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Archbishop (Mages join Priest)

  • Last updated May 12, 2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: OTK Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 2680
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/14/2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • Blueez
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I hit Legend rank with my new deck, Nomi & Witches. https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1273064-nomi-witches-legend-rank

That Archbishop is good for around 2nd rank. It is hard to hit legend rank. But I still playing this deck for fun. 

I built this deck myself. 5 rank to 2 rank, 75% win rate (18-6). It is fun! And it is 100% win rate against warriors about 5 games. I called this deck, Archbishop because mages join priest. Bishop can learn the mage spells.  

Update: 4/19/2019

My rank was down to rank 5 because I made many mistakes and I played aggro to attack hero lot. I need to do defense too. I changed my deck too. It is better much, My current rank is 2 now. I just found out that my deck needs draws lot! I decided to change Mulligan. This deck is very hard to play. If you have skill then you can play that deck. You can't do 1 or 2 mistakes. You must think how your plan for lethal at end. Don't forget about defense too. 

This deck is 20-6 vs Druids! And 9-3 vs Priests, 11-8 vs Warriors.

15-15 vs Rogues (mix with old deck and I made many mistakes too). Since I changed deck and I played very careful! It is 6-3 now.

Removed: 1 Dalaran Librarian, 1 Ancient Mage, 1 Extra Arms, 1 Spellbook Binder 

Added: 1 Belligerent Gnome, 2 Faceless Rager, 1 Sunfury Protector

5/12/2019: Removed Belligerent Gnome; Added Mass Dispel

Opinion: Mass Hysteria, Mass Dispel, Shadow Word: Death


My deck is not like Wall or Rez Priest decks. It is like tempo. You can use inner fire and Divine Spirit early or end. You don't worry about save both spells for combo. You just do use inner fire on Mana Reservoir (2nd turn or 3rd turn). 6/6 is great for early! You won't waste it because this deck has mind blast and it will help for lethal at end. Mind blasts and Holy Novas are great with Archmage Vargoth. I did use one mind blast for 16 damages a turn with Vargoth (3 spell damages added). (I will update more. I need a break time)

Mulligan Guide

Note: Need 1 or 2 draw cards. And 2 minions (cost 1 or 2) for aggro druid, warlock, and Shaman. Remove Holy Nova for Mass Dispel if you see many mech Paladins, mech Hunters and any mech decks. 

Power Word: Shield (must always)

Mana Reservoir (if you get inner fire or Faceless Rager)

Northshire Cleric (must always)

Belligerent Gnome (always)

Holy Nova (Druid, Shaman and Warlock) 

Arcane Watcher (If you get spell damage card or Dalaran Librarian)

Acolyte of Pain (must always)

Faceless Rager (if you get Mana Reservoir, Belligerent Gnome and can play it with 3 health, 5-3 is good value for 3 cost)

Hench-Clan Shadequill (Warrior if you don't get Arcane Watcher)

Inner Fire (if you get Mana Reservoir)

Dalaran Librarian (If you don't get 1 or 2 cost minions) (Keep Extra Arms)  

Spellbook Binder (If you don't get 1 or 2 cost minions) (You can summon it without draw on 2nd turn. It is good stat, 3-2)

I will update this post. I will see if my deck could hit legend rank. I will do my best! 

Check my deck, Wild Archbishop for wild mode. It is 97% win rate (28-1) at 25 rank to 10 rank. https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1267462-wild-archbishop-97-win-rate