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[LEGEND] Triple Reno Galaxy Mage (WILD)

  • Last updated May 11, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Highlander Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 24260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/3/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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My version of Reno Highlander Mage include Luna's Pocket Galaxy cause i want to play it, so also card like Tortollan Pilgrim and Dragoncaster

With this i hit legend with a win rate of 62% (from Diamond 4) (26W - 16L).

IMPORTANT: This is a base list, but it will change based on meta, below I will write the cards that I consider good, you can modify it based on your choise.

Core Cards (11): Auto include cards. Here the base of the deck.

Luna's Pocket Galaxy: I like a deck based on this card, so i need more good big minion and less spell. We want to cast this card as soon as possible. Don't keep it against aggro deck.


Reno Jackson: Always keep against aggro.


Reno the Relicologist: Always keep against aggro.


The Amazing Reno: His hero power is not important, but his battlecry is too important to reset board and gain 5 armor. And i want all Renos in this deck, so i include it :P But it save our ass a lot of times.


Kazakus: Always keep in hand; create a 1-cost or 5-cost spell against aggro, 10-cost spell with polymorph against big priest and control lock and 10-cost with resurrect against control warrior.


Zephrys the Great: Always keep against aggro.


Dragonqueen Alexstrasza need no explanation, auto include in any Highlander Deck.


Tortollan Pilgrim; We use it mainly to play Galaxy, but is a good combo also with other big spells played in this deck like Blizzard, Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron, Power of Creation or Ice Block sometimes.


Dragoncaster: We can cast big spell like Luna's Pocket Galaxy, Puzzle Box of Yogg-SaronBlizzardPower of Creation for free in turn 6, or a 10-cost Kazakus potion. But we need some dragon in our deck.


Malygos, Aspect of Magic: I like this dragon that give a very good spell, and his cost is not much high. but we need to include some other dragon in this deck.


Kalecgos: We need some good big dragons, this is one of the best.


Important Cards (12): Not the base of the deck but is better if you have.

Stargazer Luna and Book of Specters: Very powerful if you play them after Galaxy so you can draw a lot of 1-cost card in a turn. But you can replace one of it with an Arcane Intellect.


Zilliax: Auto include in every deck, no comment.


Alexstrasza and Azure Explorer: I think it is important to have at least 5 dragons in deck for the dragon sinergy. I choose this other two, but you can use two dragons you like.


Arcane Breath: We have a dragon sinergy, so this card is powerful, 2 damage and 1 spell. Always keep against aggro.


Blizzard: Important board clear, better than Flamestrike.


Power of Creation and Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron: We need more minion and less spell, and we play Tortollan and Dragoncaster so we can include some big spell except Galaxy. I think these 2 are powerful and useful. Puzzle Box can save a lot of game in critical situation.


Siamat: Good to remove minion or put pression on the board. Or a big taunt when you need protection.


Ice Block: It can save a lot of games, always good. Give to us an extra turn that we need to survive and recover health and board. 


Zola the Gorgon: I craft it and i'm happy cause is a good tool, you can copy you Reno and is gg vs aggro, or other good card. Zola give you a lot of value vs control deck.


Other cards (7): You can choose 7 cards that you prefer and based on meta. Here some  suggestion you can choose between these, sometimes i will update the list on the right, but there is not a single list, i change it based on meta.

Here all the card that i prefer, and i think are good, i will update this list if i found some new good card to use:

Astromancer Solarian: In Standard work better, but i think is a good choise, cause is a early drop and the prime is a good card for late. Mainly i play it cause i like the effect but is not a must.

Firetree Witchdoctor: I like it cause you can discover a spell according to the situation. Sometimes a Polymorph against Warlock or a removal against aggro. Before i used Primordial Glyph, but i prefer this now cause is a 2/2 body good in early.


Flame Ward and Ice Barrier: Too aggro's deck in the last part of the climb, but with these two secrets you gain a little bit of time that you need especially against DH. You can replace them if that are not many aggro's deck.


Mad Scientist and Ancient Mysteries: With 3 secrets these are a must, cause "remove" 2 card from our deck and with 2 mana you can play it free. If you play only with 2 secrets, play only Scientist.


Frost Nova and Doomsayer: Good to take time and destroy board.


Rolling Fireball: Versatile removal, AoE against aggro, single target against big minion.Polymorph or Polymorph: Boar: Perfect against lock or big minions in general.


Khartut Defender: Nice taunt + heal against aggro. I try it and its no bad.

Tell me the cards you like to use, have a good game and good RNG! :)

Update 1: I insert Zola, is too useful.

Update 2: I have insert Khartut. Now i have in total 58% WR, (99-71), with the current version : 73% WR (16-6), not bad this last one, i think is almost perfect for now.

Update 3: I played 260 games in legend with a total win rate of 58%.


-1 Mad Scientist  +1 Ancient Mysteries: i think the second one is better.

-1 Stargazer Luna +1 Tar Creeper: I think Luna is too slow against aggro, better a defensive card for this meta

-1 Rolling Fireball +1 Escaped Manasaber: Testing, i will test Bone Wraith too.

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