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  • Last updated Mar 28, 2020 (Kael'thas Patch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 13780
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/18/2020 (Kael'thas Patch)
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Hello guys :)

EDIT: Had to take out my battletag and nick from the comment section, had tons of friend requests.. Gonna post the aggresive version for 40 upvotes - let's see :D

EDIT2: Okay! So since the new priest card update arrived, I was forced to change some cards. Since Holy Smite can no longer apply damage face, i see no point in running Velen Mindblast Holy Smite OTK combo. Instead, we stick to the Spawn Of Shadows OTK, which is more reliable, in a way (not having to draw 3 cards, but the SoS plus some Emperror tick is right enaugh). +putting in some more draw engine for faster early game and the ability to draw Raza+DK as fast as possible. Thanks for reading ! :)

I'm gonna try to make a brief guide to this Reno priest deck..

This is what I think the optimal version of this decks look like right now, but some cards will for sure get swapped out as the new expansion and other changes are coming in..


A) Mage:

Quest mage:

Heavily unfavored matchup; you can slow them down a bit with the Albatross, Kezan mystic helps to OTK them by stealing their Ice Block, but most of the time you get out tempo'd.

Secret/Burn Mage:

Slightly favoured matchup i would say. Mulligan Reno+ Seance, Kezan Mystic; Play around their secrets, Try to pull out Bloodmage Thalnos/Azure drake + Spirit Leash.


Mirror match most of the times. Mulligan Raza + DK Anduin. Emperror proc often decides the game ..

Big Priest:

Mulligan DK Anduin, Lightbomb is pretty good.. And just slam your Raza and smorc them, you should be faster :p.



Mass Dispell (or Shadow Visions to get an extra copy), Reno is what you need. Also, Psychic Scream is really good since it breaks the magnetized mechs.

Baku Palla:

Leash is awesome, don't get trapped into their Never Surrender secret.


Cube Warlock: Silence the cubes with Mass Dispell or Silence, go face as soon as you get your Raza+DK Anduin combo - he has no healing besides Misstresses and Zilliax maybe.


Even Shaman: Favoured matchup, mulligan Clearic for early card draw and trades into totems. Favcoured matchup.

Murloc Shaman: You have all the boardclears you need. Play around his Everyfin Is Awesome +/+ buff - you could get OTK'd if you don't pay attention.

That is probably all of the casual meta decks you see daily on the ladder.

 Make sure to upvote if this worked for you !

See you on ladder,