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Highlander Immortal Prelate

  • Last updated Sep 5, 2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Highlander Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 13900
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/28/2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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This fun "meme" deck absolutely crushes control decks and can also does well against aggro. It plays similar to a Holy Wrath OTK deck except that it also does well against Warrior with above 50 armor and also can fend off pressure from aggro decks because of the inclusion of Sir Finley of the Sands. This deck also has a plan B if Immortal Prelate gets silenced with Recurring Villain and Da Undatakah


The basic idea of this deck is to survive until the super late game in order to buff Immortal Prelate using Sound the Bells!Blessing of KingsPharaoh's Blessing, and Lightforged BlessingDa Undatakah is also included with its combo with Recurring Villain so that whenever Da Undatakah dies, it is always summoned again and a copy is also shuffled back into your deck. Faceless Manipulator is a great tool to possibly double the value on either Immortal Prelate or Da Undatakah. Finally, this deck is also a highlander deck, meaning Sir Finley of the Sands is a great option for surviving aggro decks by discovering tank up or upgraded heal. 

General Mulligan Guide

The absolute MUST HAVE cards to have in your opening hand are Sir Finley of the Sands and Zephrys the GreatSir Finley of the Sands is especially useful because it is the main reason why this deck can survive against aggro. The only other card worth keeping in your hand is Crystology. All other cards should be replaced, as the three previous cards are incredibly important to have in the early game. 

Sir Finley Hero Power Options:

Generally I have found that the upgraded Warrior hero power is the best option, while Priest, Mage, and Druid are also great. The upgraded Paladin hero power can be good against control decks, but you will likely struggle against aggro decks that get on board early. The upgraded Warlock hero power is again, great against control (drawing too many cards is not a problem since you shuffle cards back into your deck), but against aggro it loses tempo very quickly. The upgraded Rogue hero power can be good if you have a lot of heal already in your hand. Finally, the upgraded Shaman and Hunter hero powers are garbage, never pick them!

  1. Warrior
  2. Mage/Priest/Druid
  3. Paladin/Warlock (Situational)
  4. Rogue
  5. Shaman/Hunter

Druid: 2-7 (22% Winrate)

Unfortunately, Quest Druid is this deck's worst nightmare. Quest Druid has too many ways to flood the board and constantly put pressure, and although this deck has many board clears, it is tough to stick Immortal Prelate and buff it on any given turn. Eventually, you will run out of board clears and they will kill you. Not much else to say, if you see a lot of Quest Druid, I recommend not playing this deck for now. The two times I won were against Token Druid, which should be an easy matchup because of all our board clears and heal. 

Hunter: 7-5 (58% Winrate)

Hunter should be an overall favored matchup because they don't run any silence effects to counter our Immortal Prelate. However, if they land an ideal curve with Secret Keepet into a secret into coin Hyena Alpha, then they can quickly kill you before you have a chance to stabilize. I've noticed that playing Zephrys early on is the best way to go in this matchup, since maintaining some kind of board presence is essential against them. Shirvallah the Tiger is incredibly important in this matchup, as is getting upgraded armor or heal hero power from Sir Finley of the Sands. Always save a board clear (Equality or Shrink Ray) for after they play Zul'jin. Finally, always be wary of Freezing Trap if you have the choice of attacking with Immortal Prelate

Mage: 2-0 (100% Winrate)

I haven't encountered much mage after the Luna's Pocket Galaxy nerf but I played against one Aggro Secret Mage and one Reno Mage, and both were incredibly easy games. However, it is an incredibly small sample size, so take the numbers with a grain of salt. Against Reno Mage, I think this deck should be favored if they don't run Polymorph. Usually they don't put out too much pressure early in the game, and only build a huge board with some Stargazer Luna shenanigans which can easily be countered with Equality or Shrink Ray. Secret Mage should be an easy matchup with all the healing in your deck. 

Paladin: 2-4 (33% Winrate)

Against Murloc Paladin, this deck can fend off the early game with Zephrys the Great and Sir Finley of the Sands, but to really have a shot at beating the deck you need to have a hard board clear when they play their discounted Tip the Scales. I've found that if they aren't putting enough pressure with their early game murlocs, it's better to save Zephrys the Great for a board clear later on in the game rather than use him to discover a Hungry Crab. Against Quest Paladin, you will usually be on the backfoot trying to constantly clear their reborn minions. However, they can't do a lot of burst damage and they usually have no hard removal, so Immortal Prelate will usually stick on board. I had one game where they ran Subdue so I auto-lost, but not every Quest Paladin runs it. Also keep Zephrys for Mass Dispel if they have a board full of eggs. Finally, this deck is terrible against the Shirvallah OTK deck unless you pull the upgraded warrior hero power from Sir Finley of the Sands. In that case, armor up every turn and keep your total health above 50. 

Priest: 5-1 (83%)

Against Priest, I like to keep SubdueAldor Peacekeeper, and possibly even Equality to counter any early game buffed minions. Zephrys the Great is also great here in order to get silence cards. If they ever do go all in on one minion and you have an answer, they game is usually over. Against Resurrect Priest, this deck auto losses because they run Plague of Death

Rogue: 4-1 (80%)

Against Tempo Rogue, it is absolutely essential that you pick either the upgraded Warrior or Priest heropower if you draw Sir Finley of the Sands. They will have trouble dealing with all your health, and healing combos like Wild PyromancerLightforged Blessing or ZilliaxCrystalsmith Kangor can swing the game. Don't be afraid to play Immortal Prelate prematurely because you aren't playing for the combo in this matchup, you are just trying to survive. Against Quest Rogue, the matchup is a bit more difficult because they will have more resources, and you will have to depend on your Immortal Prelate win condition, which will likely get sapped. 

Shaman: 5-5 (50% Winrate)

Like Druid, Shaman is an incredibly tough matchup because they usually run Earthshock or Hex, and if they don't run it they usually discover it through Ethereal LackeyEVIL Totem is also incredibly strong, and we don't really have a good counter for it. The only thing going for us is that Shamans usually try and burst their opponent, and we have many healing tools to swing the game if they try and get too aggro. The times I have won against Shaman were when they burst me down to very low health and I used Shirvallah, the Tiger or Wild PyromancerLightforged Blessing combos to heal me back up, and they simply ran out of resources. Against Murloc Shaman, consider keeping Wild Pyromancer and Consecration in your opening hand. 


More matchups coming soon!