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Akron's Pocket Blast Mage

  • Last updated Jun 9, 2019 (Rise of the Mech)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 13060
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/5/2019 (Rise of the Mech)
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Hello I'm Akron a multi-time legend player.
This is the second deck I post on HP and is my personal version.

What's different from others deck of the same type? I don't play the Lifedrinker or  the Pyroblast[/card ]and i added a [card]Blast wave.

Why? Cause the greatest problem this deck may encounter is to stay alive enough to kill your opponent. Blast Wave is very good against aggro and is a source of extra gas/options against both aggros  and other controls.  It can give you the galaxy if you don't have it in your hand, can give you more removals to keep clearing the board, can give you extra draws etc. Hands down the best removal of mage set.

The win conditions:
Against Warrior you absolutely need galaxy to hit Malygos and/or Alexstrasza.
Against Pogo-Hopper rogue you can win even without using Luna's Pocket Galaxy just make the correct choices and greatly value your freeze effect.
Against Lucentbark Druid Luna's Pocket Galaxy must absolutely hit Malygos
Against Token druid/murloc shaman/zoolock just keep removing until they run out of  gas.
Against bomb hunter you are on a clock from the beginning and most of the time you win with the correct tempo plays, probably the worst matchup togheter with warrior.

Some replays:
Against Murloc shaman+display of Blast wave power

Against  Pogo Rogue with no Galaxy usage / Saved by blast wave

Against Warrior: Alex hitted by galaxy / Malygos hitted by galaxy

Against Nomi Priest

Against Galaxy Conjurer Mage withouth using my Galaxy

Against Bomb hunter / Midrange Hunter

Unknown Worlock


As promised here is the mulligan strategy and some tips on how to play the various matchup:

Against Warrior: Hard mulligan for Luna's Pocket Galaxy and card draw, obviously prioritize galaxy. Try to use your minions to reduce the armor as much as possible, cause if the warrior realize you are using a malygos version and goes for the armor game you might not have enought dmg to kill him unless you dicounted all 3 win condition. It's a bad match up for you, probably the worst one togheter with hunter.

Against Hunter: The hunter match up is the exact opposite of the warrior one, you most likely wont have the time to pull all the combo togheter. if you get galaxy better, but most of the time you want to play for tempo. Cosmic Anomaly is pretty good to push dmg togheter with sorcerer's apprentice.Blast Wave is a pretty good source for extra dmg. Keep removing the dangerous mechs as much as possible and push face.

Against priest: Not a very common match up, but an easy one. If it is Chef Nomi priest just play minions like Acolyte of Pain, Wild Pyromancer and so on to bite some removal like silence and others and also to draw freeze effects removals and Doomsayer. Mulligan for card draw and freeze effects, when they will play Nomi just freeze everything with Frost Nova and Doomsayer, repeat the same combo the next turn. Onece you have no more doomsayer just freeze with Blizzard two times and then play blast wave. minion discounted by galaxy are welcome too :D
If its the Double up priest mulligan for Pocket Galaxy, Doomsayer and a ray of frost and try to not let their minions attack your face, keep removing them slowly, freeze them and then otk them :D

Against Mage: Conjurer pocket mage is very common. Hard mulligan for Luna's Pocket Galaxy and card draw if you don't find it you might think about switching to the pressure plan like against hunter, but its your choice. Tempoing and pressuring down your opponent's deck shouldn't be too hard atleast in early game

Against rogue: Mulligan for both galaxy and freeze effects, in this match up antonidas discounted or not is your win condition 99% of the times. keep the freezing effects for the stage where Pogo-Hopper becomes dangerously high. And try to get a big Doomsayer on them 2-3 pogo are a big doomsayer but one is fine too. Meanwhile try to play antonidas along with something like ray of frost and things like that. Then start keep pogo's frozen while you Fireball his face. Alexstrasza is very good too. Probably the easyest match up.
Thief/Lackey Rogue, mulligan for stall,  draw and Galaxy. Blast Wave can really, really shine expecially against Lackey Rogue, in this match up as you might get like 6 card from it.

Against paladin: Hard mulligan for pocket Galaxy and Freeze effects. If its mech paladin try to keep your freeze for dangerous minions and magnetized minions.  Beaware that when you remove all his mech he will bring them back with all buffs on them. That should be the moment to use doomsayer.
if it is shirvalla's Paladin you absolutely want to get galaxy and card draw, clock is not your friend against him, and he has alot of healing+ Time Out!. Try to pressure them and make them waste is healing as much as possible and if possible also Time Out!

Against shaman, druids: Mulligan for removals, card draw and Wild Pyromancer, the last one is expecially good so you can kills also the murlocs/treants that comes out of the deathrattle. Blast Wave can really shine in those match up: More than once it might happen you clear a full board with a blast wave and get 2 more, VALUE! Unfortunatly both shamans and druid also have a control version so against them you might want to  keep the galaxy If you find it, but its not suggested to hard mulligan for it cause the most common versions are the aggro ones, if you find more control versions than aggros one just hard mulligan for galaxy.

Against worlock: mullingan for board clears and draw. Dont esitate to use the fireball, if you dont have other ways, to remove the  carpet.

As promised gonna tell you some replacements for the varius match ups rate:

-If you find more aggros like token druid, zoolock, token shaman there are no sobstitution. The deck completely destroy the board based aggro

-If you start to find many non board based aggros, like spell shaman, you might consider the idea to put a 1x Counterspell and remove one of the Acolyte of Pain. Add 2x Lifedrinker for Blast wave and the Wild Pyromancer.

-If you encounter more warriors, shirvalla's paladins and Healing druids you might want to remove the pyromancer and add Kalecgos  and even the Blast Wave for a Pyroblast

If you encounter too many bomb hunter you mgiht want to use 1 or 2x Lifedrinker instead of Wild Pyromancer and an Acolyte of Pain

 Here is the deck posted on "Out of Cards" if you liked the deck please upvote there too, since this is going to be the new hp.