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Rank 10 to 5 in couple hours (Rush Warrior)

  • Last updated Feb 8, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 3 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Rush Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 15520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/3/2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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Yesterday I got from Rank 10 to 5 in just couple of hours with this version Rush Warrior. This deck performs very well, and I want to share with Warrior players.

I personally believe that Rush Warrior only gets stronger after the upcoming nerfs are live. So better start practicing it :)

There is a deck-show case video at the end of this guide, not played by me, but you can see the deck in action!

Play style:

Just like all the Rush Warrior, it's very similar to the old Tempo Warrior. Get the board, make efficient trades if needed, overwhelm your opponent. This deck destroys any Mecha'thun Decks thanks to Mojomaster Zihi, it goes toe-to-toe with Odd Rogue and from my experience the favor is on Warrior's side because of the unfair Rush Trades and Scourgelord Garrosh. This deck beats also Hunters, Priests, Odd Paladins, Zoo-lock. So yea, it's pretty much a meta-killer.

Muligan priorities:

1. Kelseth

2. Town Crier + Eternium robot... and ONLY If you're against Paladin: Blood Razor weapon.

3. Frothing Berserker

Few key card explanation:

Spirit of the Rhino

Use this card wisely, this is one of the major strength of this deck, but don't muligan for this. With this on board you can forexample use Inner Rage on Zilliax for boosted heal and your Zilliax keeps his Divine shield because he doesn't receive damage.

So this is a really frustrating card for your opponent to deal with. 

Sudden Genesis

This card does actually surprising well in this deck. You can use it with Kor'kron Elites + Inner Rage for an alternative finnisher.

But it gets even better when you can use Sudden Genesis on an Akali buffed minion. When that happens, victory is most likely to you.

A tip: Don't hold this card for too long, sometimes it's better to just use it, instead of waiting for Kor'kron Elites. Multiplying from just 2 to 4 minions is usually just good enough.

Inner Rage

Activate Grommash like the old days, the 0 mana makes it very flexible card. In this deck the attack damage is very useful for cards like Akali (overkill), Darius to make the kill. But also easy to to pull of a nice Sudden Genesis, multiplying Kor'kron Elites, Frothing, Hulks or whatever you wish.

Festeroot Hulk

Nice synergy with Rush minions, and nice target for Sudden Genesis. You can see this as big brother of Frothing Berserker, just like Frothing this is a minion your opponent can't really ignore.

Mojomaster Zihi

This is the OTK killer, this is the new version of Loatheb, in this meta, Mojomaster Zihi is actually even better than Loatheb, it kinda delays Mecha-thun for 3-4 more turns, which is unacceptable for Mecha-thun players... definitely a must have if you hate playing against OTK decks.


Nice weapon, can be used to buff Frothing Berserker, but also 16 face damage. Super Collider is alternative, but makes the deck slower. Neither of them are inferior in this deck if you ask me, but you definitely have trade-off.


There is no Acolyte in this deck, so Countess Ashmore is a nice addition to refill your empty hand abit.

Grommash Hellscream

Irreplaceable. Grommash is a 10-13 damage finnisher. it's this deck's game-ender. It's the last minions your opponent usually see before the game is over.

Scourgelord Garrosh

Garrosh has a very nice synergy with Grommash and Frothing. The board clear is a game-winner, this card prevents you from losing the board control, a very flexible card because  even if there is no board to clear, 12 face damage is nice to have. And Warrior's basic hero-power is actually pretty useless in this deck, especially in "minion-combat deck" a whirlwind is much more useful, so it's never too early to play this card.


Match ups:

Favorable: Any OTK Mecha-thun, Beast Hunter, Spell Hunter, Priest, Odd Rogue, Odd Paladin, Zoo-lock

Not favorable: Mage with Jaina, Taunt Warrior, Control Warlock and of course most important one: bad muligan.

Not favorable doesn't mean you auto-lose to them, it means it's most difficult one... but you CAN definitely win.

Video deck showcase (by @kiwiiNbacon)

Another deck showcase (by @Tommy_Wave)

Neither of the videos are done by me, but both players using the exact same decklist, so you can see the deck in action :)