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Top #20 Legend Combo Priest [Budget] *Full Guid...

  • Last updated Aug 24, 2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Combo Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 3840
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/12/2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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Budget Friendly

The full deck costs a grand total of 4,160 dust. Only one legendary and two epics total. Many of the other cards are basic and come free with leveling your account.


Kolento was top 25 with this list but playing forbidden words instead of silence. After these changes were made I got top 20 with it on stream. Additionally, as of the day I am posting this, it currently ranked the #1 priest deck on hsreplay.net otherwise known as the website where Hearthstone Deck Tracker keeps their stats.

Proof of Top 20https://imgur.com/dKqxqbr


I highly recommend crafting High Priest Amet since it will always be good in priest and once you craft him you will never have to worry about opening him again in a pack as all legendaries have impunity from getting duplicates. If the dust is still too much I recommend you first watch me play the deck on stream or Kolento if he is it playing it too for that matter because it can be a difficult deck to pilot correctly and almost impossible to play perfectly.

Other Good Cards:

Topsy Turvy: It can be used to kill Doomsayer other than that that it costs one less than Inner Fire. This is often times not relevant and is typically not worth the upside of being able to keep your minions health. Topsy is mainly a finish the game lethal type of card.

Questing Adventurer: We already play Lightwarden therefore either pick one or the other.

Auchenai Soul Priest: Has a sweet synergy with Circle of Healing and is good against aggro. Auchenai Phantasm can do the same trick too.

Mass Dispel: Really good answer to decks with Mechs like Mech Paladin although according to hsreplay.net that is our best match-up. Other relevant Mech decks include Mech Hunter, Control Warrior, and Quest Paladin. Silences also allow us to get through walls of taunts from say Conjurer's Calling or even just push through Zilliax.

Storm Wind Knight: An interesting means of dealing up to 20 damage with just x2 Divine Spirit & x1 Inner Fire. from hand without having to have board. If you verse a lot of mages and warriors (the two most popular decks at high ranks) this can allow you to still kill them even after getting freezed or AOE'd.


Almost all your cards can be used to target your opponents minions as well.

In some cases it might not seem intuitive but plays such as healing your opponent when Lightwarden is on board, healing an opponent's minion when Northshire Cleric is on board, or using Silence on your own minion to avoid being frozen (in order to attack) is often time a smart and correct play.

Don't run out resources

If you notice you run out of cards way too often you are probably committing your draw combo pieces way to haphazardly. 

A good way to refill hand size is Wild Pyromancer + acoltye of pain, Circle of Healing or Holy Ripple + Northshire Cleric.

Interesting Interactions

Inner Fire: Almost always used as a finisher or big damage pusher this card also has a hidden application. Inner fire can be used to target an opponent's minion with high ATK but low Health to effectively mitigate it's damage in a pinch.

Wild Pyromancer: He works better when you start with coin. He can even be used to clear an aggro board while you use buffs like Power Word: Shield [/card]and [card]extra arms on it. Don't forget the spell goes first then the deal 1 to all. This includes your minions as well which enables healing.

Northshire Cleric: If you draw this on one and they Doomsayer you should always hit their doomsayer and heal it rather than just going face. This nets you a card. Don't forget you only draw if the heal actually heals for at least +1. Healing opponent's minions work but this card does not work when healing either player's face / hero.

Holy Ripple: This card actually works like Holy Nova or Consecration in the sense that it deals 1 damage to your opponent's face!

Psychopomp: This card can revive injured cards back to their full health. If you revive Northshire Cleric after she dies the first time she will be able to be healed which also gives you a card! Don't forget that if you got hit with Hex or Polymorph and the frog or sheep dies it can be resummoned too. If you play my list you can also revive the 2nd Psychopomp.

High Priest Amet: I mostly like to tempo him on 4 only if my opponent has an empty board so they can't value trade his health. Otherwise save him for when you can play another low cost minion in the same turn. He has crazy synergy with Psychpomp all cards summoned will gain Amet's health. With injured cards, however, they take Amet's health first then battlecry does -3 or -4. Don't Forget that this card can also debuff your minion. For example, an Amet @ 1 health would make all the minions you play after (while Amet is still alive) 1 health too.

Mulligan Strategy:

Your goal doesn't often change with match ups but against what you expect to be aggro you can try to keep cards for a Wild Pyromancer or Holy Ripple clear.

In general you want to find one drops and give them buffs like extra arms. Then as the game progresses you do the draw combos mentioned above and finish with Inner Fire. For this reason you should almost never keep inner fire in your opening hand.

Thank you for reading my very detailed guide! Leave a like if you found it useful.

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