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Venator mandati (Quest Hunter)

  • Last updated Feb 18, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 9 Minions
  • 19 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Marsh Queen Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 10100
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/17/2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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I was sick of seeing the same hunters haunting the ladder over and over again. So decided to build a different hunter deck that can stay up to par with pretty much every deck out there. Carnassa and her brood can surely take those on, but be warned! This deck is not so much meant for winning rather than toying with your opponent :p

It relies on generating huge amounts of value and has 4 win conditions, that support each other but can win you the game single-handedly :

  1. The Marsh Queen delivers 15 3/2-bodies, that cycle themselves. That is a lot to chew through for you opponent. With 4 Carnassa's Broods, 1 Timber Wolf and 1 Tundra Rhino you can finish the game with a burst of 24 damage.
  2. Deathstalker Rexxar is not a card that needs any explanation. Build-A-Beast can generate huge threats or answers depending on your situation. The built in Consecration is a nice board clear.
  3. Zul'jin will often times draw you a bunch of cards, play a bunch of secrets and spawn a bunch of tokens by replaying Emerald Spellstone. On top he will recast the quest allowing you to complete it once again for double the value of Queen Carnassa.
  4. Lesser Emerald Spellstone on its own is sometimes enough to win you the game. Playing 12/12 in stats on turn 6 - with The Coin possibly on turn 5 - can straight out win you the game

vs. Aggro ( slightly unfavoured, uphill match-up)

vs. Control (
usually favoured):

vs. Combo (
unfavored, if you can't pressure enough)


Draw (like Billy the Kid)

The deck revolves around draw, which of it has two main sources (also two secondary ones):

  1. Master's Call: The deck runs 6 kinds of minions which are all beaats. You are guaranteed to draw three minions (unless Anduin or Tyrande Psychic Screamed your ass with a non-beast on board).
  2. Subject 9: Even if you draw just 2-3 cards with it, that is still a good result. You can also fish for specific answers (e.g. Freezing Trap). Don't underestimate this card!
  3. Carnassa's Brood: The reward for The Marsh Queenis pretty valuable. Having a 3/2 and drawing a card for 1 Mana is pretty good. You can also chain them a lot of times generating a huge board your opponent cannot ignore.
  4. Zul'jin: If you played a Master's Call, you will draw again with his Battlecry (also mind: If you completed your quest before playing him, you will replay the quest and can use the Raptors from your first completion to complete a second quest). Overall Zul'jin is a way better 10-Mana-Kazakus-potion.


Cards and Synergies

Dire Mole: This might be the weakest of the crads - therefor a one of in the deck. But a 1/3 for 1 mana is still pretty solid. Vs. Aggro you should consider playing this on turn 1 instead of playing the quest and keeping it for a tick on it.

Springpaw: A great card in general and very strong in a deck with The Marsh Queen. Helps with early game control and delivers two ticks for quest.

Timber Wolf: This little buddy suprised me a lot. It is a sudo Dire Wolf Alpha that helps with your quest. Very strong with Springpaw, Halazzi, the Lynx for board control or unsurprisingly with Tundra Rhino for controlling the opponent's face. 4 Carnassa's Broods, 1 Timber Wolf and 1 Tundra Rhino equals 24 burst damage.

Secrets: They are for early board control and synergy with Lesser Emerald Spellstone. Try to get as much value out of them as possible. Sometimes you will have to play a secret without real value just to upgrade your spellstone. For some showcasing on how to play secrets  in Hunter properly I recommend watching Old Guardian's guide (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGlJgh4SL_I)

Animal Companion: A very versatile tool. Huffer and (if you have a board or can generate one with Springpaw or Halazzi, the Lynx) Leokk can be used for burst or trading. Misha will mostly be your desired outcome in early game due to her huge stats and Taunt for 3 Mana.

Master's Call: Is the fuel of this deck. The non-legendary beasts are very likely to be drawn with this. Springpaw and Timber Wolf's low cost makes up for a strong synergy if removal is needed (4 damage and draw 3 cards for 6 Mana). It can also prepare further draw since Subject 9 can be drawn.

Unleash the Hounds: A very effective tech card against Paladin and Shaman. Alongside Leokk and Timber Wolf your hounds can deliver a huge burst of damage for trading or just killing your opponent.

Dire Frenzy: A very versatile card and a decent tool against fatigue. You can play Queen Carnassa and this on her for 9 Mana and destroy your opponent in a drawn out game. Against aggressive opponents it goes very well with Springpaw for board control.<br>It is weak on Subject 9 because you can't take advantage of its Battlecry twice. A 7/7 for 5 Mana is still decent. Also any zombeast under 7 Mana created by Build-A-Beast can be targeted.

Flanking Strike: Hunter's best 4-drop. Good removal and tempo play.

Halazzi, the Lynx: Very strong vs. Control. This Loa can complete the quest on its own. It is quite slow, though. Against aggressive opponents you will rarely be able to play it. Has also synergy with Timber Wolf since it's generated Lynxes have Rush.

Subject 9: Very strong in controlling match-ups, particularly against priests. It is the second main option for draw and thins your deck from its Secrets. Synergizes very well with Lesser Emerald Spellstone. Even if you don't get full value out of it, because you drew some secrets already, tutoring for 2-3 cards attached to a 4/4 body is still a very good deal. Thanks to Master's Call you will pretty likely draw it before you draw all your secrets.

Tundra Rhino: Helps finish of games, but is also useful as removal. 4 Carnassa's Broods, 1 Timber Wolf and 1 Tundra Rhino equals 24 burst damage for 10 Mana.

Deathstalker Rexxar: Just an incredibly strong card. Zombeasts might be great with Dire Frenzy.

Lesser Emerald Spellstone: Although nerfed from 5 to 6 Mana, this is still a very strong play on 6, even just upgraded once. You can keep it actually in any match-up. Be careful against Aggro, though, since it comes out earliest on turn 5 with The Coin.

Zul'jin: Hunter's new Hero is very strong. All spells you played that game will be recast including The Marsh Queen. This means that you can complete the quest a second time, which is just insane in a value battle. A lot of times your opponent will concede seeing Zul'jin play a bunch of secrets, draw three cards and fill your board with 3/3 beasts, while removing parts of his board with Flanking Strike.