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Rank 4 to legend in 4 hours with Mr. Locks!

  • Last updated Apr 19, 2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • 28 Minions
  • 1 Spell
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Murloc Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 7820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/15/2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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Ahoy mateys, I decided to share this amazing murloc shaman deck I made to reach legend and make a guide about it.

PROOF - Decklist, legend rank and stats
Additional stats - A few wins are missing but it's ok, there's more than enough
VODS - Every single game was streamed, it shows how fast I achieved legend with it. I know it's not the most astounding quality but let's have them out there as additional proof and maybe some of you will enjoy watching the games.

I make guides and share knowledge all the time. I'm not asking for anything in return, if you want to support me, the best way is to follow my stream and twitter:

Stream: twitch.tv/urkoth 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Titan_HS2

EDIT 1: Thanks for sharing your success stories! <3 If you really need to replace something, do it for a copy of an Ooze or a Bloodlust.

So what's the deal with murloc shaman? I'll tell you, some of you may know me for all those warrior and priest deck guides. This expansion, with my friend Louis, I found great enjoyment from playing this deck! The most enjoyable part about the deck is that it can easily transfer from its flood the board/empty the hand plan to regain value through Hagathas and murloc card generation.

**Match-ups/Mulligan/Game Plan**

**General mulligan - You will always Keep Murloc Tidecallers and Underbelly Anglers. Knife Jugglers, Nightmare Amalgams, Sludge Slurpers, and Murloc Tidehunters are the correct keep in most cases.**

General gameplan - Be fast, take over the board. Don't be greedy with keeping the mana crystals unspent. The only minion you might want to be greedy with is Toxfin. We can refill our hand easily, so do not worry about value, you're here to get on board and stick there.

*Token Druid* - A very favorable match-up for us. They do go wide on board but we go super fast, much faster than them. They cannot keep up and they lose until turns 5-7 in most scenarios. Follow the general mulligan, definitely keep jugglers, they will carry us easily to victory.

*Bomb Hunter* - We'll stomp them. The most important thing is to trade with everything including their bombs. The game will be decided until turn 5 as we completely take over the board leaving them with nothing to do but concede. Follow the general mulligan plan, feel free to keep Hench Clan Hogsteeds.

*Zuljin deathrattle hunter* - Favorable match-up for us, though they might have the perfect answers every turn. If we can create pressure and contest their stuff midgame, we'll be in a good spot. Follow the general mulligan guide.

*Aggro hunter* - Fight for the board, win it until turn 5. Who gets the board until turn 5, wins. Keep Hench Clan Hogsteeds beside the general mulligan.

*Giant mage* - I haven't lost a single game to them, they will get absolutely demolished. The most important thing is: KILL THE GIANTS. This is the match-up where you want to keep toxfin in your starting hand. And of course, besides that, follow ze general mulligan.

*Paladin* - I'm not sure what paladin decks you're supposed to see, but a few paladins I've met defeated me and they were mech paladins. Good luck, I cannot say much here until I meet more of them.

*Priest* - Well... Priest is back to being close to unplayable, I met one or two and acquired victory. Probably a heavily favorable match-up for us.

*Rogue* - Mostly an even match-up if it's the full aggro myras with no greedy cards. We're favored against any other version of rogue. The games are decided during the early game in most cases so fight hard for the board. Consider adding an ooze instead of the Cult Master to make the match-up more favorable. Go for the general mulligan with Hogsteeds.

*Murloc Shaman* - I will confidently say that this list is superior to any currently existing murloc shaman list, as I've experimented with murloc shaman until perfecting it to this amazing list. So, that's a good confidence booster! The matches might get to Hagatha but will likely be decided until midgame. Follow the general mulligan with Hogsteeds and get the jugglers and Underbelly anglers going if possible early.

*Control Shaman* - Let them think they will win with all the removals, once they've spent all of them, keep refilling and use Hagathas for value as well. Easy win unless they highroll with some wanky big minion list. Go for the murloc shaman mulligan, don't risk it thinking it's a control version and you'll still be preeetty fine.

*Zoo Warlock* - A classic aggro vs aggro experience, who wins the board until turn 5 will most likely win. BUT! Even if you're losing the board, there's a chance you can turn the tide with Hagatha so don't give up. Follow the general mulligan with Hogsteeds.

*Bomb Warrior* - The easiest warrior for us. They won't have enough removal. Their hand will empty. Their bombs will not have enough time to get us. We will refill the board and kill them. Follow the general mulligan plan.

*Control Elysiana Warrior* - Slightly unfavored match-up for us. The deck has tons of removal. Apply pressure until you get to Hagathas and try to get a bloodlust. Keep making the board filled. Longer games with Hagathas are our win condition in most cases. Follow the general mulligan, keep the hero card Hagatha in your starting hand if you're feeling adventurous.

*Mechatun Warrior* - Definitely a better match-up for us than the standard control warrior one. The games will be similar but they have less armor gain. make them use the combo pieces as removal and you might even win in fatigue!

Thanks for reading, feel free to post your opinions and questions. As a player who pretty much never plays aggro, I must say I've had an amazing experience with this deck, as my goal is to make decks that are both fun and very viable! -Urkoth

EDIT 2: Kiwiinbacon and Tommywave made a pretty cool gameplay videos of it at ranks 3/4 so I'm sharing them.