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Dragon Khadgar

  • Last updated May 27, 2019 (RoS Rogue Nerfs)
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  • 26 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Khadgar Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 11520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/23/2019 (RoS Rogue Nerfs)
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So I started playing this game again after a pretty long hiatus. I've never been highly ranked or anything. Rank 18 at the moment. I threw this deck together with my collection of rotated cards, and I don't really care for the spell version if we're being honest.. I'm a minion man! Thanks for any tips given! I struggle against the obvious contenders! Warriors and Token Druid, oh and I got my face beat in relentlessly by Morph Shaman as well! I've only seen 2 of those, but my record against that deck is easily 0-2. 

Any tips are appreciated. Thank you kindly! 
Name in game if you'd like to help me get better with the deck one on one is, 

Changed out some cards today. Full adds are as follows... 

+1 Alexstraza
+1 Kalecgos
+1 Meteorologist
+1 Harrison Jones 
+2 Messenger Raven 

After a lot of play, and practice, this seems to be what works most for me. 
Messenger Raven finds answers out of nowhere, of course! Always good in a pinch! 
More often than not I feel most tech cards are dead, so I removed Mossy for Meteorologist. 
Harrison and Oozes were added because there's so many Hunters playing beast weapon. 
I don't agree with Kalecgos being useless in the deck, its won me quite a few games when 
actually drawn.. So I'll keep using it for sure. 0 cost Flame Strike? Yespls! 

Edit: Changed out Meteorologist today for Cairne Bloodhoof.
Saw it in Masters, and it just looked so great to add, so I made it happen.
Changed out both Oozes for Double Doom!
Apxvoid did this last night and honestly, Rabble Bouncer is budget Doom lol..

These are cards I just feel never really get me anywhere in games.. 

Arcane Keysmith
: This card just feels really, really, really RNG base! The rest of the deck is already enough of that for me. I rarely see a good secret! More often than not I get the Secret that summons a copy of a minion that died on board. I think I kind understand it's meant to be a late game card to be more effective, but I usually need to play something on 4 to keep my health up.. I feel like Scaleworm is just so much better in general, and always that fix in a tough spot. (Still using it over second Scaleworm.)

Power of Creation: I don't know why, but when I play this, my book of specters ALWAYS eats this spell. I only ran one because 2 of is too much, but it just honestly happened every - single - time. My book almost always eats book too, but that's whatever. This one actually kinda feels like me throwing one of my cards in the trash the number of times my book ate it. 

Mind Control Tech: I'm sure some of you get amazing RNG, but I've almost always never gotten to play this card.. For some reason everyone at rank 18 knows how to play around it (which is weird, it's rank 18 lol...) but uhh yeah, people always play around MCT and they seem to always still put huge threats on the board in 3s just fine... I feel like Messenger Raven is just so much better! Especially when Token Druid just trashes me regardless almost every time. Shaman is the only deck it has helped against, and I really am not convinced it was the reason I won the games. 

Dragonmaw Scorcher: Not much really needs to be said. I hate this card! I always feel like it's a dead draw against most, if not all match ups, its got a big butt for Sunfury Protector to shine up nicely, and that's about it honestly. After that it feels like a very, very, very underwhelming card, and players like Apxvoid have already thrown it out of their lists, so I guess I'm not alone in that thought. It just feels really, really weak... slow, and feels really bad to draw 9 out of 10 times. 

Mossy Horror: I used it for a bit. It was "ok" against Murlocs and Carpetlock. It was nothing game winning in either of the matches though. I understand why a lot of players are removing it from their climbing decks. It's very situational, and definitely feels like a meh card in most match ups. I just usually straight up lose to Token Druid, this card really doesn't change the outcome that much. It's just one star to regather, and this card really isn't worth a +10% chance to win against Token Druid in my personal opinion...

I still have all these cards above and have conflicted thoughts on Keysmith..
I have no interest whatsoever in using any of the the other cards above though.

These are cards I have really mixed feelings about, and somewhat want to play..

 Bouncer: It's great against Shaman, Druid and Warlock, it's terrible against just about everything else... I personally see a lot of everything else... and it's just a really, really bad card against everything else...lol.... It feels really bad to draw this card in the mirror and even worse to draw this card against Warrior, who almost wants you to play the card lmfao.... So yeah, I don't love this card, but I don't hate it. It's about as useful to me as Banana Buffoon. 

Banana Buffoon: I love this card.. but I don't feel like it really shines in Dragon Mage. It fills your hand with crap so you can play Giant on turn 4, but it feels so clunky otherwise, and honestly, against a lot of classes you don't even want to T4 Giant by itself so it's like.. eh....Really, really good in Spell Khadgar, but in Dragon Mage, it feels like it loses its meaning.. ish... Without Tony, you're just playing a really clunky card to drop a Giant into a bomb, hex or shield slam... so forth... just seems to always be an answer for a T4 Giant by itself on board, and then you're down 1 on your actual win condition and that just feelsbad.

So none of that really should dictate how you play your game. That's just my personal experience, and not my play style. I just want to clear that the above is not in stone or anything. A lot of people play Buffoon in Dragon Mage and A LOT of people play Rabble Bouncer in Dragon Mage for sure... and MCT is just MCT.. it's a crazy RNG fun card that can make you smile once in a blue moon.. I just don't like cards that aren't efficient. I like my cards to just straight forward do something amazing. Which is why I prefer Voodoo doll over MCT. 

Anyways, I'll update when and if I climb further. I did get to 17 today. I don't think I'll get far in the next week or anything, but next month, I'll definitely try to climb the best I can, now that my deck has come together finally. Thanks for any tips and thanks for your time!



Feelsbadman... got schooled by a Legend player today... learned a lot... lost to him with my shared deck 0-4... uhh.. let's see... first of all. -4800 dust, woo... 

-1 Alexstraza
-1 Harrison Jones
-1 Cairne Bloodhoof
-2 Messenger Raven

Why? Well.. I met a Legend player through the forums, amazingly friendly guy. He told me Alexstraza is just really bad in the deck, even against Warrior... So yeah... and that Scorcher will provide more answers against Hunters and Shamans which are the new Rogue right now. So that's a change.

+1 Dragonmaw Scorcher

With the death of Rogue, we don't need weapon removal anymore I guess... in fact, a lot of pros don't run Harrison or Ooze anymore right now at all... Warrior and Hunter weapons aren't game breaking... and apparently most Warriors aren't running Collider. 

So he said that I should run 6, 4 drops, because each 4 drop does something different.. 

+1 Scaleworm
+1 Arcane Keysmith

Cairne Bloodhoof is too slow for the meta of tomorrow... Sadface... I agree... Mech meta inc... and it's wayyy too slow for it... so yeah... cut... 

Messenger Raven is fun, very fun, but it's not as good as bananas... Banana Buffoon is an indirect counter to counter spell, lethal finding, giant dropping, Astromancer dropping and just all around a better tempo play for what the deck wants to do. 

+2 Banana Buffoon 

So the question is, did these changes do anything? Yeah... a lot.. I FLEW through Ranks 15 and 14... It was fast... I guess, I'm out 4800 dust... tis life lol....