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Forever-Questing Rogue!

  • Last updated Feb 5, 2020 (GA Week 3)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Galakrond Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 15920
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/21/2020 (GA Week 1)
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  • S0lus
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What does Forever-Questing mean? Well you may have noticed that besides lackey RNG, this deck has absolutely no way of generating cards from other classes. Why? Simple, so that we never complete our quest.

It sounds stupid I know, and it is! However, between Questing Explorer and the new Licensed Adventurer we get some really strong plays from turn 2 and on. Sky Gen'ral Kragg also looks like a really solid tempo play. A 2/3 novice engineer is nuts in rogue, and coins are useful enough that Counterfeit Coin was able to almost single-handedly make miracle rogue viable. The coins also help to smooth out your curve in case of rough draws, since running a quest means losing out on early game consistency. 

Coins also make the new Shadow Sculptor significantly better.

The deck draws like crazy and my hand is nearly always full, so I included 2 Lab Recruiters as a late game finisher option to shuffle a bunch of Kronx Dragonhoofs into your deck.

Against Aggro/Face - Don't worry about anything besides board control, the deck has some pretty great tempo potential, however face hunter is a really bad match-up due to lack of heals.

Against Slower Decks - We lack a lot of removal, so the game-plan changes depending on the deck we're facing.
-Dragon Druid - Build tall and wide, they have very little removal so if you can maintain board control you pretty much win before they can make any big plays.
-Treant Druid - No idea, haven't played against this deck yet, but I imagine again, board control is key.
-Galakrond Shaman - Go really wide, keep playing minions, their 2/1 rushers can't keep up with us, obviously save Flik Skyshiv for their 8/8's
-Galakrond Warrior - Flik their dragon rushers and maintain a wide board, unless they run brawl, which most don't, they don't have a lot of ways to deal with wide boards.

Special note for Galakrond Warlock - This isn't really an aggro deck or a control deck, it's in kind of a funky place in-between, but going wide is still a good option, Flik their 4/5 invoke  taunt or their 3 mana invoke, those are the most annoying for us to deal with. 

Last Note - Sky Gen'ral Kragg is not available yet, until then I'm running a backstab.

Small changes: -1Shadow Sculptor +1Faceless Corruptor, -1SI:7 Agent +1SN1P-SN4P, and -1Spirit of the Shark +1Zilliax.

I found I was missing proactive turn 3 plays, and sn1p sn4p covers that pretty well, and Faceless Corruptor was needed for more removal. Also I wasn't running Zilliax. Who doesn't run zilliax? Anyway, the shark seemed a little win-more anyway, and these small changes have massively helped my aggro matchup. Currently running a 2nd faceless until Kragg gets released.

A few more changes:

-2Lifedrinkers, -2Lab Recruiters
+2Khartut Defenders, +1Backstab, +1Togwaggle's Scheme

The Lifedrinkers made a lot more sense when I was running shark, I was afraid that the Khartut Defender would come down to late to be useful against aggro, but it turns out it's just better in every way for staying alive.

Similarly, the Lab Recruiters were turning out to be dead cards in most match-ups until your deck was actually empty. Because the deck relies so heavily on how well the cards work together, shuffling multiple copies of anything besides a win-condition ended only putting off drawing the cards you actually needed (the only exception being multiple khartut defenders against face hunter, but in that case, khartut IS a win condition).

Also, as it turns out, a 3/2 body isn't as good against aggro as I though, so I dropped them both, swapped to 1 scheme, so only 1 dead card now, and added a backstab to make our one copy of Shadow Sculptor more consistent.

also if there's anything I didn't cover in the description that you guys wanna see let me know in the comments.

Final Changes!

-1Shadow Sculptor +1Faceless Corruptor

Finally just cut the shadow man, I kept thinking maybe I would learn to play with it properly but this just isn't the deck for him. Much like Gadgetzan, I think he's incredibly strong, but only in a deck suited to him, so now we run 2x faceless, and it feels much better.

Also, after finally getting to test the deck with Kragg, it really feels like it's coming together, and feels way more consistent. The one card addition may not seem like much but it really helps to smooth out our curve around turn 4, and I feel like it was only just lacking to begin with, so it really makes a difference.

Probably won't be making any changes to this deck until rotation, so for now I'm working on a miracle oriented version that can actually make use of Shadow Sculptor.