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Custt's Legendary Reinforced Face Hunter

  • Last updated Dec 14, 2019 (Descent of Dragons)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Face Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 3540
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/14/2019 (Descent of Dragons)
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Intro: Custt's Reinforced Face Hunter

I just reached Legend rank with this aggro hunter deck. It took me only a short time - so the win rate is very high. The deck is especially strong against all the Shamans in the current meta. This deck is a Descent of Dragons version of the classic Face Hunter archetype. It does not seem to be used yet by anyone - according to hsreplay. The deck is relatively cheap and contains  several cards that are hardly used.

Beating the Benchmark

A Face Hunter disregards board control and focuses on going face. The aim of a Face Hunter is to win by Turn 7. That means you have 28 mana to do 30 damage (29 mana with the coin). When constructing a Face Hunter deck I therefore look for cards that ensure to do at least 1 damage / mana. For example that means I rather use a card like Wolfrider than a 3/4 minion for 3 mana.

How to play the deck

To reach lethal by turn 7 it is crucial to plan ahead and spend all of your mana every turn. It is also important to use your hero power every turn. Otherwise you will run out of cards very quickly. Your mana curve will then look something like this:

Turn 1: 1-drop

Turn 2: Hero Power

Turn 3: 1-drop + hero power (a 3-drop might be used as alternative but is not preferable)

Turn 4: 2-drop + hero power


When you have several choices it is often best to play the slower cards first. That means you save the chargers and especially the ranged attacks for turn 6 or 7.

While playing, keep track of how you're doing compared to the 1 damage/mana benchmark. For example, after turn 5 your opponent should be at or below 15 health. 

The cards

Leper Gnome: ensures at least 2 damage for 1 mana. Good play for turn 1 or 3.

Stonetusk Boar: I often get questions from people who are surprised I use it. Piggy meets the benchmark and is also a cheap way to power up Kill Command or Headhunter's Hatchet. Play it at turn 1, 3 or combine it with Kill Command as a finisher.

Toxic Reinforcements: many people think this is a bad card and too slow. But it is in fact the star of a Face Hunter deck as it does at least 6 damage for 1 mana and we don't care about early board control.  Should be played at turn 1 or 3. Toxic Reinforcements in your starting hand is an almost certain win!

Worgen Infiltrator is a great 1-drop to start the game with. When played early it hardly gets countered or blocked and often reaches the face twice. Beats the benchmark.

Explosive Trap is crucial card. It is there to keep Shaman swarms and aggro decks in check and at the same time it contributes 2 damage to the face.

Kobold Sandtrooper is a nice addition to Leper Gnome. Beats the benchmark by doing 3 damage for 2 mana.

Phase Stalker + hero power is the ideal combo for turn 4. Having this in your deck means you consistently get the crucial Explosive Trap into play. Also, it's a beast.

Headhunter's Hatchet and Eaglehorn Bow are star cards as they beat the benchmark when swinging twice. Can be powered up by a secret or beast to swing even 3 times.

Ironbeak Owl is here to remove taunts as well as lifesteal minions. It can also be used to counter dangerous cards like Hench-Clan Thug or Questing Adventurer before they spin out of control. And it's a beast.

Jungle Panther is the 3 mana version of Worgen Infiltrator. He beats the benchmark when connected to the face. Play him on turn 5 or 6 to combine him with Kill Command next turn as a finisher. I replaced Animal Companion with the Panther as the Panther is more stable. While Huffer is fantastic, Leokk can cost you the game and Misha does not ensure damage to the face.

Unleash the Hounds, Explosive Trap and Phase Stalker are the trio of cards that make you consistently beat aggro decks and Shamans. Mulligan it when facing a Shaman. The Hounds are also a great finisher.

Wolfrider is a solid card that does exactly what you pay for: 3 face damage for 3 mana.

Lifedrinker is one of the few cards in this deck that does not meet the damage/mana benchmark. The good thing about this beast is that it gives range damage to the face. Lifedrinker + Kill Command is a good finished on turn 7 that passes taunts. The healing can sometimes be useful when racing other aggro decks.

Leeroy Jenkins is the ultimate finisher and should be saved for lethal. If it does go to turn 8 Leeroy can be combined with Unleash the Hounds for a huge amount of damage.