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LEGEND - Veilbatross Priest

  • Last updated Jul 16, 2020 (Pre-Expansion Nerfs)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Resurrect Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 6900
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/9/2020 (Outland Release)
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I HAVE OFFICIALLY REACHED LEGEND WITH THIS LIST! COME SAY HELLO AT TWITCH.TV/POIMLOK. The inclusion of Albatross prevents non-duplicate decks from using Zeph and Straza and can also ruin the draw of any deck if you copy it enough! It's extremely strong right now! If you have any questions, post them in my Twitch chat when I am live (twitch.tv/poimlok) and I would be happy to answer them! If you would like to friend me through battle.net or Hearthstone, my tag is: Poimlok#11231 [NA]


UPDATE 5/12/20 - I hit Legend for May a few days ago and was going through updating some of my outdated lists. I have recently updated this list to what I am currently running in the meta. Teron Gorefiend creates some seriously whacky plays, especially when you copy him! 

UPDATE 5/7/20 - Currently at Rank Diamond 3 post-reset. Piloting a list similar to this without albatross tonight as a test. Will update within 24 hours and post pictures and videos with results! 

UPDATE 4/19- Removed an embalming for Breath. Breath slows DH more efficiently and romps a newly popular murloc paladin list! [4/19] Also helps slightly in rogue matchup. Helps against lock board flood, including carpet lock. And helps to slow Totem shaman.

I have now been told by 20+ people they have reached legend with this list.

I would like to mention that I started this climb from the lowest rank possible for a returning player (I believe that was Bronze 10) and have reached LEGEND!

At the time of writing this, I am the only person I've seen running two copies of Sethekk Veilweaver.... 

My question to you is.... WHY?! The card is absolutely insane.

A few quick tips....

1. Be patient with your spells- take your time every turn and seriously evaluate the turn. You can make some nutty plays if you take your time.

2. SHADOW MADNESS IS BROKEN. You will find yourself taking some lock, druid, and other crazy Primes that you shouldn't even be able to use. It also demolishes aggro and now that it costs 3 mana, it's so damn strong. You'll even find yourself getting the attack reducing priest spell off Sethekk and you can steal some mean stuff from other players. 

3. Try to play several turns in advance and keep your dead minion pool to only the cards you want resurrected. Sometimes, this is inevitable. In some matchups, you won't even need to resurrect. A lot of your matchups will be reactionary and defensive.

4. Sometimes it's the right play to drop a Veilweaver on turn 2. But other times.... you should save him for a turn where you can drop 3-5 spells in a single shot with him on the board. He will repopulate your hand with priest spells faster than you think... and getting multiple copies of Soul Mirror from him pretty much gives you an auto-win.

5. This deck is not easy to play by any means. I am a legend player and I'm not sure how well a less-experienced player would be able to see the smart / patient plays.

6. Always remember that MAIVE, the 3/5 DH LEGENDARY, and Galakrond Lock running STRAZA WILL CATCH YOU OFF GUARD. It sounds silly but you need to always make sure you are well out of lethal range because these cards will catch you off guard and make you lose if you aren't expecting them.



Most of the time you want to keep Smite, Penance, Sethekk Veilweaver, Holy Nova, Convincing Infiltrator (control), VARGOTH, Shadow Madness, Albatross

VARGOTH WINS GAMES. In a control matchup, you keep him every single time. In an aggro matchup, you keep him if you have one of the above cards for the early game!

Against aggro you should definitely keep Shadow Madness and Holy Nova

If you have questions message me, any suggestions appreciated and welcomed! Stay positive as Blizzard adds changes to DH so we don't discourage them from adding DKs and Monks! <3

Side note! - I am hosting a tournament on Friday, 4/23 at 9:30pm EST for followers/subs. First come first serve. 6 spots are left. No entry fee. Classic and Basic sets ONLY. No DH. NO HoF. Message me if you would like to participate. I will gift the winner of the tournament 15 packs from the set of his/her choice! More details at Twitch.tv/poimlok.

Check out this playthrough by Tommy Wave! Thanks for piloting!