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Heroic Free Medivh! Prince Malchezaar Slo-TK

  • Last updated Apr 1, 2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: PvE Adventure
  • Deck Archetype: Taunt Druid
  • Boss: Malchezaar
  • Crafting Cost: 6240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/16/2020 (Outland DH Nerfs)
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**Update 4/1/21 **
Added Injured Marauder for that 5/10 taunt.
This deck still works extremely well.

** Update 12/3/20**
Replaced Sen'jin Shieldmastas with Circus Amalgams, since a 4/5 taunt is better than a 3/5 taunt.  This helps, every so slightly, getting Nazra to 3 health or less so she stops attacking.

** Update 10/25/20
To improve the power/consistency of Oaken Summons and Grizzled Guardians I swapped out the Rotten Applebaums and Khartut Defenders for Crimson Hothead and Groundskeepers.  I *KNOW* there is 0 synnergy with Groundskeeper, but it's worth to increase the odds of getting full value from the Grizzled Guardians and Oaken Summons so Nazra doesn't out-draw you and hit fatigue before you are ready.

**Update 9/10/20 - Swapped Corrosive Sludge for Kobold Stickyfingers, if you don't have 2 Stickyfingers, then SLudge is still fine.  You want any weapon destruction to be more than 4 mana. **

I thought the Jade package was clunky, and this is even more defensive and fights for board better.

Mulligan for Rising Winds, Wrath, Tar Creeper, BogBeam and Oaken Summons.

Early, use Rising Winds for the 3/2 Eagle to help control the board.  Later in the game, when you want/need to, then draw with RW.

Turn 1 - Pass, nothing to do
Turn 2 - Play a 3/2 Bird from Rising Winds,  Wrath for 3 one of Nazra's Minions, or HP.
Turn 3 - Play Tar Creeper, Bogbeam, RW(for 3/2), Wrath or HP.
Turn 4 - Oaken Summons or a 4 mana taunt.

Control the board, try not to draw unless necessary because you want to pull out the taunts with Oaken and Grizzled Guardian.  

The ultimate strategy is to hold your Mecha'Thun.  You can, and should, get Nazra to 3 health or less, but do not kill her.  You want to play out your cards and draw your deck.  Once you've drawn all your cards, and played out your hand, play the Mecha'Thun.  On the next turn, lethal attack Nazra, and Melchezaar will kill himself after he Twisting Nethers.  

Like all my decks, if you want to duo play with me, PM me and we can be friends on NA or EU.