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Legend Spiteful Druid (guide)

  • Last updated Feb 9, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 27 Minions
  • 2 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Spiteful Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 11280
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/8/2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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make sure you have a curve first, before these mulligans, meaning, dont keep 3 3 drops even tho i said they were good cards.

vs control/combo fledgling, greedy sprite, keleseth

vs aggro/midrange firefly, keleseth, tar creeper, mind control tech, fledgling.    sometimes glacial shard and saronite if your curve is really good.

remember, even tho glacial shard costs 1, its not powerful at all 

General ideas and Tips

-against control you want to go face even if there are good value trades to be made

-Against aggro  you want to control that board until you get your big minions online and can go face to end the game.

-Never be afraid to mill with UI. your deck is not going to win fatigue ever.

- Play spitefuls and lich kings before drawing with ui. 

-If you dont kill minions you can let your opponent play into mind control techs


Spiteful druid is a very very flexible deck, so dont take my choices as 100% correct, make your own tech choices!

Glacial Shard- Not great in the opening, how ever i consider it a very useful curve filler card allowing you to freeze an enemy minion and  stall for time to play a funal mancer or vicious fledgling.

Firefly- CORE card in the deck, synergizes with fungal mancer in control match ups and really helps you stall against aggro. 

Keleseth- CORE duh

Greedy Sprite- CORE, ramp is crucial in getting to spiteful or a big taunt a turn earlier.

Mind control tech- This is a really strong card in the meta since against control its a 3/3 and you can sometimes steal a really powerful card against a priest. and it really helps you stay alive against odd paladin and other aggro decks. spiteful cannot keep tempo against aggro, so tools like mct let you survive to your big swing turns.

Tar creeper- solid anti aggro tool, not much more to say.

vicious fledgling- CORE CARD. this card alone is why this decks works in the meta, you face priest. you hard mulligan for it since you just win the game with it sometimes. a 3/3 win the game against control sometimes is very powerful, and if you ever think about not running in spiteful druid, you should feel ashamed, and put it back in the deck.

Flobbininous Floop- coreish card, if you have it, run it, but you can still play the deck with out it. solid on nearly everyone of your minions, and especially good on spiteful. play on curve if you have no other play.

Saronite chain gang- sets up for fungal mancers, great anti aggro card, good against big minions, really solid 4 mana card,

Spell breaker-  so good again the meta, and since we dont have ooze, we need a way to get through those void daddys

Druid of the claw- this may seem like a weird option, but having the choice of two forms in this meta is very powerful, since it can be a worse zilliax to kill a hyena, or assert pressure with charge, or get the lethal, or make a big leave me alone taunt... and ect, it has alot of utility, 

Fungalmancer- CORE, its powerful, please run this card.

Zilliax- CORE duh

Malfurian- CORE Great flexible later game tool, really powerful stabilization tool against burn or aggro decks with the taunts and armor, against control, it provides fungal mancer targets and a heropower that pressures the opponent.

Spiteful- CORE duh

Archivist- Is basically your third UI so you are nearly garanteed to have a way of hand refill by either turn 8 or 10.

Lich King- powerful end game tool against control, will have likley used hard removal on spiteful by the time you play it.



Cards i didn't include, but you should if you like them

-Dire mole, i found my anti aggro tools sufficient, but if you are still struggling, swap this out for glacial

- Druid of the sythe- solid, but not better than tar creeper in my opinion

-Crypt lord- better tar creeper against odd paladin, worse against hunter, your call

-Ooze, - solid choice, i prefer mcts tho

-Void ripper- have not tested it since i dont own it

-Fire plume phoenix- not better than saronite, against most match ups.

-Cobalt Scalebane- not good when you are behind, and you often are against aggro by turn 5,  and against control turn 5 is their mass hysteria or brawl turn, so its not powerful in either situation,

- Leeroy- I found the deck has enough burst already

- cairne- not powerful enough to fit our curve, but if you want it, go for it

- skulking- not as good since hunters mark and cold blood were buffed to avoid skulking giest

-Nerubian unraveler- could be alright, however its a 6 mana 5/5

-another Archivist- reasonable, just what are you cutting for it.

ok, im tired :), hope my guide helped atleast a little, whether you are deck building or playing.

and this dude wanted me to embed his video, so