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Zephyr Recycling Priest Deck

  • Last updated Nov 15, 2019 (Shaman Nerfs)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Quest Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 13180
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/18/2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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 I made a second version with more taunts, rez mechanics, more over all healing. But it costs 2-3 k dust more then this one and has less boardclear potential.


 MY NEW STREAM CHANNEL :   twitch.tv/savior60439

Hello there this is the guide I promised you. This deck rolls around Zephrys so lets start with the Recycling options for Zephyr.  

1.Recycling Combos>
Zephrys the Great + Seance 4 mana
Zephrys the Great + Baleful Banker  4 mana
Zephrys the Great + Youthful Brewmaster 4 mana
Zephrys the Great + Barista Lynchen 7 mana
Zephrys the Great + Holy Water 7 mana
Zephrys the Great + Baleful Banker OR Youthful Brewmaster + Barista Lynchen 

2.In this section we will go trough every card in deck and talk about best uses:

1.Circle of Healing- This card is best used with Northshire Cleric and Wild Pyromancer to draw cards and get few points for quest.Its second use is as an 4 dmg to all AoE Boardclear with Auchenai Phantasm

2.Forbidden Words - Dont you guys like removals ?

3.Activate the Obelisk - Once upon a time legends tell someone activated that. Always buff your Zephrys the Great,Baleful Banker,Youthful Brewmaster and keep them alive at all cost so Barista Lynchen can have more Value

4 Cloning Device - Check out what your enemy is playing. Pick something that will help you survive or copy Zephrys or just keep for mana manipulation so Zephrys can give you the card you want.It is far more tricky then it seems.

5.Northsire Cleric - They see me drawing they hattiinnnnn....- sometimes it is good to play her when you go first against classes that spam lackeys so you get 2-3 cards early b4 she kicks the bucket and you can use Circle of Healing with Auchenai Phantasm

6.Auchenai Phantasm - Circle of Healing + heropower 4 dmg board 2-3 face. Attention: Do not try to use your upgraded hero power on a enemy minion with 3 hp. It wont kill him. Lost me a game. Felt bad.

7.Baleful Banker- Use him on Zephrys the Great . In my opinion IF you get to lategame it is better to use him on Barista Lynchen. Make sure to keep your Battlecry minions alive then with your quest hero power.

8.Bloodmage Thalnos - Draw + bonus dmg for Circle of Healing and Holy Ripple.

9.Divine Hymn - yay healing

10.Doomsayer - helps survivng the early game . The reason for not running any rez mechanics and to be honest im sick of Rez priest. Lategame use : Play him , something that will get you to 5 mana then play Zephrys the Great and choose Frost Nova and profit.

11.Holy Ripple - Dmg heal quest points

12.Seance - Use on Zephrys the Great or Copy anything you may missing from the barista sequence or enemy minion for example shudderwock etc.

13.Wild Pyromancer - Boardclear and draw support card.

14.Youthful Brewmaster - He is happy someone actually put him in a deck. Battlecry minion barista likes him a lot. Fart with seance on him if situation requires it.

15.Zephrys the Great - THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND.  CAUTION: May cause PTSD for your opponent after you play him 5 times in a game. Print out all basic and classic cards and have them next to you when you pilot this deck or have a deck builder open to look on second monitor. Start thinking ahead so his suggestions actually save your 3 letters. Doesnt like to get killed without copying him.

16.Madame Lazul - Treat yourself buddy. Take that shudderwock, take lunas pocket galaxy, Take that doctor Boom hero card and stick them.......... somewhere Safe :3 for example in your hand. Sexist I report you.Mordekaiser numero uno. huehuehuehuehue

17.Shadow Word: Death - Keep in hand w8 for that god forsaken turn 4 mountain giant. And by the way dont you guys like removals ?

18.Archmage Vargoth - In early stages of game can keep you alive with double heals or double dmgs, completes the quest faster. IF you happen to have him in hand together with Power Word: Replicate you can make for 9 mana 4 bodys with boardstat 17/21. A shame Blizz hall of famed mindblast would be a nice win condition.

19.Hench-Clan Shadequill - Solid 4 drop gives some board control. His heal counts for your quest. Suprise 5 dmg with Auchenai Phantasm.

20.Mass Dispel - the reason quest palas hate you. Especially when your Zephrys give like 2 more of them. Just silence those god forsaken eggs and you gonna be fine. Draws a crad.

21.SandbinderZephrys the Great and Baleful Banker best friend. Barista Lynchen gives them always drinks on the house.

22. Barista Lynchen- Zephrys the Great right hand WAAAHHHHMEEENNN yes you heard me right WAHMEN.Respect WAHMEN. She is the CEO of 'Wanna cry? inc.' her subordinates: Baleful Banker,Youthful Brewmaster, Sandbinder

23.Convincing Infiltrator- Helps you not getting killed.

24.Holy Water - Icebucket challenge Zephrys the Great. But it would be a God damned tragedy if someone spilled that over shudderwock. Like I said treat yourself buddy.

25.Mass Hysteria - I mean I get mass hysteria everytime I play this card and RNGesus doesnt favor my 3 letters.Legends tell Blizzards boardclear designer was drunk as he made that one.

26.Power Word: Replicate - Archmage Vargoth likes that card very much. Can be also used on Zephrys the Great and then Barista Lynchen to get 2 of our legends into hand.

27.Sandhoof Waterbearer - I need healing.

28.Khartut Defender - Oh look taunt and healing.

29.Plague of Death - Looks like Blizzards boardclear designer sober up. Good for him. Remember kids : The use of Alcohol creates only problems. 30.Grave Horror - good taunt, sometimes Seance worthy.

3. General gameplan:
Step 1: Pray to RNGesus

Step 2: Pray not to getting matched with hunter.

Step 3: Go to Hearthpwn main page and remember every deck with highest winrates so you can counter it with zephrys.

Step 4: Activate your brain

Step 5: Pray for good mully

Step 6: Keep Zephrys + 1 Recycling card and 1 board clear and 1 removal in your hand + some healing

Step 7: Pretend to be other priest deck in turns 1-4 just heal your face.

Step 8: In turns 5-9 try to keep the board clean and heal you up.

Step 9; Start to copy Zephrys like a madlad.

Step 10: Start to counting mana and play 2 turns ahead so our big daddy zephyr gives you stuff you need.

Step 11: Oh you here ? At step 11 ? It means you are 20 min into the game and here you got 3 options : 1-Drag out the game for another 10 min until your opponent leaves the game. Realize that you just wasted 30 min of your life. Relaize you could get 3 wins in those 30 min playing aggro like a pleb. Option 2: Make descisions to win and close the game asap. But.... Why? Option 3: Missplay so hard you loose the game :D

Step 12: Rethink your life decisions. Step 13: Dont forget to eat and drink something today.



Warrior: good chances to win, get something to eat and drink gonna be 20-30min going into fatigue lol

SHAMAN: good chances to win pssst..... buddy.... you running shudderwock ? :D against aggro murloc plebs keep your boardclear handy.

Rogue: moderate chances to win. Clear Lackeys asap. Should look good when you survive to turn 7 and get zephrys early.

Paladin:good chances to win. Dont forget to make him mad with 3 to 4 Mass Dispells. dont kill his silenced eggs.Boardspace matters.

Warlock: moderate chances to win. Fun to play against warlock if he is control. Aggro plebs get out of my game please. 

Mages: moderate chances to win. W8 for nerfs. Mages can burst you down at turn 8-9 and later so try to keep your hp above 20

Hunter: Be happy when you stay alive to turn 5 :D

Priest: Huh would be a God damned tragedy if you play a 1-2 cost card first then play Zephyr and choose Cabal Shadow Priest to steal High Priest Amet. IF you know what I mean. Usually fun games against priest


WINCONDTION?   Zephrys the Great     who would thought  of that ? :D

And remember even a small zephyr can be mighty depending on how is he used.

I recommend to watch Kripps Video on Zephyr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwIw5WyJHH8    Let the Vegan explain you :)

You can add me  Savior#2526 if you want to play few rounds of HS  or just got some questions, sugestions etc. I wish you all good time and fun with the deck.