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[100+ Legend] 70%+ Combo Galakrond Warrior

  • Last updated Jan 4, 2020 (Second DoD Nerfs)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Galakrond Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 8220
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/24/2019 (Descent of Dragons)
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Hello there UkendtKunst and @Gnomen here.

Merry Christmas! We'll hope you all have a lovely time with the ones that you love. We have both been loving the new expansion - especially after the nerf of shaman. I've just hit legend with this new combo Galakrond Warrior and my brother, Gnomen, just hit top 100 on EU. Sadly we don´t know the creator of the deck, so if any know him - hit him up.

We think that its the best list right now. Most of your hard matchups will be vs Rouge, and you´ll need a very fast list - which this is. It consist of many separate strong finishers and a pretty clear gameplan. But we also think, that it's a bit harder than the other versions since you´ll mostly have to combo to win. Therefore you have to know your matchups and weak points. 

In this guide we try to explain the decks combos and how you'll play the most common matchups and we'll provide some video footage when it's edited. 


Highlander Deathrattle Rouge 50/50

Properly one of the matchups you'll face the most in legend and 5-legend. It's a pretty hard one. But it can be won. Just pressure hard and try to invoke your Galakrond as fast as possible. Sometimes you also need to just play your Galakrond - because the win condition is usually by combo - and therefore draw is very important. 

Deathrattle Rouge 45/55

Same as above. But they are more consistent - which makes this matchup harder. 

Galakrond Warrior 55/45

The guy that draw best win - but since you got a lot of draw compared to other decks, you'll often cycle faster. 

Pirate Warrior 50/50

The guy that draw best win. But in general try to preserve your health and therefore don't trade too much with your face. I actually have footage of a game played wrong and right.  


Galakrond Shaman 60/40

The matchup is a bit tricky. But usually they play a bit slower than you and therefore you should just pressure him. And if you sense he got Galakrond be sure not to your Plague of Wrath on something stupid. 

Face hunter 90/10

This is your best matchup. I've never lost it. Most actually concede when you play Armorsmith. Just hard mulligan for Armorsmith and Eternium Rover.

Highlander Hunter 60/40

Try to control their board and play around secrets. Then you should be fine. 

Zoo Warlock 80/20

This is a bit like hunter. Mulligan for earlygame and hard for Awaken!

Handlock 55/45

Race them down. Try to evaluate when to use Plague of Wrath with most value. If you take a lot of damage to your face be aware of their burst. 

Quest Priest 20/80

This is a very hard matchup. Everything need to align for you to win this one. 

Quest Druid 70/30

Pressure them and end with combo before they can stabilize. 


Holy Wrath Paladin 60/40

Just draw your combo and burst him for 20 or 30 dmg.

 Statistics 3 - Legend


Always keep Galakrond, the UnbreakableTown CrierEternium Rover and Ritual Chopper. Don't keep two Ritual Chopper.

Against Zoo: Keep Awaken!

Against facehunter: Keep Armorsmith and don't keep Galakrond. 



Dmg combos

Inner RageLeeroy JenkinsBloodsworn Mercenary = 16 dmg / 24 with buff.

Inner RageKor'kron EliteBloodsworn Mercenary = 12 dmg / 20 dmg with buff

Inner RageKor'kron EliteBloodsworn Mercenary +  Bloodsworn Mercenary  = 18 dmg / 30 dmg with buff

Kor'kron EliteInner Rage + Inner Rage + Bloodsworn Mercenary +  Bloodsworn Mercenary  = 24 dmg / 36 dmg with buff

With coin! 

Leeroy JenkinsInner Rage + Bloodsworn Mercenary + Bloodsworn Mercenary = 24 dmg

With Coin + Galakrond buffed Leeroy

Leeroy JenkinsInner RageInner Rage Bloodsworn Mercenary + Bloodsworn Mercenary = 42 dmg

VS Facehunter

Damage a Armorsmith and Bloodsworn Mercenary and watch him concede.

Cycle combos

Scion of RuinWhirlwind + Battle Rage = At least 3 cards + 9 rush damage for 6 mana

Scion of Ruin + Scion of RuinWhirlwind + Battle Rage = at least 6 cards and 18 rush damage for 9 mana

 Proff of Legend 89

Gnomens profile: 



00.00 vs Galakrond Shaman

08.51 vs Galakrond Warrior

15.42 vs Highlander Rouge

23.09 vs Quest Druid