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My Mid-Range

  • Last updated May 15, 2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 3460
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/15/2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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Finally broke top 10 for the first time in the past 3 months with this deck

Vs Bomb Warrior(AKA the hardest match): 30/70

Had to go face.  Target Huffer with your Dire Frenzy if you can.  If not, your Wyverns are a good substitute.  It's harder for Warrior to take out multiple 8/8 rush for 5 mana or to deal with 7 damage to the face with Huffer.

Vs Tempo Rogue: 40/60

Take out their minions and go for the slow bleed.  Although this is ultimately a face deck, I found that using the small minions and Headhunter's Hatchet to take out the SI:7 Agent and only going face with the hero power or when there are no other minions on the board works great.  Rogue has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, but Zul'jin owns after you have done a few Dire Frenzy and Unleash the Beast.

Vs Mirror:  50/50

Take out their threats the way you'd hate someone taking out yours.

Vs Priest: 70/30

You own them.  Just do not drop your hand on the table.  Only let there be a few minions on the table because Mass Hysteria sucks, especially multiple times.  And again, Huffer with Dire Frenzy = win

Vs Summon Mage: 50/50

Just like priest, don't over dedicate to the field and go to the face. It's a crap shoot if they get the Mountain Giantcombo off though.


This is what I ran into since the launch of Rise of Shadows.  I'm still going to plow forward to try and get legend, but if I encounter other decks and come up with strategies to beat them, I will update.