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Hakar Galak

  • Last updated Feb 4, 2020 (GA Week 3)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Galakrond Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 12320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/28/2020 (GA Week 2)
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edit: 2/4/2020 I've added 2x Aeon Reaver - 2x Penance this new card is actually growing on me, especially against Embiggen Druid and the non-targetable minions.

edit: 1/29/2020 This is the first deck I've posted to hearthpwn and truly appreciate all of the outpouring of messages/adds.  If I have enough likes, maybe I will continue to post my decks each season.


kct here, I am strictly a priest player.  This season has been rather challenging but I finally reached legend with a galak priest deck.  If I get some likes/comments I can do a write up.

Also, feel free to add me if you’d ever like to chat/throw around some ideas about decks.  kct#1716

This is the deck I used to obtain Legend this season.


Edit: 1/28/2020 for gameplay/mulligans

Game Play

This is a control/fatigue deck.  I mainly started to run this deck after I was facing a lot of highlander decks from rank 4 to 3.  To my suprise, this deck also countered the new embiggen druid as well.  There have been other versions I've run as well with double Grave Rune, however it seems a little too slow some times.

Dark Prophecy is strictly there for early game presence.  This can be switched out for any number of alternatives, but if you high roll some nice 2 cost minions it seems to pay itself off.  One alternative I've run has been Shield of Galakrond for the extra Galakrond ticks in case you're having trouble drawing in to those other cards.

Chameleos is just another tech card I started to run after facing a multitude of Quest Priests.  This allows for me to have 3x Plague of Death at times to deal with their crazy resurrection boards.

I also include ample healing with PenanceSandhoof WaterbearerKhartut Defender and Zilliax for those face hunters/galakrond warriors.


I almost always mulligan for Zerek's Cloning Gallery as this is an integral part to our deck in hopes we can draw out Hakar, the Soulflayer before we actually obtain it in our hand.  

Embiggen Druid: Convincing InfiltratorMass HysteriaZerek's Cloning Gallery

Quest Priest: Zerek's Cloning GalleryTime RipGalakrond, the Unspeakable

Galakrond Warrior: PenanceBreath of the InfiniteDark Prophecy

Galakrond Rogue: Disciple of GalakrondDark ProphecyBreath of the Infinite

Galakrond Warlock: Breath of the InfiniteDark ProphecyPenance

Mech Paladin: Breath of the InfiniteDisciple of GalakrondPenance and a prayer that they don't top deck 2x Galvanizer

Face Hunter: Breath of the InfinitePenanceDark Prophecy

 Edit: 1/29/2020 for -1 Mass Dispel, -1 Dark Prophecy, +2 Grave Rune I've done this change due to facing more and more Ebiggen Druid.  I tend to team up my Convincing Infiltrator with a Grave Rune for the bonus taunts.