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[Wild] N'Zoth Hybrid Reno Priest

  • Last updated Mar 26, 2020 (Kael'thas Patch)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Highlander Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 18900
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/15/2019 (Doom in the Tomb)
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There are a lot of changes you could make to this deck depending on types of match ups you run into, experiment and see what works for you.  I will be updating this list whenever I make changes.

Updated for Raza's Unnerf. 

     The focus of this deck is to either out value, maintain control, or dish out heavy burst damage depending on your match ups.  This is the most updated Reno Priest decklist I have been working on and climbing with in ranked ladder, the introduction of Raza the Chained unnerf completely shakes up the power level of this deck.  The core cards that make up this list are Shadowreaper Anduin, Raza the Chained, Zephrys the Great, Kazakus, Reno Jackson, Spawn of Shadows,N'Zoth, the Corruptor, and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza.

The Cards

  • Forbidden Words - Flexible removal, originally had Shadow Word: Death however I find the flexibility and utility against aggro more important as aggressive decks are among the most popular at the moment.  
  • Potion of Madness - Just a strong anti aggro early game option against a wide variety of decks.   
  • Northshire Cleric - This card is one of your few early game options, it can serve as a strong early body against aggro, draw in the late game, or you can utilize its cheap cost to use as burst with Spawn of Shadows.  
  • Bloodmage Thalnos - The primary purpose of this card is to cycle the deck and be combined with Spirit Lash for a cheap AOE and cycle with potential for some burst healing.  It can also be discounted with Emperor Thaurissan for extra damage from Spawn of Shadows.  Keeping this card in the mulligan is fine but generally it would depend on the match up. 
  • Cut~ Dirty Rat - This is your anti combo and disruption card, this card is very important in value and combo match ups.  Dropping a well timed rat could easily determine the outcome of some games.  It can also be discounted with Emperor Thaurissan for extra damage from Spawn of Shadows. Dirty Rat has been unplayable especially due to quest mage for the last few months and I don't think he's a viable tech choice at the moment. 
  • New~ Dead Ringer - Since Raza the Chained was reverted, I've been wanting more cycle in this deck to compete with other Reno Priests and it was between this card and Novice Engineer to fill my two cost slot, both are viable however, I chose Dead Ringer as I like having a tutor for my strong defensive deathrattles.  Also has synergy with Zilliax
  • Penance - Originally had Greater Healing Potion in it's place, but I found that having a more proactive heal at a cheaper price was better, It can be discounted with Emperor Thaurissan for extra damage from Spawn of Shadows.
  • Seance - I chose to run Seance over Zola the Gorgon due to it's cheaper cost as that allows it to synergize with N'Zoth, the Corruptor when it becomes discounted from Emperor Thaurissan.  Dropping a 9 cost N'Zoth, the Corruptor into a 1 cost Seance can be a solid defensive or even offensive play as having two N'Zoths can easily turn the tide for most games.  Combining this with Reno Jackson, Zephrys the Great and even Kazakus are also very solid plays.  It can also be discounted with Emperor Thaurissan for extra damage from Spawn of Shadows. Cut due to the prevalence of aggressive decks in this meta.  Still viable and worth considering. 
  • Shadow Visions - This is a very strong and flexible card that allows you to find more AOE, healing, or maybe even another Seance depending on what you need for the match.  It can also be discounted with Emperor Thaurissan for extra damage from Spawn of Shadows.
  • Spirit Lash - This is your cheap AOE/Heal that synergizes well with Bloodmage Thalnos.  This card is strong against token decks/odd paladin and overall fits well in the deck.  Sometimes it's just good to use it as a burst heal if you're in a pinch, and due to it's cheap cost you can discount it with Emperor Thaurissan for extra damage from Spawn of Shadows
  • Zephrys the Great - Arguably one of the strongest highlander cards, he is extremely flexible and is absolutely core to this deck, if you need strong AOE, stall, Tirion Fordring, or just any card for the situation, he will always have your back.  He can also be discounted with Emperor Thaurissan for extra damage from Spawn of Shadows.
  • New~ Acolyte of Pain - Added for more cycle in the deck since Raza the Chained was unnerfed.
  • New~ Breath of the Infinite - Strong cheap anti aggression tool in the early game, especially good against pirates, I cut Lightbomb for it's inclusion because I've found that Lightbomb is generally just too weak in this meta. 
  • Deathlord - Very flexible taunt, with the lack of big priest around he is very strong to run against aggro and potentially as a combo disruption tool.  Getting him back from N'Zoth, the Corruptor as a big taunt body is also a plus.  
  • Mindflayer Kaahrj - Testing this card out for fun.  However I am impressed with how well it does against both aggro and slower decks, I'm not sure if it will stay in the list permanently, but so far I am enjoying it's inclusion.  After three months of running this card I can confirm he's a viable card against a wide variety of archetypes. 
  • Shadow Word: Death - Not much to point out other then it's just a strong and cost effective hard removal for big dudes. Replaced with Forbidden Words for flexibility against aggro. 
  • Eater of Secrets - Tech card for Burn Mages, also is helpful against Reno Mages and Hunters.  Can be replaced.  Replaced by Potion of Madness for better anti aggro against a wider variety of decks. 
  • Greater Healing Potion - Overall solid healing option, arguably not needed for this list but I find that I always need that extra bit of burst healing to stay out of range of Fireball or Leeroy Jenkins.  It's more of a plan B if Reno Jackson is late to the party.  Cut for Penance
  • Kazakus - While he can screw you over sometimes with the quality of his potions, he can be very flexible and provide you with very strong options, whether you need some AOE, draw, a board presence or a cheap spell to combo with Spawn of Shadows he (Usually) has your back. 
  • Mass Dispel - This card is game winning against highrolls from mech paladin and overall is just strong in this deck as it cycles and does something generally positive against a wide variety of decks. 
  • New ~ Shadow Word: Ruin - Remarkable card that answers huge wide boards while only being one more mana than the old Shadow Word: Death.  This card is an answer to darkest hour and any mana cheating deck that goes tall and wide early.  
  • Spawn of Shadows - This card combined with Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin allows you to unleash high amounts of burst damage and allows for an alternate win condition if N'Zoth, the Corruptor just doesn't quite cut it.  This card is core for this list and one of my favorite things about it being a 4 mana 5-4 is that unlike cards like Prophet Velen, it isn't quite a dead card in the sense that you can just drop it if you don't need it.  Dropping it as a 4 mana 5-4 is perfectly fine against aggro and can also be a solid play as opposed to doing nothing. 
  • Convincing Infiltrator - One of the strongest deathrattle minions currently in the deck, overall just serves as a good board control tool and works well with N'Zoth, the Corruptor
  • Loatheb - Debatable tech choice, however I'm choosing to run it for the mirrior, Druids, Mechathun lock, and quest mage.  Is not necessary and is generally poor against aggro, however I believe it does a good job at stalling a turn for your combo.  I plan on eventually cutting it but it's doing well in the current meta post Raza unnerf.
  • Mass Hysteria Strong AOE overall.  While it is conditional, it does a fine job at dealing with wide boards. 
  • Raza the Chained - After his nerf he is still very powerful, he is core in this list and is used for his synergy with Shadowreaper Anduin and Spawn of Shadows. HIS CHAINS HAVE BEEN BROKEN
  • Sludge Belcher - Just a solid taunt to bring back with N'Zoth, is a good anti aggro tool in the mid game and helps you stay alive long enough to bring him back with N'Zoth, the Corruptor
  • Zilliax - Not much to say about him besides that he is just a very strong anti aggro tool that helps you stay alive. 
  • Dragonfire Potion - I'd argue this is one of the strongest AOEs to use against aggressive decks, playing this on curve usually leads to an empty board, I originally ran Excavated Evil over this but I find that the extra 2 damage really makes a difference. 
  • Cut~ Emperor Thaurissan - Core card used to discount Seance + N'Zoth, the Corruptor and to set up a Spawn of Shadows OTK, overall very important for this deck. Since Raza the Chained was reverted, Emperor Thaurissan is now no longer necessary to deal 26-32 damage so I decided to cut him, however still viable. 
  • Khartut Defender - This card helps you stay alive in the mid game and comes back twice from N'Zoth, overall one of my favorite cards that was added from the new set. 
  • Cut~ [card]Lightbomb[/card] - This card can very in power level depending on your matchup, it can end up being your strongest AOE or weakest depending on what the opponent is playing, overall I find this one strong enough to include. Cut for breath of the infinite for more anti aggression tools
  • Reno Jackson - One of the stronger Highlander cards in this deck, this card is important for staying alive against aggressive decks and combos well with Seance.  Definitely a core card that this deck heavily leans on to stay competitive. 
  • Cut~ Archbishop Benedictus - This card is not necessary for the deck however I chose to run it for matchups that go into fatigue and as a tech choice for togwaggle priest. I personally haven't seen much togwaggle and I haven't found a need for a fatigue game plan, so I decided to cut him. 
  • Skulking Geist - Tech card for Jade Druid and Snip Snap Warlocks, this card stops Snip snap mechathun combos and stops jade druid in their tracks.  Overall I find this card necessary as I frequently see these two decks.  Cut due to snip snaps nerfs and low amounts of jade druid in this current meta.
  • Psychic Scream - Arguably the strongest AOE for priest, however without Archbishop Benedictus, it might be good to hold off on playing it against slower decks where fatigue may become an issue.  This card is necessary to survive against most mech decks, including mech handbuff Paladin and snip snap Warlock. 
  • Jepetto Joybuzz - Provides draw and insane discounts, this card can be a big highroll if you get Spawn of Shadows to 1, generally every card in the deck doesn't care about being turned into a 1-1, so his effect is almost always a plus.  Replaced with Dragonqueen Alexstrasza Is still great even alongside Alex.
  • Shadowreaper Anduin - Strong AOE removal on his hero power while also providing you with the hero power needed to finish off games, he is a core card that allows the setup of Raza the Chained and Spawn of Shadows and completely defines this deck. 
  • Dragonqueen Alexstrasza - Very strong card for dumping stats, against slower lists I like saving the 0 mana tokens to combo with spawn of shadows.  This card offers both strong tempo swings and burst damage when played correctly and can be skill testing when you decide whether or not to hold onto your dragons.  
  • Plague of Death - Just a strong unconditional removal that can easily deal with your opponents boards that are flooded from things like N'Zoth, the Corruptor and Bloodreaver Gul'dan.
  • N'Zoth, the Corruptor - This is one of the cards that the deck is built around, utilizing him is going to be a very strong offensive play that can turn the tides of most games, combining him with Seance after being discounted from Emperor Thaurissan can easily be game winning.  

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know down in the comments.