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Bounce Shaman OTK (Wild Ranked)

  • Last updated Mar 6, 2020 (GA Week 4)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Quest Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 10320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/17/2020 (GA Week 4)
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Bounce Shaman OTK

This Deck revolves around using Coldlight oracle with the quest to cycle through and find combo pieces. The power of the deck comes from huge board swings caused by playing multiple discounted elementals to either clear the opponent's board or OTK them. This deck is very flexible and fun to play because each game calls you to adapt your strategy depending on your opponent. The deck can draw up to +14 which allows an aggressive mana curve and consistent combo. 

Early Game

Aim to contest the board and complete the quest as quickly as possible. Use your bounce effects on sludge slurper to easily get more quest triggers. Generally, it is important to hold on to Coldlight until the midgame to refill your hand and draw your combo. Against most decks mulligan for ice fishing & sludge slurper. Against aggro Mulligan for defensive cards.

The OTK Combo

Use Quest -> Fireplume to discount your end game elementals (5+ mana). Fine plume can be bounced with Bog Slosher to use for a -4 mana cost. (Or Zola for -6) In this way, it is easy to discount your minions down by -6. The combo then uses quest -> Elemental x 3 on the following turn. Using all 4 discounted elementals allows 64 damage to the face however the combo should normally be used with fewer pieces to finish games where you have weakened the opponent first with your board spam. Sometimes it is important to hold an overload trigger - remember you only have 6, Sandstorm is normally the best to hold as it can be played for 0 mana on your combo turn. 

Infinite Damage Combo

You can create an infinite damage combo (limited by APM) if required against armour based meme decks. In hand you need:

  • 9 Mana (10 with Sludge Slurper)
  • Quest Completed
  • 2x Fireplume, Bog Slosher, Grumble, Zola & Maximus (Or Kalimos if triggered)
  • Sandstorm or Sludge Slurper (If overload trigger is needed)
  • Hand + Board <10 (<9 if using Sludge Slurper).

The combo is:

  1. (Use Sludge Slurper Here if needed)
  2. Quest
  3. Fireplume x2
  4. Bog (Fireplume)
  5. Fireplume
  6. Grumble
  7. Zola(Grumble)
  8. Fireplume
  9. Bog(Fireplume)
  10. Fireplume x2
  11. (Use Sandstorm Here if needed).
  12. Loop: Maximus/Kalimos - Grumble - Fireplume. 


Reno decks - play aggressively and force them on the defensive. Hold on to at least 3 of your late-game elementals for an OTK and try to cycle through the deck. Use Fire Plume to discount your late game elemental, can be done multiple times if combo'd with Zola or Bog. Requires 3/4 late-game elementals for 30+ damage. 

Mechathun - This is a very easy matchup. Use quest - Coldlight - Coldlight to kill them with fatigue damage when their deck has (1 card - 36 damage, 2 cards - 28 damage). This can also be done by discounting a Bog Slosher and using Quest - Cold light - Bog Slosher - Coldlight. Having double ice fishing makes this combo very very consistent. 

Hand Buff Paladin - If you draw devolve this is an easy matchup, otherwise very difficult. Hex can sometimes be a good replacement later into the game however this deck can often kill you/ setup easy lethal by turn 4. Mulligan for Devolve! Aim to keep cards low so they get less value from divine favour and try no to use Coldlight until you have control of the board (no enemy mechs). 

Secret Mage - This is a very difficult matchup. I cut eater of secrets because it isn't fast enough to counter the deck, most of the time you won't draw it quick enough. This is probably the worst deck matchup. Don't worry about the quest or long term gameplan, just use whatever methods you can to gain control of the board as quickly as possible. It is possible to win if you draw well against an unlucky opponent. Early Fireplume, Maximus and Kalimos are essential for control/healing. Generally, avoid using Coldlight until you have stabilised. 

OTK/Control - This matchup is dependant on their ability to control the board and reach their combo first. Try to with by playing aggressively. Aim to disrupt them by burning cards with Coldlight & reach your combo first.  

Other Aggro - Aim for survival and board control. Don't worry about the late-game, if you can survive until they run out of steam you win. Normal Mulligan + hold sandstorm & Jade Claws.

Legendary/Epic Card Replacements

Zola – In this deck, this is generally a worse Bog Slosher due to the lack of elemental synergy but can be used to generate more copies which is better than the stats boost. Could be cut for a tech card. (Mind Control Tech or Lifedrinker are good options)

Kragg – Good options for board control and spam but not essential, can be swapped for Lifedrinker. 

Grumble/Kalimos – Grumble is great for value in the midgame and can be used to reload your hand around turn 6 or as OTK card. Kalimos does everything, heal, face damage or board clear and both can be heavily discounted via the elemental synergy. Either can be swapped for Blazecaller.

Maximus - Could be swapped for Blazecaller which is slower but easier to trigger. However, it costs 2 mana more which makes it much harder to combo with or use defensively. Overload synergy can also be triggered on the same turn.

Tech Cards

Plague of Murlocs is a good tech card to swap for novice engineer if you find yoursself against allot of midrange decks like Cubelock/Bigpriest. For more consistent games against midrange at the cost of aggro try swapping:

1x novice engineer  & 1x Jade Claws & 2x Hotspring Guardian


2x Plague of Murlocs & 2x Hungry Crab


Changes from the previous version
Removed Zilliax - good card but this deck wants cheaper minions that can be dumped onto the board to make hand space for the quest - coldlight. 

Removed Cable Rat x2 - useful for completing the quest, but very underpowered in the midgame when it has been completed, 6 mana spawn a 1/1 and 2 lackeys is very weak. Unlike Sludge Slurper it cannot be searched by ice fishing, doesn't synergise with overload and costs more. 

Removed Storms Wrath - This card synergies heavily with the previous 2 which have been removed. -1 overload synergy makes thing slightly more difficult though. 

Added Hot Steam Guardian - Good healing, synergises with the quest and can be discounted. Taunt is also a bonus.

Added Lifedrinker - Good healing and direct damage, synergises with the quest. (less mana and more synergy than Zilliax)  Swapped for Additional Hot Steam Guardian - It's cheaper, the taunt is really important to help survive against decks like Secret Mage, It can also be discounted and has a more versatile heal. 

Added additional Ice Fishing - This card is really powerful in this deck. It draws 2 of your most important early - midgame cards which can also be used for powerful combos in the late-game. The second Ice fishing will often only draw a single card but it is worth including 2 because the additional consistency is really important. 

Added Dirty Rat - I am on the fence with this card. Against certain matchups, it can be your only win condition. However, it isn't useful in lots of matchups and can be detrimental. 

-Swapped Dirty Rat for Novice Engineer. In most matchups it felt like a disadvantage to play Rat, This card lost me more games than it won. 

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