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Chromaggus, Blackrock Mountain Heroic

  • Last updated Jan 18, 2020 (Second DoD Nerfs)
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  • 24 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: PvE Adventure
  • Deck Archetype: Big Druid
  • Boss: Chromaggus
  • Crafting Cost: 10920
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/18/2020 (Second DoD Nerfs)
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I've tried mage and priest several times but they all failed.

I guess this Druid deck is pretty straight forward and easy to handle the match comparing with them.

- You should pick 1.Dragonslayer, 2.Dragonmaw Poacher and clear his dragon minions (Esp.Chromatic Dragonkin) as much as possible.

- Get rid of his debuff cards in order of bronze>blue>black>red>green

- If you got a chance to get his dragon, Chromatic Dragonkin by Sylvanas Windrunner, Chromaggus would raise your dragon using his spells.

- Protect your Alarm-o-Bot with completely clearing his boards or with your taunt minion in the mid game.