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Da Undatakah Mech Revive Hand Control Shaman

  • Last updated Aug 26, 2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Shudderwock Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 14180
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/26/2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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I know what you think, you looked at the title, you looked at the deck list, and you're sitting there wondering what the frick is this garbage.

I'm here to enligthen you and help you understand this meta warping awesome deck with which I'm currently climbing the ladder at a rapid pace thanks to the insane win rate I'm having (around 50% at rank 4).

The goal of this deck is to spawn and respawn big boards and win the game hitting your opponents face with those big minions.

I'm a big fan of control type decks since I've started playing (a few months back) but something always bugged me about Control Shaman. First off, losing to Control Warrior. Secondly not really building up to a win condition. With standard control Shaman decks you're just sitting there clearing doing nothing. Giggling Inventor ? Nice card to stall but what's happening after that ? Nothing.

This deck tries to win the game. Not run your opponent out of cards and play Elysiana and win because your opponent fell asleep.

Essential cards

Da Undatakah, Mechanical Whelps x2, Ancestral Spirit x2, Big bad voodoo x2, Shudderwock
You play a Whelp. You play Ancestral Spirit on the Whelp. It dies spawning a 7/7 and coming back as a 2/2 which will then respawn a 7/7. Big bad voodoo works the same way.
Your deathrattle pool then has at least 3 Mechanical Whelps so 21/21 in stats for "Da Undatakah"'s deathrattle. Shudderwok then copies that battlecry and becomes your second Undatakah full of 21/21 stats and possibly any other goodie battlecries you were able to fit into him.

Other cards that work well (with the core cards)

Zilliax : You're playing Hearthstone so you want Zilliax in your deck. Also you have mechs, big ones, which means big heals.

Walking fountain : You're playing a controlly lategame style of deck as a Shaman so you want Walking fountain in your deck. Combining walking foutain with Ancestral Spirit can net you a big swing in health and board clear. You might be low on health turn 8 (just sayin)

Hagatha's Scheme : It's nice to board clear, however it's pretty sad to kill your own trusting minions on the way. With this deck tho you might respawn big large dudes from doing so.

Countess Ashmore : It draws all the good cards from your deck so why not ? You get at least one Whelp, you get at least one fountain, or both, and you can get Zilliax too. It ensures your turn 8 bring you back to safe HP levels.

Zentimo : I never see Zentimo played but I've always thought he's awesome. Specially when a lot of your spells are single target spells. After playing a bunch of stuff you can cast "Mass Revive" on them thanks to Zentimo.

Electra : Sometimes, you have Zentimo on board and you find Electra, then hell ensues for your opponent because Electra's double cast is then copies by Zentimo. So you can have for example 3 minions with double big bad voodoo on them.

The rest of the deck

It's really up to you to find out what you like for the rest of the deck however I've tried a couple of things around the core

Zap!: Sometimes you need to kill stuff early, also sometimes your opponent has silences (which completely wreck this deck btw) and you know your Whelps aren't gonna revive into big drakes, so you just kill the Whelp yourself. For example, Big Bad Voodoo + Ancestral Spirit + Zap is already a 2/2 Whelp + a 7/7 + a random 7 drop on board.

Hecklebot: I freakin love this card. It seems EVERYONE is running minions that are only strong when played from hand (Battlecries). I think I've never lost a game to Hecklebot's pull. But I've pulled Zephrys or Maligos (From a druid obviously) or Shirvallah. Every single  time the opponent just leaves the game haha. Also it's a solid turn 4 mech that has a big pool of HP and can be "Zilliax"d upon afterwords.

Twilight Drake, Banana Buffoon, Mountain Giant: Why not ? Also banana's are single target spells for Zentimo

Hagatha: She doesn't really synergize with the deck but Hagatha is best girl and I want to prove all them quest players that Hagatha is just beast compared to their little button.



You can honestly take the core and probably completely switch up the rest of what I put in there to make the idea more viable. I've tried some other cards too

Zephrys : Had Zephrys in my original list (which was just a thought experiment that started with "How do I beat Warriors ? Answer: They have a heard time dealing with Deathrattle filled boards because of the nature of their removals. Also Mechs because f¨ck Dynomatic).
The idea was in control v control you end up with a singleton deck, you get Tyrion. Tyrion is good. Tyrion is a deathrattle. You add the deathrattle to your pool. You get a total of 3 Ashbringers.

Body Wrapper : To anyone who hasn't tried this card, please do. It's really strong in drawn out games. Minions from your deck are usually high quality stuff. Imagine shuffling two more Fountains or Zephrys or any other good card you've played into your deck. Also in total with Shudder it's 4 shuffles which is nearly half an Elysiana (with much higher card quality on average imo).

Mogu Fleshshaper:  Although at first I thought this would be a good idea, as you always struggle against aggro/token types of decks with this list, it ended up being pretty meh at best. I just hate drawing mogu's out of my Ashmore, so I cut them.

Why this wins against Control Warrior:  Simply put most of their removal tools don't work well against Deathrattles. What good is an omega devastator against a single Whelp. It kills the 2/2 with the battlecry, but then loses to the 7/7. The idea stays the same. If you have a board with 3 7/7, warrior can just brawl. But if you have 2 7/7s with a 2/2 which spawns a 7/7 even if you lose the brawl you're getting a minion back on board. If you continue doing so again and again, they run out of removals, and you can win. That's why I cut Elysiana from this list because even at fatigue I was beating the warriors by playing Da Undatakah and Shudder at the last stages of the game and they just couldn't keep up. Yes I hated losing to Warrior so much that I actually crafted a list just to beat them. This list isn't the same one but it has evolved from the core which still works pretty good vs Warriors

This is already a wall of text but if someone has read it all, I thank you for your patience
I'm pretty sure this can be improved into at least a high tier 4 deck
Have fun ;)