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Murloc/Token Brawl Deck

  • Last updated May 22, 2019 (RoS Rogue Nerfs)
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  • 28 Minions
  • 2 Spells
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Turn 1: Tidecaller
Turn 2: Tutored for the most powerful murloc Underbelly angler (coin Turn 1 if going 2nd) 
Turn 3: More cheap murlocs or Amalgm for body
Turn 4: Scargil will be a must remove for opponent or your win
Turn 5: Tutors Bloodlust but you can play more murlocs/tokens. 
Turn 6: Elemental for tempo pseudo removal with a big body 
Turn 7: SQ Hagatha can close out games but not required. 

Microbots help repopulate board if opponent has board clear.