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Superior Patron Shaman 71% Winrate (Big Uderbel...

  • Last updated May 1, 2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • 10 Minions
  • 19 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 12400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/24/2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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Big Underbelly Ooze Shaman


The light is fading and Token Druids, Murloc Shamans and Bomb Warriors rise from the shadows. But there is a dim glowing in the dark. The lord and savior of MEME-Potential Underbelly Ooze adapts, improves and overcomes them all.


This decks core is build from Big Shaman, cheating out big minions while controling the board to win the game. Therefore this decks crushs board flooding deck types like Token Durid and Murloc Shaman. Within 10 matches I haven´t lost to a single Token Druid. The fun aspect of the deck comes in with positive RNG effects from Eureka!MuckmorpherBig Bad Voodoo and devasting boardclear options. Sidenote: this introduction is connected to V1.0 Rank 10-5

The dream comb is to get Underbelly Ooze, cast Big Bad Voodoo on it and summon four copies through double usage of Beakered Lightning. You can always see your enemies hovering Ooze, reading its cardtext and realising there is no easy way to deal with this combo. If they clear the board they summon 4 8-Mana drops, if they dont go for the clear you get the chance to summon even more Underbelly Ooze, which of each will spawn another 8 drop.

 I started with this deck at Rank 10 and went with a solid ~70-80% Winrate to Rank 5 where the killing spree slowed down. 

Small update: At Rank 5 I swapped 1 Lightning Storm for Gruul. I'm currently at rank 2 with 2 Stars having a winrate of roughly ~60-70 percent. There are to many Tempo Rouges out there trying to hit legend the last days. 

Overall Gameplan:

This deck is control oriented with making value and smart plays. Against aggro you can almost autopilot this deck, while in control matchups you need to think twice about making your play. Against aggro you want to play defensive and stay alive through your board clears and cheating out ZilliaxWalking Fountain multiple times (through Eureka!,Muckmorpher,Ancestral Spirit) to heal back up. As soon as your opponent run out of steam you take over the board and the game with your big minions. Against Control you win throught the massive amount of big minions in combination with Big Bad Voodoo, Ancestral Spirit and Eureka!. No control deck has enough removal to outlast your constant threats.

Tips and tricks:

This deck has some pretty decent combos available :

General tips on mulligan (more specific with the matchups):

  • Always keep Far Sight, since there is nothing else fo your to play on round 3 in most cases and you get the chance to draw the pice you´ll need in the matchup you end up with. 
  • You can keep big minions like Yesera if you´re holding them together with Eureka! in a control Matchups (depending on the match up)
  • Try to combine Haunting Visions with Eureka! or Far Sight, only play it on curve if you are desperatly looking for a special spell or for tempo


Matchups: (Difficulty)

  • Token Druid: (as easy as breathing)

    As mentioned above, this match up equals a free win. I´d think it is almost impossible to lose as long as you dont missplay very hard and they get super lucky on drawing. Keep clearing the board and as soon as they run out of steam you win with your big minions. Always keep Hagatha's SchemeLightning Storm and Hagatha the Witch, you also may consider holding on Baron Geddon


  • Murloc Shaman :, (easy)

    Deal the same way with Murloc Shamans as you deal with Token Druid. Keep clearing the board, once you reach turn 8 and their board is empty you auto win the game with your big minions. Mulligan for Hagatha's SchemeLightning Storm, Hagatha the Witch, you might consider holding on Hex to deny Underbelly Angler.


  • Warriors: (default win as long as you dont missplay)

    This Matchup is completly different. It is all about the value. Try to make your minion as sticky as possible (if you´re not forced to react to the board, dealay your play so you can combine your minions with Ancestral Spirit or Big Bad Voodoo). Try to mulligan for MuckmorpherEureka! and Far Sight, also keep Hagatha's Scheme and Hagatha the Witch for value. Your wincondition is the rediclious amount of big minions. You can pull multiple of their removals with the Underbelly OozeBig Bad VoodooBeakered Lightning combo. 


  • Paladin: (samplesize to small, seems to be in our favour)

    Nothing special to say for this matchup. Just try to muligan for Hex in case you run into a Mech Paladin. Dont use them to early, wait till they create their huge minions through magnetic and then deny them by hexing it.


  • Hunter: (terrible matchup for us)

    Well this matchup is nearly impossible to win. Consider going for the legendary "Coin into Concede" Play. Hunters will just faceroll you, if you draw lucky and get the right cards to create tempo , you might have a chance otherwise ... cry in a corner or smth.

    Pray for their worst possible drawings and mulligan for Muckmorpher,Eureka!Zilliax and keep Hagatha's Scheme


  • Rouge: (terrible matchup for us, feels like playing Darksouls on a guitar)

    It doesn't feel as bad as playing against Hunter, but in the end it is just as terrible as playing against Hunter. Try to mulligan for tempo (Muckmorpher,Eureka!Zilliax and keep Hagatha's Scheme)

  • Mage: (in our favour)
  • This matchup is in our favor. Every Mage I faced were some variation of Khagar Dragon Mage. Since they lack boardclear and have a limited amount of removals, the Underbelly OozeBig Bad VoodooBeakered Lightning combo equals an auto win if you are not under pressure. Mulligan for Hex to deny Mountain Giant and hold as long as possible Hagatha's Scheme for a total board clear against their big minion flood combo: Power of Creation or Mountain GiantConjurer's Calling.

  • Priest: (depending on the priest deck, in our favour or very hard)
  • I haven't faced alot of priests, but Nomi priest seems to be undbeatable if you dont hit both Hagatha's Scheme early to clear the Chef Nomi Combo twice. Even then you are in danger since you need to clear the board a 3rd time to win the game. Resurrect Priest isn´t as bad, just try to Hex dangerous minions like Catarina Muerte you dont want to reappear. Also mulligan for Hagatha's Scheme.

  • Warlock: (not enough matches)
  • Just faced two sofar, not enough to invent some special tactics.


I hope you enjoy the deck as much as I do. Comment your impressions and how you perform on ladder. Extended matchuplist and general gameplans are now added.

Here are my stats collected by hearthreplay for Version 1.0 Rank 10-5:

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Total performance of this deck so far (88 Games):

Rank 10-2


  • Recent losstreak due to too many Rouges/Hunters, which dropped the overal winrate and winrate of v1.1: