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Clockwork Brawl Maly/Alex OTK

  • Last updated May 22, 2019 (RoS Rogue Nerfs)
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  • 4 Minions
  • 22 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
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General Premise: This morning, I threw together this Tavern Brawl deck which abuses guaranteed draws of certain mana-cost cards. On turn 1 you will draw Sinister Stike, on turn 2 Eviscerate, etc. The 3- and 0-mana-cost slots are filled with non-essential spells/weapons to ensure all other turns contribute to our end goal, an OTK consisting of Alexstrasza, Malygos, Sinister Strike, and Eviscerate on turn 9. The deck contains removal to assist in surviving until then! 

Mulligan and Turns 1-3: In your mulligan, I highly suggest a full-keep with the exception of Malygos and Alextrasza, which we want to throw back in our deck. This maximizes the chance of a successful draw from Jepetto Joybuzz. On your first three turns, you have somewhat limited options. Perdition's Blade is a great card to remove an early drop or two. Fan of Knives should be kept in hand if possible, as this can potentially draw Maly or Alex. Eviscerate can be used to remove an early minion if you have a second Evis, second Sinister Strike, or a Headcrack in hand. Thanks to Alexstrasza, you don't need but two burn spells. Do not leave any minions that you plan to remove on turn 4 damaged, unless you will weapon it down.

Turns 4-6: This is where you finally start playing the cards that you draw! On turn 4, you will draw Walk the Plank as your first removal spell. This is great for removing incoming 3/4 drops or magnetized mechs! Do not worry about saving these, as the rest of our game will be played on curve in most cases. 

On turn 5, you will draw an Assassinate. This turn is essentially the same as turn 4, with the exception that we can also destroy a damaged minion. Minimize incoming damage, taking out the highest attack minions. 

Turn 6 is another stall turn where we usually play the Vanish that we draw. The main potential exception is vs. Mech Paladin, where we may want to save this for turn 7 after they use Kangor's Endless Army to resurrect magnetized mechs that we've destroyed. 

Turns 7-9: On turn 7 we will usually drop Giggling Inventor as a way to protect our face as much as possible for two turns. This card is a one-of to ensure that we never draw our second on turn 8 with Jepetto Joybuzz! If you've baited out Kangor's Endless Army from Mech Paladin, go ahead and drop Vanish instead. We will skip our Giggling turn altogether in this scenario unless threatened with lethal the following turn.

On turn 8, you draw and play Jepetto Joybuzz. This should draw a 1-cost Malygos and a 1-cost Alexstrasza. If you are stuck with a Maly or Alex in hand from an incredibly unlucky mulligan, this is still usually worth playing so that you can discount the other dragon. Only alter the Jepetto gameplan if you are confident that your opponent has lethal!

On turn 9, we finally drop our Alexstrasza and Malygos. You should have Sinister Strike and Eviscerate in hand for lethal, or Headcrack if you opted to play Evis early! If there is still remaining HP to chip through (thanks to armor), look to equip a weapon, clear with Fan of Knives or Shadowstep Maly if possible and finish off the opponent in the next few turns. 

Conclusion: This deck has proven very successful for me so far in this Tavern Brawl, so I hope others find similar success and fun with the deck! This is my first write-up, so I hope the guide is comprehensive enough.

Feel free to comment below with questions or your results! Take care all ^-^