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  • Last updated May 4, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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  • 24 Minions
  • 2 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Murloc Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 4580
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/2/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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Hi, so I am Star, a casual player that loves murlocs. I got back to hearthstone with the new expansion release and got legend in late apriL


This month I wanted to speedrun my way to legend and decided to do that with murloc paladin. Most standard version taken directly from hsreplay. I got legend with a pretty good winrate, on 2nd of may. I know everyone is legend these days, but i think the speedrun was pretty decent

Your minions are weak so in a metagame with dh, rogue (both of them full of answers) and warrior, you have to play pretty well in order to win. Otherwise your deck becomes weak aswell. 


Imprisoned Sungill is a must keep. That in turn 1, combined with coldlight seer in turn 3 is our best opening combo and often leads to a huge board, specially if you can keep buffing these murlocs.

So, you can keep these 2 cards even without coin, depending on the opponent. For example against demon hunter, you should look for the hogsteed, as it answers every early game minion from a demon hunter. 

Murmy is a pretty decent 1 mana drop, and has a good sinergy with hand of a dal. You dont really keep this combo, but it can be a gameplan sometimes. Anyways you almost always wanna keep murmy. 

Murloc Tidecaller  is strong, but you gotta play him carefully. It is a dangerous minion so definitely your opponent will try to kill him, however you want to protect him or atleast make him look like a threat. Some classes can answer this minion pretty well, making its gameplan weaker: demon hunter for example. But you definitely keep this minion

Murgur Murgurgle is always a keep. Solid 2 drop, can often live to turn 3, allowing you to buff him with coldlight seer or a dal blessing. Against control match ups, this card will give you some wins, which make him pretty valuable aswell

Then about the 2 drops (and coldlight seer)

you pretty much want to secure a good curve, so you are definitely keeping 2 drops aswell. Murgur murgurgle is always a keep. Hench-Clan Hogsteed   is a good 2 drop when there are minions that you want to answer (demon hunter, hunter) and also a good combo with Murloc Tidecaller in turn 1

Murloc tidehunter is good against slower decks like priest that are not likely to answer that, and its a pretty strong combo with Imprisoned Sungill + Coldlight Seer turn 3. This can lead to, often, your strongest boards.

About Coldlight Seer, its one of the cards that makes this deck work. So, depending on the match up or your starting hand, you could keep it. Generally you can keep it with coin, since you are likely to play 2 or 3 murlocs before buffing, that should make it worth. WIthout Coin, I think its too greedy to keep UNLESS you have the big combo Imprisoned Sungill + Coldlight Seer turn 3. This combo is a keep in almost every match up, except demon hunter where you may consider keeping only the 1 mana drop, and look for hench clan hogsteed


We want to set up a good board to control our opponent, heal and buff our murlocs to then finish quickly in 1 or 2 turns. There are a few combos to start with that I am going to explain, But the basic is that your minions are weak one by one, but strong when combined. So if you are going to play a murloc, it has to trade or put board pressure looking for a big buff

As I have stated, your strongest start is Imprisoned Sungill + Coldlight Seer turn 3 and a 2 mana drop to support it. If you can do this gameplan, there is almost no situation you wouldnt want to do it. Its very good.

However we wont always have that combo. Imprisoned sungill is already good enough, you always keep it. However, we will find ourselves in situations in which we will have to think of different gameplans... 

Murloc Tidecaller into more murlocs is good, better if you play first. Its not as solid but if the oponent struggles to answer that, you can set up a good board in the following turns. The good thing is that he trades pretty easily, even 1/3 drops if you have Murloc Tidehunter. 

Murmy into more Murloc Tidehunter is not bad when starting first, as it secures a decent amount of minions in turn 3, when you are looking to build your big board. A dal blessing works well in this case too.

Although the ideal situation for which the deck is designed, is to start building from the beginning, there are many options you could find, not always you can buff or have the best hand. Weapons can help to keep the enemy board clean and set up later. Murlocs are cheap so you can also set up a strong board in 2 turns later in the game if you manage to survive the early game, suposing you didnt have the cards to do it earlier.

Or maybe you cant buff your minions on turn 3, in that case you might have 3 mana weapon and keep farming murlocs while protecting your board. Then keep playing minions or buff, depending in your situation...

Pretty hard to explain as this is situational, but hope you get the main idea.