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[Rise Of Shadows] Resurrect Priest

  • Last updated Apr 9, 2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Resurrect Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 8720
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/3/2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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Hey guys, Nana here once again bringing you another fun deck to play in Rise Of Shadows. This is is a version 2 of a ress priest deck I've been having some success with on the ladder since the version 1 will be in wild soon. Here we go;


Zerek, Master Cloner, Da Undatakah, Catrina Muerte, Recurring Villain and Mass Resurrection


Dead Ringer, Vivid Nightmare, Banana Buffoon and Convincing Infiltrator




Northshire Cleric, Power Word: Shield and of course Dead Ringer


Forbidden Words, Zilliax, Mass Hysteria as well as any other minions on board


Hand to go for if you don't know what archetype your opponent is or is control


Hand to go for vs aggro. Forbidden Words, Extra Arms, More Arms! and Power Word: Shield help you to control the board in conjunction with Northshire Cleric or Dead Ringer in the early game.


Same idea as in vs. aggro decks. If your opponent seems to be slow relative to you, you can go straight ahead and start your shenanigans with Recurring Villain.

This is how simple a normal game will go for you;

  1. Play Dead Ringer and draw Recurring Villain.
  2. Let Recurring Villain die 2 or 3 times or draw the second copy and let that one die too.
  3. Play Da Undatakah who will get those deathrattles and copy him with Vivid Nightmare
  4. Da Undatakahs now dies summoning 4-6 copies of themselves.
  5. Catrina Muerte and Mass Resurrection come in and turn it up to 11
  6. Profit!



 Reasons for certain changes;

  • Took out Archmage Vargoth cause he's too slow for this deck and his only use is being lucky to be resurrected by Mass Resurrection so he can cast him again. I needed to make cuts for certain important cards and he sadly didn't make it. I'll still be looking for ways to include him if I can.
  • Also took out Mass Dispel for the same reason, we now got a good 4-drop in Recurring Villain so I think we'll be okay. If not, I'll introduce it in the future.
  • Took out Grave Horror 'cause I needed space for Banana Buffoon and he's too slow anyways. By the time he gets dropped it already in the late game so not really an aggro deterrent
  • Power Word: Replicate unfortunately also had to be cut because it's too slow and we need more board control in the deck in the form of Forbidden Words
  • Took out Shadowy Figure because it's too slow and has only a few targets for more defense.

Version 1/Past version:

The first version had to do with resurrecting Zerek, Master Cloner as many times as possible with the help of various spells ( decklist will be at the bottom) and this one aims to do the same (we win through attrition of 5/5 most of the time) is even better. WIth the new changes to Da Undatakah on the latest patch, our goal is now to summon a bunch of 8/5's instead of 5/5. From now Da Undatakah will ressummon himself when he gets the deathrattle of Zerek, Master Cloner and it's safe to say that the same applies to the new ROS card, Recurring Villain 

Ress Priest
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 You can leave your suggestions and questions in the comments below and if you like the deck don't forget to give it a +1, thanks. Note that the deck is subject to change in the process of fine tuning it for ladder.