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Jepetto Freeze Mage (65% winrate at rank 5)

  • Last updated Jun 5, 2019 (Rise of the Mech)
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  • 8 Minions
  • 22 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Freeze Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 13100
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/31/2019 (RoS Rogue Nerfs)
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Very fun deck to play, if you just want to meme and win in style. The point of this deck is to stall the game until you can play Jepetto Joybuzz and discount atleast 1 of your 4 main win conditions: Archmage AntonidasKalecgosMalygos, or Alexstrasza. Even with one discount, any of the above minions will make it very easy for you to win against a typical matchup. If you discount 2 of the 4 and can survive for a turn, you will most likely have lethal the next turn, assuming you have burn spells in your hand. 

This deck utilizes many stall cards, such as Ray of Frost and Shooting Star, in order to clear early game boards. These cards are especially good against aggressive decks such as Murloc Shaman and Zoo. Although Doomsayer can often interrupt your Jepetto Joybuzz draws, they are so good at creating awkward turns for your opponent in the early game and its potential combo with Frost Nova can be game changing. 

In the mid-game, this deck uses constant freeze synergy to continue to stall the game. Polymorph is an especially strong card against mage mirrors to counter Mountain Giant. As soon as you draw Jepetto Joybuzz, consider not drawing cards if you can, as drawing any of your 4 win conditions will make Jepetto Joybuzz draws much worse. 

In the late-game, play Jepetto Joybuzz and draw atleast one of your win conditions. Your game plan should depend on what win condition you draw, but in general,  a discounted KalecgosPyroblastFireballFireball deals 22 damage, a discounted MalygosFrostboltFrostboltFireball deals 27 damage, and a discounted Alexstrasza can set your opponent to 15 health (assuming they have no armor), and this can help set up a 2 turn kill. A discounted Archmage Antonidas will require a different style of play, usually in combo with cheap spells, such as Ray of Frost, to generate multiple Fireballs to burn your opponent over the course of a few turns. This combo is even easier if you discount 2 of the 4 win conditions. 

Against All Classes: Keep Jepetto JoybuzzDoomsayerBloodmage Thalnos. Although it may feel wierd to keep Jepetto Joybuzz, an 8 mana card, against an aggro matchup like Zoo or Murloc Shaman, I have found that this deck has enough survival tools in the early game and enough freeze effects to stall the game long enough to play Jepetto Joybuzz. The other three minions must always be kept in the mulligan so Jepetto Joybuzz doesn't draw them in the late game. Even against control matchups, such as Control Warrior, keep Doomsayer and Bloodmage Thalnos.

Against Warrior: Keep Magic TrickArcane Intellect (only if you do not have Jepetto Joybuzz in your mulligan). Hard mulligan for Jepetto Joybuzz, as this matchup will likely require two discounted win conditions because of the Warrior's armor game. In the early game, your plan should be to limit the amount of armor the warrior gains through Eternium RoverDoomsayer is a particularly good card against Eternium Rover to deny armor game. As soon as you draw Jepetto Joybuzz, avoid drawing any more cards to not risk drawing one of your win conditions that could have possibly been discounted. Once you play Jepetto Joybuzz, your game plan should depend on the win conditions you discounted. Remember to only play Alexstrasza after your opponent has played Zilliax or if their mechs are frozen. Don't be afraid to Frostbolt mechs if needed to deny heal with Zilliax, since you will usually have more than enough burn to end the game. 

Winrate against Warrior: 90% (10/11 games won)

Against Mage: Keep Magic TrickArcane IntellectPolymorphRay of FrostFrostbolt. This matchup solely depends on whether you draw Polymorph or not to sheep your opponent's Mountain GiantDoomsayer is a very good card to play the turn they are about to play a Mountain Giant (when they have 8-9 cards turn 4-5). Your opponent will either have to waste removal to play their Mountain Giant or they will have to wait a turn. Ray of Frost and Frostbolt are great cards to counter their giants or their Sorcerer's Apprentice in the early game. Mages don't have much heal other than Zilliax, so don't be afraid to Fireball your opponent in the face if you have nothing else to do. 

Winrate against Mage: 60% (8/13 games won)

Against Rogue: Keep Magic TrickArcane Intellect, Ray of FrostFrostboltCinderstorm, Shooting StarCinderstorm and Shooting Star are very good cards when your opponent has played a lot of tokens. Ray of Frost can be used to freeze a giant Edwin van Cleef for a few turns. 

Winrate against Rogue: 50% (6/12 games won)

Overall, this is an extremely fun deck to play. At rank 5, I have a little over 60% winrate, even against meta decks like Bomb Warrior, Giant Cyclone Mage, and Tempo Rogue. If this deck gets 10 likes, I will post mulligans, matchups, and info on replacing cards. Also, please check out my other Jepetto OTK decks from other classes! Thanks for reading.