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Uldum Shudderwock OTK

  • Last updated Aug 1, 2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Shudderwock Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 13200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/1/2019 (Saviors of Uldum)
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A new breed of Shudderwock.

A new version of Shudderwock Shaman that relies on a lot of new Saviors of Uldum cards for everything from card draw, value generation as well as setting up an OTK.

The deck can be divided into three aspects:

1. The OTK

  • Omega Defender grants your Shudderwock +10 attack for a total of 16 (6+10)
  • Siamat grants your Shudderwock Windfury (and probably another effect that's optimal for your situation (not sure whether or not the effect is random, read the last paragraph of this description before replying regarding this ^^)
  • Coppertail Imposter grants your Shudderwock stealth (so it's harder to remove on the turn you play it)
  • Shudderwock that's played after playing just the three aforementioned cards comes into play as a 16/6 with windfury and stealth (and probably divine shield in most situations), which means the opponent has to remove or block it at all costs or they take 32 damage on the very next turn. Additionally you can increase the stats to 16/12 or 16/24 by playing Faceless Lurker, making it more resilient and giving you the option of giving it something like taunt and rush against aggressive decks instead.

2. The Quest:

With a whopping 21 battlecry cards in this deck, Corrupt the Waters is an incredible fit. The quest serves three purposes in this deck:

  • Card draw: Questing Explorer is one of the best stated card draw cards in the game, which makes it a fantastic fit for a Shudderwock deck, which really likes drawing cards. It has the slight downside of not being active once you completed the quest, but if you did you're already in your element, and the upside of playing Questing Explorer on turns 1-4 far outweighs this occasional downside. Once the quest is completed, it serves card draw even better, since you can double up on the card draw from cards like Novice Engineer and Storm Chaser.
  • Value generation: Where to even begin. This deck has so many ways to generate value it actually scares me. You have cards like Sludge Slurper, EVIL Cable Rat and Barista Lynchen, all of which generate double the number of cards when used with the quest, and all the cards they generate can have their effects doubled again with the quest reward still active. This ensures that even if your Shudderwock gets removed, you still have a damn good gameplan against almost every deck. And did I mention Swampqueen Hagatha? If generating two Drustvar Horrors, both of which trigger their effects twice and then again with the Shudderwock, which adds yet another Horror whose battlecry you can double up on into your hand doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.
  • Survival: Along with generating value, plenty of cards in this deck have battlecries that are invaluable at staving off aggression, especially when their battlecries are doubled. You can use the quest reward with Kobold Lackey or Weaponized Wasp to deal double the damage, Storm Chaser to draw two removal spells, even Hagatha, the Witch dealing 6 damage to everything is amazing. There's obviously some anti-synergy between Hagatha and the quest, since she replaces your hero power, but I think the effect is strong enough that she warrants inclusion. The hero powers are pretty comparable, but she gives you the option of fishing for specific spells depending on the matchup and guarantees your Shudderwock comes into play with a bit of a board clear if she's played beforehand, which is obviously very powerful too. Another card that needs to be mentioned here is Faceless Lurker, which is a 5 mana 3/12 on a turn that you've used the hero power, and also doubles your Shudderwock's health to 12 (or 24 if both were played) to make it more resistant to removal.

3. Removal and Tech cards:

Along with all the minions that have damage dealing battlecries, this deck also has plenty of Spells that can be used to keep the board under control. You have two copies of Hagatha's Scheme, as well as a copy of the new Earthquake to remove the vast majority of boards your opponents are likely to put up. A copy of Lightning Storm is also included, to give you more consistency against zoo-type decks. An extra quasi-removal card in this deck is a single copy of Plague of Murlocs, which will let you clear the board even when facing removal resistant decks such as Lucentbark druid or Conjurer's Calling mage.

Along with removal, you also have a single copy of Witch's Brew to help you recover if you took too much damage against aggressive opponents during while finishing your quest and setting up Shudderwock.

Lastly, the only truly tech card this deck includes right now is a single copy of Big Game Hunter, mostly to prevent getting blown out by an early giant against Conjurer's mage. The effect is also repeated by Shudderwock, which can come in handy. You actually have more tools for dealing with Conjurer's Calling mage than most decks do, since you actually have 4 AOE spells capable of dealing with Mountain Giants, damaging battlecries and significant amounts of tempo you can put on, but since cards like Hagatha's Scheme can be unreliable and the AOE spells in general can be too slow, especially for a turn 4-5 giant, adding a Big Game Hunter seems wise.

4. Cards that didn't make the cut but should be considered depending on the meta:

  • Second copy of Big Game Hunter, if Conjurer's mage is a force in the metagame.
  • Hex, if the meta requires transform effects or big single target removal.
  • Second copies of Lightning Storm, Earthquake and/or _______, if there's a lot of aggro decks on the ladder at your rank.
  • Giggling Inventor, also for an aggro meta. You can summon 4 Annoy-o-Trons with your quest, and they get summoned again when you play Shudderwock. Doomsayer is also always an option in such a meta.
  • King Phaoris, if you feel generating massive board presence will improve your odds against the decks you are facing. In such a meta, you'll probably have enough of your spells in hand to generate a full board when you play King Phaoris, and again when you play Shudderwock. 
  • Archivist Elysiana, if Control Warrior is still the dominant deck on ladder, and this deck somehow can't outvalue it (which would be a massive surprise to me, but we all know Control Warrior can be more resilient than a cockroach sometimes).
  • Lastly, a copy of Windfury (or another Windfury-granting card) is useful if Shudderwock gets random effects from replaying Siamat rather than the ones you chose originally (I am not 100% sure how that interaction works). Note that even if you do not get windfury, a 16/24 with something like divine shield and rush will generally win you the game against many decks anyways, especially when combined with all the value and tempo you can generate with your deck full of battlecries. I'll update this section when I can test how the interaction works. If anyone has official word regarding this, let me know).

If you got this far, thank you for taking the time to consider my deck. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you think it will work, or why not? What are some other cards you think I should consider? Is there anything I've missed?


Thank you,