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Best Quest Shaman [71% WR - Rank 5+]

  • Last updated Aug 14, 2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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  • 29 Minions
  • 1 Spell
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Quest Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 10360
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/14/2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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I crafted the Quest on day one and have been experimenting since with all types of shenanigans and this has surprisingly been the best performer so far in this meta.

with inspiration from: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1299958-aggro-quest-shaman#c4 thanks: Dezept

No spells (except Quest) Shaman.... wait no spells? why?

The reasoning behind having no spells is so you have more minions for early game plays and tempo as this meta can be rather aggressive, you can discover spells from Ethereal Lackey, the Horror(s) from Swampqueen Hagatha and Vulpera Scoundrel in which can help you in that particular match up.


Cards and brief uses:

1 Corrupt the Waters - Self explanatory

2 Sludge Slurper- Self explanatory

2 EVIL Totem - Coining this out on turn 1 can be game winning if they cannot deal with this

2 EVIL Cable Rat - Self explanatory

2 Sandstorm Elemental - Really good versus tempo, solid card especially with double Battlecry

2 Novice Engineer - Additional draw, because the deck lacks draw after the quest is completed (questing explorer becomes a brick)

2 Questing Explorer - Always keep this in the mulligan

2 Vulpera Scoundrel - Amazing card for discovering spells, because this deck runs no spells this card is a MUST

2 Mind Control Tech - Amazing versus aggro and amazing versus Zul'Jin, Mass Resurrection and other mass boards, this card has won me quite a few games just by playing it with double battlecry when they have 5 minions on board, ruthless card.

2 Weaponized Wasp - Really good for burst damage face or to remove a minion

1 Spellbreaker - A battlecry and good for shutting down early buffs/reborns or for late game if you're expecting a big magnetic minion.

2 Lifedrinker - Sustain, especially with the double battle cry, combos with Shudderwock and helps you if you are going for the face heavy gameplan.

1 Barista Lynchen - Good card to copy battlecries you wish to play again and good on curve if you already have decent battlecry minion(s) on board.

1 Zilliax - Extra survival in the early/mid stages of the game

1 Swampqueen Hagatha - Really good in control match ups, especially if you double up on this, you can also double up on the spells from the Horrors created but be aware if any of the spells have overload you will be double overloaded

2 Mogu Fleshshaper - Amazing tempo play, especially versus aggro, can swing the board pretty early with the likes of Witchy Lackey for the evolve, running Mutate is not worth the high roll for this card, you can always discover Mutate however if you plan to play Mogu in the up and coming turn(s).

2 Walking Fountain - Amazing card, usually wins you the game versus aggro as you can usually survive to turn 8 with the likes of Lifedrinker, Zilliax and the battlecries minions you generate, mech/bomb hunter absolutely hates this card. 

1 Shudderwock - can be used as a finisher, to try and swing the game or to save you from lethal, not always needed but definitely a must have in the deck.


If going second against a class that doesn't typically run anything that can clear a 2 HP minion on 2 then coining out EVIL Totem can be game winning, it can be a gamble to play it if they played a 1/1 - 1/2 on turn 1 but depending on the class this is definitely the play. Titanic lackey and it's still alive on 2 then you are going to finish your quest quite quickly and have a lot of lackey resources to make use of.

Questing Explorer Really good card in the mulligan, solid stats and the battlecry only works while your quest is active which also procs a stack on it, two is even better.... definitive keep(s).

Vulpera Scoundrel not a bad stat line for what it does, really good against Murloc Paladin to find answers to their Tip the Scales and other aggro match ups that swarm minions, this I tend to keep, as you have a second copy and incredible battlecry value.

Sandstorm Elemental I keep when i suspect I am up against a Token Druid (haven't come across many if any).

Spellbreaker this is sometimes hard to make a decision on, this card is great against Quest Paladin, Combo Priests or even Rogues (for Van Cleef) early on but when you are going to be playing a card on turn 1 (Quest) in majority of the cases it's best to stick with smaller battlecries to get the quest finished.

Majority of the early battlecries are perfectly fine, but the optimal plays are above, in some match ups Mind Control Tech isn't too bad, at worst it is a 3/3 for 3, it triggers a proc in your quest and you always have a second copy for safe keeping, but if you are in a more faster match up then you want to try and Mulligan accordingly.

Match Ups:

Mage - You want to go face as much as you can because once Lunas goes off you may have a hard time keeping up on board, but make sure to make smart trades and watch out for Flame Ward - Definitely the hardest match up IMO (Lunas is nuts or yeah did i mention Conjurers Calling?) - Discovering big spells for their boards can be great, avoid hitting face if you have lethal in hand as i've learned the hard way, this match up is by far the most difficult and the best game plan is SMORC because majority of these guys just Alex for 1 mana and destroy your life.

Hunter - Just play the value game, clear their beasts (if beast hunter), you will eventually outvalue the hunter, double battlecry Mind Control Tech if they Zul'jin, Walking Fountain to stabilize etc, likewise with Mech/Bomb Hunter just try and tempo out as much as you can and trade, Spellbreaker can also be useful in this match up.

Zoolock - Can be hit and miss depending how well you draw and vice versa, Sandstorm Elemental can be clutch, but you want as much tempo as possible, Mogu Fleshshaper can be good in this match up.

Quest Warlock - Usually pretty easy match up, you have a rather decent board by turn 4 in which they will usually Hell Fire, i typically just go face with lackeys, wasp and Lifedrinker and make decent trades with their taunts to keep pressuring them.

Quest Paladin - Pretty easy match up if you can curve out well and get enough tempo out early, easier said than done though, trade well, keep trading until they have no cards left, Spellbreaker is an amazing card post-paladin quest for those eggs and mechs, just discover some decent clear and always clear the deathrattles/reborns so the value from the hero power isn't as great. be weary of Kangor's Endless Army, save a clear for this or even discover Plague of Murlocs against their eggs to avoid them being revived, Mind Control Tech is a staple in this match up to get some decent steals so you have less pressure and have free big bois to trade with.

Warrior - Control: This can be hit or miss depending on draw, but you want to be aggressive as possible from the start, if your 2nd in taking turns coining EVIL Totem will win you this match up if they cannot clear it early enough - you usually have a decent amount of value to keep pressuring them out of answers.

Tempo: same game plan really, you want to trade as much as possible to reduce the risk of them duplicating their damaged minions and eventually they run out of cards/answers.

Bomb: Given they aren't running Elysiana this can be quite an easy match up if you want to play the long game, given they dont get too much value from Blastmaster Boom. You have alot of healing to heal up bomb damage, you can also discover witchs brew for additional healing, you can use your battlecries and/or shudderwock to mill yourself so you don't draw bombs, they usually run out of answers before they finish their deck however.

Priest: Quest: Pretty easy match up if they don't snowball, trade everything, go face if you can, you can usually outvalue, discovering silences/hex and clear can be helpful, if they run the aggro lightwarden variant and they play lightwarden on 1 you will need to scramble for discovers or clutch lackeys, these games typically go to fatigue as when they complete their quest you want to trade EVERYTHING they put down.

Res: Another easy match up, in this match up you want to pressure early, keep board pressure, discover Hex Plague of Murlocs or if you can pick it up early enough Hagatha's SchemeSwampqueen Hagatha can make a Horror with Earthquake, doubling that does 14 Damage + 2x the other spell you chose. you really want to mess with their Res pool.

Druid: Quest: Game plan is to clear everything until they run out of cards, make sure you clear everything as they have quite a bit of buffing tools, discover earthquakes, hexes, plague of murlocs (although bad if they use their buff choose one cards but pick as a last resort), this match up relies heavily on tempo early, keeping tempo and discovering the AOE needed.

Token: haven't come across a Token Druid yet to really have a guide, but i image Sandstorm Elemental being a staple early.

Mirror Match up: I feel like most other Shaman decks i've come across are strictly face to try and get the early win, this is where Zilliax, Lifedrinker and Walking Fountain canget you out of sticky situations from your opponents Shudderwock and potentially lethal for you to set up your own.

Most Importantly know what cards are played in which particular decks, this helps with decision making on the board and also with your discover cards; know what AOE's or removal each deck has so you can play around it or play better to it; big example, Murloc Paladin, the win condition is simply survive until you discover an AoE, with the amount of tempo this deck can produce early should see you through until you get Walking Fountain which in itself is a win condition against majority of the aggro decks and isn't hard to get to with the support of Zilliax Lifedrinker and all the value you have produce with battlecries and lackeys.

Stats and Recordings

Ranked 22 ----> Ranked 7 -- Ranked 4

Game 1 (priest) - https://hsreplay.net/replay/vQRrrst7hwCWFpkC3WK3oc

Game 2 (mage) - https://hsreplay.net/replay/QxbGwerx2mgto5omWZsPHR

Game 3 (paladin) - https://hsreplay.net/replay/9xzeKHyky6ftsNyWyMNC44

Game 4 (hunter) - https://hsreplay.net/replay/EkU85Z9WfKApdECWBZ8NXU

Game 5 (quest warlock) - https://hsreplay.net/replay/trasD2h6msa53kUTf3kABL

Game 6 (quest druid) - https://hsreplay.net/replay/vqxzNHepeb6NF2rUy87dVE

Game 7 (quest warrior) - https://hsreplay.net/replay/hFnQE5CLeDmyUqQP4oTKPo

Game 8 (mech/bomb hunter) - https://hsreplay.net/replay/RTLcmCvnvLtmbkyNCkSnAV

 HS Deck Tracker Stats: https://imgur.com/a/BRV9xHQ Where have all the warriors gone?


Gameplay Video Guide, although not entirely the same deck this video will help you understand the strategies around this deck, thanks to Elementalcore100 for this.