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Help-Your-Opponent Druid

  • Last updated Oct 25, 2019 (Shaman Nerfs)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 9260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/23/2019 (Shaman Nerfs)
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Getting tired of trying really hard, only for your opponent to smash your face in with absolutely zero remorse? Me too! Stuck at the bottom of rank 20, 15, 10, or 5? Also me too! Well, if you would like to give back to the community, this deck is for you.

This is my Help Your Opponent Druid! Do they not have enough cards or mana to absolutely annihilate you? Well now they do, because you're a swell chap who enjoys helping others succeed! I promise you, you will make a difference. You know what they say! Treat others how you would like to be treated :)


To clarify, the addition of Naturalize and Mulch are to use on your OWN minions, such as Dancing Swords for maximum friendly value.


Removed 1 Overflow 

Added 1 Duskfallen Aviana

After some wonderful constructive criticism and advice, I realized the comments were right. Healing isn't too necessary, because we want to help out our opponents. Not hurt them.

So, in order to get more cards quicker, and hit all the harder, I removed both Zombie Chows and a Tree of Life, and replaced them with two Jungle Moonkins and a Nat, the Darkfisher respectively.