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[91% WR] Burn Secret Mage

  • Last updated Jun 27, 2019 (Rise of the Mech)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Secret Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 5260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/19/2019 (Rise of the Mech)
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    BananZabójca #2662

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Hi guys!

BananZabójca from Poland here. After 6 months of break from Hearthstone I came back, already with some good ideas for wild.

As I see Secret Mage at the moment is not a one of the top played decks in wild, so try it out.


[91% WR] Burn Secret Mage

With this decklist I've got a 91% win ratio (21-2) playing from rank 14 to 5. It is an powerful deck against most of the top ladder decks: Big Priest, Odd Rogue, Pirate Warrior, Murloc Shaman, blah blah blah...

The idea of playing of this deck is to use secrets synergy, stay behind the Ice Block and than burn your opponent with FireballFrostbolt and Ice Lance (which they don't expect).

You have here also another useful cards like Loatheb (strong against fe. Big Priest), Aluneth (ultra-draw) or Masked Contender (works better than I thought before).



Always keep ArcanologistMad Scientist and Kirin Tor Mage.

If you have some of above:
- you may keep a Kabal Lackey, keep it also in aggro matchups,
- if you want keep Aluneth,
- keep Loatheb against Exodia Mage.


Useful tips:

- Keep Frostbolt to use it together with Ice Lance into the face of opponent,
- Instead of Frostbolt use Forgotten Torch,
- if your opponent doesn't have any minions on the board and you don't good play, just throw Forgotten Torch into his face, than you'll have a possibility to draw Roaring Torch,
- most of the time it is better to play in turn 1 a Kabal Lackey without a secret,
- never play Counterspell if your opponent is holding a Coin,
- turn 1 Coin+Mad Scientist, turn 2 Arcanologist, turn 3 Kirin Tor Mage+Secret (favorable Explosive Runes), turn 4 Kabal Crystal Runner is a perfect scenario,
- most of the time it is better to deal 1 damage and kill an opponent's minion with Medivh's Valet than use a hero power,
- in earlier turns it is better to play Explosive Runes than Potion of Polymorph,
- never concede.

Gameplay + GIVEAWAY!

kiwiinbacon made a gameplay video about this deck, enjoy!

Update (20.06.2019)

I'm so happy that with your help my deck is again (after 6 months) on the homepage of Hearthpwn. Because of the upvotes I added a mulligan guide and some useful tips.

At the moment I'm experiencing some technical difficulties with Hearthstone and Battle.net (I can't run the game on my PC) so I can't add any proof or gameplay.

Update (21.06.2019)

You can already find some stats of this deck at hsreplay.net!
At the moment overall win rate of this deck is 65,2%.
Averange match takes 5,5 minute.
Only bad matchups are hunter and paladin.

In comments I've got a lot of questions about Aluneth - I recommend to craft it. Stats says that you win 72,7% times when you play this card.
If you don't have enough dust you can try to play Primordial Glyph or Bloodmage Thalnos

 Update (24.06) >>> NUDES!!!
"I'm late! I'm late!" Hello people. During last days I was a bit busier than usually and I hadn't enough time to post an update.
I added a gameplay of kiwiinbacon to the guide.
Also as I promised you can enjoy Kabal Crystal Runner nudes in the spoiler. Trust me that it was so difficult to get!

↓↓↓ NUDES HERE ↓↓↓


 MOD WARNING: Do NOT post porn on this website.



Enjoy playing this deck!

P.S. I know that most of you are here just for the nudes, but if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to leave a comment ;)


+5 - Mulligan       Podobny obraz
+10 - Useful tips Podobny obraz
+25 - Gameplay  Podobny obraz

+50 - Nudes of Kabal Crystal Runner!  Podobny obraz

+100 I'll add some new wild deck
+200 I'll create own Hearthstone YT channel about wild!

Check also my another wild deck - [81% WR] Oil Pirate Rogue!