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Post-Nerf 65% WR Highlander Demon Hunter

  • Last updated Apr 14, 2020 (Outland DH Nerfs)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Highlander DH
  • Crafting Cost: 12220
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/13/2020 (Outland DH Nerfs)
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Deck Overview: (Twitch.tv/supersenter - Check my VoDs) - 65% WR:

I completely reworked my original Highlander Demon hunter deck, which is why I’m posting a new version. This deck is built to have more finishing power in the end, while also still having great early game aggro & tempo potentially. I reviewed all the top demon hunter decks right now, and built this decklist based on the top win percentage cards, also removing the lowest win percentage cards in the deck. In addition to that, I included a small “swarm package” for removal, major card draw, and Nethrandamus activation. 

Mulligan Guide: In almost every match-up you are looking for early game threats to get out to a fast start. 

Always Keep: Battlefiend, Netherwalker, Sightless Watcher, Umberwing, Bloodmage Thalnos, Vulpera Scoundrel

Sometimes Keep: Crimson Sigil Runner (If left-most card),Eye Beam (If left-most card), Skull of Gul'dan (If left-most card)

Demon Hunter: This is your worst match-up. Your main goal here is figure out what type of Demon Hunter deck they are playing, and counter it as fast as possible. You want to play early game threats to gain board control,and set up tempo plays like an Escaped Manasaber or early Skull of Gul’dan. Lifesteal is crucial against Demon Hunter because of how much damage they put forth, so look for it with Vulpera Scoundrel. You will win or lose these games based on who plays Imprisoned Antaen & Priestess of Fury better.

Warlock: Plague of Flames is their only mass clear, so play around that. The key here is building really wide boards that can’t get cleared by plague. Push damage through early and watch out for Sac Pact. Keep Kayn for his Galakrond turn, and hopefully you can push through for the win over taunts. If you can’t get early damage, then control the game and play late threats for the win. 

Priest: Res Priest is a brutal match-up if they draw decently. You want to get a wide board and a ton of damage through early.Then hopefully use a Zephrys or Kayn for the late push to win. If you can’t push early, then try to preserve until late game and use your big threats consecutively.

Druid: Big Druid has the same tips as Priest. Spell Druid you want to make sure you’re able to clear their two drops. Work to set up a huge Altruis the Outcast play, and use Vulpera Scoundrel to discover a clear like Chaos Nova or Immolation Aura.Once you have a chance, play Dragonqueen or Nethrandamus for the win. 

Other:  Your win rate against any other class should be very high, like 80% and higher. Just play the deck for tempo and you should win quite easily. 

Card Choices: Most cards in this deck are very obvious, they’re just super strong Demon Hunter or Highlander cards, so I won't explain those. I’ve created this highlander deck to be a little more aggro than normal, so that is the reason behind some of my choices. 

Twin Slice: I’ve seen lists that don’t run this, but I feel that it is combos with so many cards and can create outrageous early game plays. One of the stronger cards in the deck honestly. 

Netherwalker: Gives you a 2nd Priestess or Antaen most of the time!

Bloodmage Thalnos: Just really wanted more early game card draw, also synergizes for more lifesteal damage sometimes.

Altruis the Outcast: So much stronger than I expected, one of the best cards in the deck. It’s on average a 3 mana 3/2 that deals 2 damage to all enemies and must be cleared ASAP.

Vulpera Scoundrel: It has felt very strong in this deck. The situational spell choice is especially strong in Demon Hunter because of their small spell pool. Also, it’s a nice 3 drop which the deck needed. 

Escaped Manasaber: This card got an insane power boost with the Demon Hunter nerfs actually. Skull of Gul’dan and Imprisoned Antaen both got pushed to 6 mana, so playing Manasaber on curve gives you insane tempo on turn 5. 

Skull of Gul’dan X2: Most people think Highlander decks can’t run any duplicates, but I heavily disagree with that. This deck runs a ton of card draw, and running the second Skull of Gul’dan makes it super consistent. I think this card is possibly the strongest card in Hearthstone, so we really want to see it. Also, it helps you draw through Albatross, which actually helps your Highlander package. 

Flamereaper: Really strong weapon, and this card is one of the highest win rate cards in Demon Hunter actually. We don’t run much clear, and this is one of your better clear options. Further, it can provide a ton of damage late game for the win. 

Swarm Package - Feast of Souls, Command the Illidari, Nehtrandamus: This is my most interesting choice in the deck I think. The swarm package has felt very strong, and has won several games for us by itself. Feast of souls can be an amazing card draw, you’re either getting 2-3 card draw on a normal turn, and combined with Command the Illidari it can be a 2 mana draw 5. With all the draw this deck has, you’re getting Nethrandamus out pretty early usually, and almost always getting two 10 cost minions for the win. 

Notable Exclusions: I built this deck based on researching every other deck out there and finding their weak spots. 

Metamorphosis: Card has an abysmal mulligan and draw winrate. I think it very situational wins games, but for the most part it's a dead card that has a relatively “minor effect”

Maiev Shadowsong: I think this card is massively overrated. You usually have to win within 1 or 2 turns for this card to feel good at all. Most of the time though, it’s a pretty weak play. This is another one of the worst win rate cards seen in most demon hunter decks.