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Heroic Galakrond's Awakening P2 Askaara United ...

  • Last updated Feb 21, 2021 (Vol'jin Patch)
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*** Update 2/21/21  Added the new, easier to use, Shadow Hunter Vol'jin combo.  All you need to do is save a Target Dummy for Turn 9, with no deck and no other minions besides Mecha'Thun in hand, you play Target Dummy, Vol'jin it to get Mecha'Thun out, then cast Cataclysm to win. ***

* Update 4/17/20 Bloodbloom was nerfed from 2 to 4 mana, so it was removed from the deck.  You will need two ticks from The Emperor to discount Cataclysm and Mecha'thun from 14 to 10 mana.  Or you will need to play Drakkari Enchanter on the same turn as Emperor with both Cataclysm and Mecha'Thun in hand to discount from 14 to 10 total mana.

This is Memnarch's List, I think.  He's a Wild High Legend, on multiple servers, player.

For all of Phase 2 Heroic, this deck works. 
Dragoncaster Askaara
United Sr. Explorers
Madame Lazul
Cultist Dawnshatter
Hagatha the Vengeful 

Also works for all of Phase 1, except Kriziki because of the Albatross.
Sir Finley
Reno Jackson
Dr. Boom

Basic gameplay:
Tap on Turn 2 and Turn 3, unless you have to Dark Skies.

Keep the board clear, dig through your deck, Zephyrs for Twisting Nether, Reno to full.

Only play the Emperor when you have both Bloodbloom and Mecha'Thun in your hand, he acts as a soft taunt anyway.

There are bosses where you may feel Doomsayer and two Antique Healbots are superior to the Reno Package or the Dark Skies.

Like all my decks, if you want to duo play with me, PM me and we can be friends on NA or EU.