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Dekkster's #12 Legend Wall Priest Guide

  • Last updated Feb 8, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 19 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Silence Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 7680
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/7/2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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I’m Dekkster and I’ve never really written a guide before, but I’m going to give it a shot. I took this archetype of Priest which I now call “Wall Priest” from Rank 5 (non-legend) to Rank 12 legend. The power level of this deck seems very, very high and I don’t think the deck is even refined at the moment. The deck is nearly non-existent on the ladder. As I’m writing this I’ve had zero mirrors and the deck has about 2000 games on HSReplay, but I feel it’s popularity will skyrocket as people realize how good it is.  

Proof: https://twitter.com/DekksterGaming/status/1093293629781622784  

Stats (R5 to R12 Legend):

VOD of the climb to rank 12: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=00h17m16s  


General Strategy:  

A patch just hit so the meta might be changing quickly, but I’m going to try my best to give a good overview. In most matchups you’re going to be going for your “combo” which would be revolving around having a high health target (Grizzly, Enforcer, Lich King) and slapping them with some Divine Spirits followed by an Inner Fire or Topsy Turvy. Sometimes it may seem hard to stick a high health taunt, but because there are so many ways you can rez them, your opponent will usually run out of answers. If you can Master Oakheart and pull out a Mosh’Ogg Enforcer & Witchwood Grizzly, you’re gonna have a good time. You usually end up executing your combo around rank 10 or so.

If playing against a control deck such as Odd Warrior or something that would generate a lot of armor you can take your time and grind the game out. Your priority in these matchups is going to be Shadow Visioning extra Divine Spirits. Usually these come down to sticking an Enforcer and then going something like PWS -> Spirit -> Spirit -> Spirit -> Topsy/Inner. In other controly matchups like Warlock or Mage you might rely on Shadow Madness so you can steal either Void Lord / Water Elemental and then hit it with some Spirits and slap them in the face.

Aggro decks are definitely the hardest matchup with Midrange Hunter and Odd Burn Mage being the worst. In these scenarios it’s very important to go for your Tar Creepers and Northshire Clerics. Another important thing here is to try and read your opponents hand. Do they run silences? Do they have single target removal? Void Rippers? Hunter’s Mark? If the answer is no, you might with to Divine Spirit your 3/7 Grizzly or even your Tar Creeper. In aggro matchups don’t get too fixated on finishing them with your combo. They WILL run out of ways to get through your wall of taunts. Unless they Deathstalker Rexxar. Then you need to combo at some point.  

If you are playing against a combo deck such as Clone Priest, you will usually want to prioritize looking for your combo pieces ASAP so that you can finish your combo before they finish theirs.  

Topsy Turvy AND Inner Fire? Doesn’t that dilute your spell pool and make your visions worse? Why not just two of one?  

Like I said earlier, I don’t think the list is that refined, but I like the flexibility of having both. I’ve had situations where Inner Fire is preferable to Turvy and vice versa. They can both be used for the combo. You can use them in conjunction on the same turn for your lethal maybe flipping two ogres. Turvy can be used to clear some early minions, or save you some face damage AND it doesn’t get destroyed by Geist (which isn’t that common in the first place). Turvy is also one mana cheaper. Inner Fire can be useful if you know your opponent doesn’t have single target removal.  

Example: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=05h28m42s



General Mulligan:

Real quick -- It seems that people like to keep Shadow Visions (65.5%) per HS Replay, but it also has one of the worst Mulligan WRs. I don’t like keeping it. Our gameplay often changes and it’s hard to tell exactly what an opponent is. Do we need a scream right now? A Hysteria? Maybe we drew both Divine Spirits and need to fish for that topsy/inner. Maybe we drew inner, but just need that Spirit for lethal. You also have so many spells in your deck I doubt you’re gonna find the right one if you’re playing this on 2. Maybe it’s just my playstyle, but I hardly ever keep this unless maybe it’s an opponent I just played and I know EXACTLY what they are.


Versus Aggro/Midrange: Northshire Cleric, Tar Creeper, Mass Hysteria, PW:S if you have a Cleric or if you have 2 Tars. Also, if you’re on the coin and you get Grizzly & Servitude I’d keep those. Coining a Grizzly on turn 4 into a Servitude can be game winning.  


Versus Combo: Northshire Cleric, PW:S if you have a Cleric, Creeper only if they can run early threats as well, 1 Grizzly, 1 Divine Spirit so you can try to do your combo quickly.


Versus Slooooow Control: Northshire Cleric, PW:S if you have a Cleric, Master Oakheart




I saw a good variety of stuff, probably just gonna go over the more popular things though.  

Hunter (10-7, 59%WR):

Spell Hunter:

Not that man of these, but they’re probably even worse than Midrange from my experience. Deadly Shots, Crushing Walls, Hunter’s Marks, Freezing Traps, Wandering Monsters, Venomstrikes. All these really ruin your big dudes. Don’t feel pressured to trigger their traps. Let them just sit. Throw your taunts and let them smack into them. Hysterias and Screams to clear their wolves. Usually I end up winning these by getting a lot of dudes in my dead pool and then rezing them with a stone, checking face for traps with one of my dudes, and then following up with the combo.


Midrange Hunter:  

You’re going to see a lot of these, and they’re hard to beat if we don’t get at least one tar creeper. The dream start would be to go first and have cleric. Turn two we want to be healing the cleric for a draw, and then dropping a tar creeper on three. If we manage to throw a grizzly down and have some rez cards in hand, that’s usually where we turn the corner. Try to make the read to see if they’re still running Hunter’s Mark (many aren’t from what I’ve seen). If you make the read, consider dropping a divine spirit on any of your taunts even a Tar Creeper. Also, hope they don’t get taunts. I’ve been rekt by many taunt minions off of rexxar. Usually if you can make it to late game and get some dirty spellstones off you’re probably going to win. The hard part is just surviving til around turn seven when you can start screaming.

Block of 6 Hunter games in a row: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=02h22m52s

Rogue (10-5, 67%WR):

Odd Rogue:  

Seems kinda dead post-nerf.

Malygos Rogue:

It seems impossible to stick a minion. Walk the Plank, Sap, Vanish. It’s just too much. If you can get your combo before they can then props to you. They seem to be done by turn 7 or 8 and you still can’t stick a minion. I think I won like one game vs Maly and that was pre legend and they didn’t expect the combo. I stuck a tar creeper and hit it with some PWS, Spirit, Spirit, Topsy stuff. I guess you kinda have to hope they mess up on this one. By far the most polarized matchup for this deck.

Myracle Rogue:  

You want the normal mulligan of cleric, PWS (if you have cleric) and tars here. This is going to play out similar to Midrange Hunter except instead of being cautious of Hunter’s Mark, try to track their Saps/Vilespine Slayers. If both saps/slayers are out, feel free to divine your high health taunts. This will end up being pretty bad if they get Myras relatively early. Don’t be afraid to use your Inner /Topsy on a Tar Creeper if it means you get to clear one of their core minions like a Thug. Just get through the early game, turn the corner, keep big taunts on the board, and you’ll win eventually. Don’t worry about using the cards for the combo, worry about staying alive.

Game versus Jalexander playing Myracle: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=02h05m53s

Paladin (13-5, 72%WR):

Odd Paladin:  

There are a decent amount of Odd Paladins out there and this matchup really isn’t that bad. Same aggro mull: cleric, PWS (if you have cleric) and tars. The main difference is that I’d keep Grizzly ESPECIALLY if you have coin and a servitude sweetens the deal. Keeping Hysteria is kinda iffy -- i’d probably toss it unless you have coin and everything else in your hand is garbage. These guys run no way to get through high health taunts aside from the occasional owl and void ripper. You win this by sticking taunts and divining them. Tar Creeper is huge here and if you have no play on 4 except for a servitude, you might want to rez the tar. I love playing a grizzly as they usually keep very little cards in hand. Always take trades unless you have lethal even if you think your board is huge and theirs is tiny, they can always pull a Tarim. Ogres do some big work here. Two attack clears most of their minions. If you get a good chance to scream some one drops back into their deck go ahead and do it. Also try to keep your hand size low (harder than it sounds sometimes) to try and play around favor.


Even Paladin:  

You’re probably going to mull this as if they’re Odd. Since nerf I haven’t seen a single Equality, so feel free to use your spirits on your taunts, but watch out for spellbreakers. If you smell an Even Paladin at all you might want to consider keeping Shadow Madness because snatching a Corpsetaker for a few whacks can be game winning. If you see a corpsetaker, you must remove it. Go ahead and burn an inner fire or a topsy if it allows you to clear the corpse. Once you get to the point where you can scream and rez your big boys you’ve won -- so don’t be too stingy with combo pieces. If you end up having a shadow visions early then picking up an extra mass dispell or shadow madness is never bad.

Game vs Odd Pally: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=01h27m40s

Games vs an Even Pally: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=05h04m47s

Mage (8-4, 67%WR):

Odd Control Mage:

You can take this nice and slow. Mull for Northshire Cleric, PW:S if you have a Cleric, Master Oakheart. Their AOE clears don’t do much to your high health targets. There are no meteors, no polys. Dragon’s fury doesn’t put in too much work. You want to find extra divine spirits and you want to get your combo pieces in order. Take it slow. Don’t blow your load early. Sometimes you just get nearly to fatigue, and then you hit them with the most satisfying combo of Shadow Madness on their Water Elemental, PW:S, Divine Spirit, Divine Spirit, Inner/Topsy for 32 and usually lethal.

Odd Burn Mage:  

This matchup is really rough, but the more I play it the easier it seems. Gonna have a similar mulligan to Odd Paladin: cleric, PWS (if you have cleric) and tars. Keep Grizzly if you have coin and a servitude only if you have a Grizzly. Hopefully you go first and get to throw your cleric so it actually gets value. Consider not dropping cleric if you’re on the coin because they will just run their one drop into it and ping it, making your cleric just a ⅓ taunt. If you have Tar and Cleric you might want to play Tar on 3 into Cleric + Heal Tar on 4.  

The worst thing for you here is going to be an early explosive runes. If you can get a Grizzly out, you might be fine. These guys don’t run any single target removal. No Voodoo Dolls, no Silences, nothing single target. The only way you win this is by getting some big bodys on the board and divine spiriting them. Get a grizzly down. Hit it with a Spirit. You don’t win through combo here. Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice a grizzly to some runes in order to be able to rez it the following turn.

Game vs Odd Burn Mage: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=05h28m45s


Priest (9-3, 65%WR):

Control Priest:  

I don’t think i’ve actually seen any of these, but you combo faster than them so I imagine it would be relatively easy.  

Clone Priest:  

Alright, so this is always a fun one. If they manage to nut a gallery into the OTK you’re kinda just borked. Other than that you’re going to try to just complete your combo faster than them. Easier said than done. Use your screams and mass dispels wisely. If you stick a high health minion they will be forced to deal with it unless they can come up with lethal. Always keep them pressured. Don’t over-extend into a scream. Try to make sure some of your minions are in your dead pool before they get screamed and you’re just stuck with useless rezes in your hand. If they gallery, but don’t OTK you then try to shadow madness their malygos/velen and then do a hysteria so that it goes into your rez pool instead of theirs. DO NOT leave radiant elementals up on the board if you can help it, but at the same time don’t use all your resources to deal with them. Usually you’ll want to use your visions in order to find spirits so that you can get your combo done ASAP.

Game vs Clone Priest: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=03h50m29s


Warlock (8-1, 89%WR):

Even Warlock:

I don’t think I’ve seen any of these post patch, but you better hope that you start with the coin and that they don’t draw Giants. We have no good way to deal with giants except soak them up with taunts.

Cube Warlock:  

This hasn’t been too bad in my experience unless they get that early giant. It doesn’t come down as early as Evenlock though so it’s not as bad. Thankfully you can mass dispel and scream their cubes and other large threats. Hysteria often clears boards. You might want to keep a Scream for their Gul’dan turn if you make the read. One of the best ways to win these matchups is through a cheaky Shadow Madness onto their Voidlord followed by a couple Spirits & Inner/Topsy. Other than that though, early game usually isn’t too rough and you get to play some big taunts around the same time they start playing their threats. You do usually need to save your combo cards here so you can kill them because they get mad value through cubes and will chew through your taunts. Watch out for Godfrey.

Game vs Cubelock: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=04h33m26s

Warrior (3-0, 100%WR):  

Odd Quest Warrior:  

These are a good time. Take it slow. Mull for Northshire Cleric, and Master Oakheart. They will get a ton of armor so you’re going to need to find those extra divine spirits through your visions. If you aren’t lucky enough to get an extra spirit you’ll have to consider keeping some PWS for your combo turn. You’ll want to time your visions properly so that you have a high chance of landing your spirits. I usually try to use my shadow madness on a direhorn because I don’t want them to get a matriarch and I use my mass dispel on the other direhorn unless a better situation arises. I’d save one PWS unless you’ve fished an extra spirit. If you’ve already drawn both spirits save both PWS because you might need everything. Stick an Ogre -> PWS -> PWS -> Spirit -> Spirit -> Inner/Topsy = 72 so if they have 42 or less armor you’ll be fine. Without using PWS, but having 3x Spirits you’ll be at 112 damage which is plenty. Just keep rezing your taunts. You don’t care if they flurry because that means it’ll be easier to kill them, but don’t over-extend into a brawl at the same time. Just keep a couple high health targets on the board to make them panic. If they complete their quest it’s usually not that big of a deal because that means they’ll stop gaining armor, and most of your dudes can handle at least one ball to the face.

Game vs Odd Warrior: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/376093250?t=05h33m43s



That’s about it. I’m pretty exhausted and haven’t slept much so if any of this doesn’t make sense let me know and I’ll elaborate. I hope you guys like this deck as much as I do. If you want to see more of my decks feel free to follow me on Twitch and Twitter: