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[WILD] MiracleMechMage (v.3.0)

  • Last updated Aug 26, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 24 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mech Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 4840
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/9/2014 (GvG Launch)
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v.3.0 Update – Tested and true vs the new aggro meta, see the updated F.A.Q. below!

Arcane Missiles addition as a mana efficient way to contest board while developing minions against the aggro meta. Fel Reaver addition to add a whopping 32 power in total to help win the race. This "all in" aggro archetype aims to continuously apply pressure and is at an advantage in the current meta.

Along with traditional mech synergy, there are 10 spells including spare parts to synergize with Flamewaker and Archmage Antonidas. Now get on the ladder and reap some!


Greetings! MrThreePik here with a brand new deck tech for all you Mage players out there that can't wait to get your hands on the new Goblins vs. Gnomes cards!

First, I would like to thank all of you that upvoted my FastMage deck here on HearthPwn and I'm stoked on the amount of positive feedback that was received. I will keep making Mage decks for you all. What I am even more stoked about, however, is this deck; the MiracleMechMage. What is a mech miracle, you say? Read on young padawan. 

The Deck:

We're all sitting here after the release thinking "Well damn, we sure got shafted with our legendary card Flame Leviathan. Luckily for us, Blizzard somehow knew that Archmage Antonidas would have the potential to make a bold reappearance on the scene.

Along with the new mech oriented cards this deck aims to flood the board with mana advantage through Mechwarper. This deck is one that is aggressively tempo oriented and seeks to take advantageous trades and hero powers along with cards like Goblin Blastmage. Lastly, the deck tries to make the most use out of spare parts, in which help synergize plays and make win conditions.

Spare Parts, the bread and butter:

Yes, spare parts. They are the bread and butter of this deck, as they help maintain aggressive board control, fill our mana curve, and most importantly, act as spell triggers for Archmage Antonidas.  So, let us take a look shall we?

Reversing SwitchOne of the least appealing of the parts. I feel like this part really shines in helping friendly minions trade-up, make favourable trades or to simply get in some extra damage.

Time RewinderUnfortunately, there are relatively few battlecry minions in this deck. The best use of this card is with Goblin Blastmage and Loatheb to activate their battlecries. Also, you can can simply return a minion to your hand to heal it back to full HP. 

Emergency CoolantAhh, the freeze. This card is great for the aggressive board control style of this deck. This card alone can lock in early game tempo and can really shine against aggro decks. 

Rusty HornSimply used to taunt up a friendly minion for defensive reasons or to taunt an enemy minion who is hiding behind a taunt. This part is very strong against aggro decks, and in protecting key minions such as Mechwarper, Archmage Antonidas. It can also be used in conjuction with The Black Knight if you decide to run him.

Whirling Blades & Armor PlatingThese two parts are just above average in this deck in the case of spare parts. They simply help friendly minions become more resilient or do more damage. Try to use them smartly, like armoring a Blastmage to remove him from Swipe range.

Finicky CloakfieldThis is the miracle card! It is usually a must-keep, of course, for Archmage Antonidas and by concealing him you can try and secure a late game advantage. There are only rare cases in which an opponent's LoathebFlare or Sylvanas Windrunner may somehow ruin the plan. I could not believe when I actually got the miracle my first time playing the deck! 

Mechs and Such:

Clockwork GnomeStandard 1 drop Mech creature with deathrattle, receive a spare part. I love spare parts!

Mana WyrmAlong with the various spells and spare parts in this deck Mana Wyrm is a strong early game threat with the potential to grow.

CogmasterA solid 1 drop that can push a tremendous amount of early face damage when dealing 3 damage to your opponent for multiple turns in a row.

Annoy-o-TronAs the name of the card states, it is extremely annoying for most classes to trade with due to divine shield. This taunt minion helps preserve an early game board, and often-times works very well against a competitive aggro start.

MechwarperSimply overpowered. Reduce the mana cost of all mechs by 1. With the early mech aggression this deck sports, this is a card that wins games. That being said, mulligan everything 3 mana and higher for this dude unless you have a very solid curve.

SnowchuggerThis card is my favourite card out of all of the released mage cards. It provides so much early game utility against both aggro decks and weapon classes. We now have a direct counter to Fiery War Axe given that you can freeze the hero before he gets the hit.

Harvest Golem / Spider Tank: Spider Tank used in v.2.0 due to a minor case of Feral Spirit and a big case of Grim Patron. Harvest Golem is considerable due to Damaged Golem often times sticking around to act as an activator for Goblin Blastmage or Tinkertown Technician

Tinkertown Technician (unlisted): Without a mech on board this minion is simply a 3/3, which is standard. However, with a mech on board you get a whole whopping +1/1 in stats and a juicy spare part. You can also fish spare parts with Time Rewinder given that you have a mech in play. Bottom line, this card synergizes greatly with all mechs and is a must in every mech deck.

FlamewakerThis card simply synergizes too well with spare parts and spells to not run at least 1 of. It can be clutch when trying to make set up trades or clear of low health minions. Plan accordingly. This deck has 6 spare parts to ensure plenty of spell synergy to go around.

Mechanical Yeti: A strong 5 health four drop that gives a precious spare part upon death. Many may prefer two copies of this to Piloted Shredder to the amount of 4 damage attacks around (eg: Truesilver Champion, Piloted Shredder). 

Piloted Shredder (unlisted): Just a solid overall 4-drop mech. It replaces Harvest Golem in all aspects in my opinion. Beware! The odd Doomsayer may foil your plans.

Goblin BlastmageThis card provides average stats for a 4 drop minion. Where it really shines, however, is when its battlecry can be activated in which a boosted Arcane Missiles. Time Rewinder can be used on 10 mana for 8 missiles! 

Fel ReaverThe anti-aggro monster! Go all in with these guys and hammer your opponent down before they can even blink. Hopefully it sticks!  

The Black Knight (unlisted): A strong six drop that that provides a huge tempo advantage in that often provides lethal with threating board control going into midgame. Rusty Horn is superb in conjunction to act as hard removal, especially control threats such as Ragnaros the Firelord

Archmage AntonidasThis legendary card is the late game win condition of the deck. The miracle is the turn 8 death sentence with Finicky Cloakfield or any other spell to essentially seal your tempo advantage or harvest that last bit of burn to finish your opponent. 

Dr. Boom: Included for obvious reasons. This card is extremely clutch in some situations due to the Boom Bot RNG that can come into play. A lot of pros think it is the best 7-drop legendary and I am inclined to agree.

The Spells: Mage spell cards are pretty versatile and obvious with their intention. They can kill or remove threats, even control them with freeze.

Arcane MissilesGood vs aggro and great in conjunction Flamewaker!

Arcane Intellect (unlisted): This deck focuses on card cycle to fuel combos, apply pressure, and help top-deck. I typically remove this from my opening hand unless sometimes with coin against Priest. This deck does not have secrets and I prefer this versions consistency. 

Unstable Portal (unlisted): There has been overwhelming positive feedback on this card. This card can single-handedly win games through outrageous value due to the lower mana cost. Although it relies heavily on RNG the risk/reward has been seen to be rather undetrimental, therefore it deserves a spot in the deck.


1) Is there a replacement for?

There is always a replacement! However, the main focus of the deck is mechs. Therefore, if you see yourself struggling to get the legendaries or epics focusing on early game mech synerygy is the budget approach to MechMage.

2) How do I beat a control meta?

A Mirror EntityMad Scientist combo has proven to be good against control decks due to their high value creatures. Focus on value spells such as Unstable Portal as well as all of the spell part generating minions such as Toshley to maximize Flamewaker and Archmage Antonidas value.

3) Why Fel Reaver & how do I beat an aggro meta?

With 16 power, Fel Reaver can overwhelm your opponent even after a mediocre start. When aggro decks dominate the ladder this card becomes stronger as your opponents will have less resources or hard removal to deal with them. That being said, Fel Reaver will often times finish your opponent before they can burn through your deck. 

4) Have you considered Gazlowe?

After experimentation I did not find Gazlowe to be high impact enough in even a semi-fast meta. Against control, Sylvanas Windrunner, Toshley and The Black Knight would usually take precedent. No one is stopping you from playing Gazlowe or Mimiron's Head!

In closing,

Thank you all for reading this article and don't forget to to toss an upvote! I hope you all make the best of the MechMage deck!

If you want to discuss the deck, you can add my Real ID MrThreePik#1517. Add me on NA or EU, and I will do my best to speak with you. You can always comment on this page and I will eventually reply!

See you on the ladder!