Arcane Watcher (ON CURVE!). Makes your little spells hit hard.

Cobalt Spellkin:
Amazing card, this alone makes the spell damage reach be able to win games faster. Lightning Bolt, Frost Shock, Forked Lightning and don't forget the game changer when against taunts... Earth Shock.

Bloodmage ThalnosLady VashjEthereal Augmerchant :
Arcane watcher activators, draw, 1-mana ping, and spell damage for finishing things off. Vashj Prime is amazing to finish if the game lasts longer and you are fortunate enough.

Marshspawn :
Great stats. Sometimes discover buffs, AoE, more face damage. I see this as tempo minion with a situational bonus if you don't get what you want in the opening hand. Storm's Wrath is a great filler when the board is in your favor. If you get terrible mulligan you can still recover with Lightning Breath on turn 3 (2 with coin) and then this guy on turn 3/4 to discover a spell that suits your needs. 

Frost Shock :
This card single-handedly disables any weapon class from making their final swing turns to finish games (looking at you face hunter and DH) while remaining flexible for other situations. I wouldn't bother replacing this and the more you play with it the more you will understand why.  Also a Nice touch for killing or just freezing face/enemies while your minions push face. No overload for going into a Marshspawn next turn.

Lightning Bolt :
This card is one of your main face damage sources so hold on to it or start pushing face if you get early board control with spell damage on board. Can also save you against some ramp druids that get huge minions out early for the extra reach in clearing them out of the way along with Lightning Breath. I'm also looking at you Phase Stalker and Priestess of Fury.

Lightning Breath :
I feel that this is the best minion clearing tool available to shaman right now.  This is also why the deck has a good amount of dragons in it. I've tried Lightning Storm for a while but the more overload is too taxing for a deck that is trying to finish things off quickly.  This card destroys minions and it's pretty easy to make it do 5/6/7 damage to clear big taunts out of the way. Huge bonus: can focus not-targetable by spells minions if they have a neighbor.

Serpentshrine Portal :
This card is extremely flexible. It's great for clearing  single threats while adding pressure to the board or to draw with Vashj Prime and hit face to finish games.

Far Sight
Draw Value, and for combo potential of reduced cost dragons.

Frizz Kindleroost:
Speed up your game.  The stats are great for turn 4 if your early dream draws don't happen. Cheats mana on spell generation. Turns Big Ol' Whelp into an easy threat+cycle card.  It basically turns your dragons into combo cards  if you can draw it by turn 4/5.

A list of cards that I don't recommend:

Any cards over 5 Mana will spend time in hand because of overload.

I tried to make it work but it slows everything down dramatically and you might as well ditch minions and make this a pure AoE clear deck with Jepetto Joybuzz in it.

Lightning Storm:
More overload is bad, also this doesn't always clear big minions which a lot of decks are running nowadays. I wanted it to work so bad but it only slows things down. Does not synergize well. 

Scalerider :
This card looks like it fits in the deck, but the issue is that the damage doesn't scale with spell power, so if you draw this later in the game it doesn't feel great in the hand. It doesn't get drawn with Vashj Prime either. Serpentshrine portal keeps the deck feeling bursty and random 3 drops are actually very good with the current cards available.

The Fist of Ra-den :
I love this card, it's so fun, but it slows things down unless you draw it with Far Sight. Still, you can include this instead of Novice Engineer or something if you want to focus victories against Priest or to just convert this deck into a control deck to summon many Reliquary of Souls in the end game. All 1-mana spells ALWAYS summon this legendary.

Too expensive, and if you can use it for 2 mana it only damages 1 minion (fail). This card is effective late game but you're hopefully not playing the late game. 

I usually pound the brews after a day at work and play hearthstone so I'm only in Diamond ranks, but I want to share it because it feels good to play, and shaman class needs redemption in the current meta.