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Brutal Mill Turn 9 Kill (On Average)

  • Last updated Mar 13, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mill Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 8100
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/10/2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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Mill is Back! Stronger than Ever!

 Hey guys.

This deck in this time of the wild ladder is just insane and almost autowin against all time of decks like BIG PRIEST, every-control-LOCK, COMBO priest, control warrior, mechathun...

I actually did 10-2 with this deck on Wild ladder. 

I link and image of a game against a Jade druid that i killed at turn 8. Lot's of games end on turn 9. You almost never reach the turn 10. 


Leave a comment or a like for a complete guide that i could do if the deck could reach a nice feedback! Let's say 25likes. :) 

Kill them all!

 Update: A guide will be available soon and probably could be also cool to record myself actually playing the deck. What do you think? 



Before you read:

This deck is probably one of the most popular and fun to play. Probably not so much different to play against all the wild decks actually. So in my opinion: it is fine. 

This is a really difficult and ONE-ERROR-YOU-LOSE deck. So, have the patient to understand how the deck works and what can do or can't.


The idea

Let me explain how a mill deck works. Yes ok. You already know that. 

The basic idea of Mill, is burn all the cards of your opponent and win by fatigue damage. Lot of fatigue damage.

Understand Wild First:

Wild is wild. Blizzard sais that every time you play Hs. Now, wild is actually a very strange place. Not so popular actually. But could be VERY FUN to play, with extreme combos and destroy decks that have these insane combos. See the section Match Up to go deeper.

How to win:

The core idea of the deck is to use Coldlight Oracle and Lab Recruiter to have more cards than your opponent in your deck, and force him to draw A LOT.

Win condition:

Brann Bronzebeard and Spirit of the Shark are actually the real WIN CONDITION

With them, you can shuffle double, and MILL DOUBLE. You really need to use them to win the game. The only oracles often are not enough to mill so fast. And the deck is based on that.

Cards Explainations:

 Counterfeit Coin: At the beginning of the game use them with Elven Minstrel to draw. Use them with Deathlord to stop aggro. Is a real boost of mill, so when you want to mill, cast them FIRST, so you have more empty hand space, and mana to mill stronger.

Preparation : sure. The core card to Vanish. Don't be afraid to waste them. But alwayes remember you have two of Prep and two of Vanish. The full combo is: 

Prep + Vanish + Doomsayer.

You have the board empty the next turn to mill or gain life, of do stuff.

Shadowstep: core mill card. Use to save your oracles, brann, and spirit of the shark. if needed, use to cycle more using Novice Engineer and Elven Minstrel.

If Deathlord is dying, you could use Shadowstep to save him. Mainly Vs Aggro. Vs control...do not play Deathlord if you have not a way to deal with the BIGGEST minion the opponent can have. It will spawn otherwise. Trust me.

 Sap : powerful card. Remove threats. Even with Prep. 

The idea is: Sap and Mill or Mill and Sap? That is really crucial. It depends on what it has. Example: if you have to kill a 0 mana Molten Giant, probably you want to mill and sap. To kill it. Otherwise the opponent can play it for free again next turn. And again. And....you have only 2 saps. 2 vanish. And one....

Vilespine Slayer!

Super good removal. Use the coins if necessary to play it. Use Shadowstep if necessary to kill more big minions. But remember. You win with the mill win condition. Keep resources to do that!


Match UP:

Wild is this: a lot of cards. Even cards than you do not know they exists. BUT, the decks are really strong and uses always the same. Why? Because they found the definitive Win deck that uses exactly those cards.

So...learn Wild! You need to know exacly every wild playable/strong card as well as deck. 

Aggro is really difficult to win against, but on the other hand, control and combo decks are your most winnable match-ups....and there are LOTS of combo and control now in wild. Above all, "Dishonest" ones like cubelocks, and bigpriests.

More popular decks:

  • Big Priest (OF COURSE)
  • Even Shaman
  • Even/Control Lock
  • Aggro/Pirate/Kingsbane Rogue
  • Odd/Control Warrior

Yes, a lots of ODD/EVEN (yeee Baku and Genn....)

Ok. How to Play against them? I try to say something about all of them. If needed i can explain better the crucial ones.

Aggro Rogue

Just start with the easiest one to explain: Aggro Rogue => You probably can't win.

Big Priest

The evil of wild. Never ever KILL Ragnaros the Firelord. That is the only real problem. Keep the mill part of the combo, sap is REALLY GOOD. The game would be pretty easy if you can find the draw engine. 

Even Shaman: 

Difficult one. But you can dominate with Deathlord, Doomsayers, and vanish. The problem are the 5/5 cost 0. Try to kill them. 

Even/Control Lock

Hyper Easy win. Draw. Let him draw. The only problems are cubes, doomguard and malganys. And of course the Weapon. Try to win fast remembering to have the draw engine always ready and full. 

Odd Paladin

Another difficult, but winnable. Fan of Knives is a Win condition in the beginning od the match. Doomsayer is pretty strong. But. Use it also with Vanish. They have not removal for a empty board doomsayer

Odd/Control Warrior: 

Easy win. Just mill. End.