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[Legend 72% WR] Meta-Oriented Evenlock

  • Last updated Mar 4, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Even Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 9020
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/21/2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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General Information

    This deck is like your normal Evenlock but it has some meta-oriented changes to it that I think push it over a competitive edge, and it has Marin in it! Who doesn't like Marin?!

    So your probably wondering, why does this deck have Marin the Fox in it? One of the decks that is dominating the current meta is Gallery Priest. This messes with there resurrect combos and deathrattle summoning cards. It also combos well with Crazed Alchemist which in itself has synergy with Mosh'Ogg Enforcer for huge burst potential if he sticks. The deck has lots of little flexible synergies that bode well in value matchups, as well as help counter Gallery Priest. Get a giant out early, smack em' as much as possible while playing around Mass Hysteria and get as much damage in before turn 7. Grind out there minions if you have to, bait out both Psychic Screams, and kill them before they can combo you.

    The deck also counters odd paladin really well, as well as any other aggro decks. Between both Defiles and Hellfires, you have enough removal to deal with aggro early game and snowball with big minions. Hunter is a bit of a weird matchup but generally you want to just slam giants early and save Hellfire for Lesser Emerald Spellstone. Go face and play around freezing trap if you can. Deathrattle hunter is one of the bigger concerns for this deck, but pretty much every other deck in the meta gets beaten by this list.

    Arena Fanatic is the flex slot of this deck, you can put whatever you want in this space, I was just experimenting with Fanatic because it helped with certain matchups and helped focus on the board. However, feel free to replace Fanatic.

    My current recommended sideboard is Spellbreaker, Doomsayer, Dread Infernal, or Mojomaster Zihi. You will want to replace Arena Fanatic with any single one of these cards under certain circumstances on ladder. If you feel like you are running into too many deathrattle hunters or control paladins, put in Spellbreaker. If you are running into too much aggro or even the mirror-match, put in Doomsayer. If you need more late-game value against warriors or control priests, run Dread Infernal. Lastly if you are facing too many mecha-thun decks or otk paladins, put in Mojomaster Zihi.

    Please post any questions or concerns in the comments down below, I try to respond to each one if I can! Also, if you are having a hard time playing this deck my biggest recommendation to you is TAP. Turn 2 don't just tempo out a guy, TAP. You will not win the game with 2-3 incremental damage from the slower plays, you absolutely need giants and twilights. Good luck and happy climbing!

Mulligan Guide

( Please note that the cards are listed in PRIORITY ORDER from first to last. )

( Also please note that Spellstones are to only be kept if you also have an early activator. )

  • Druid: Druid isn't particularly a challenging matchup right now for this deck. Mecha'thun and Taunt druid are the current front-runners for the druid decks, neither of which runs enough removal to deal with all the big things you slam down early. As such the mulligan is simple: Mountain Giant, Twilight Drake, Lesser Amethyst Spellstone, and Doomsayer.
  • Hunter: Hunter is one of the more challenging classes to play against at this moment in the meta. Your mulligan is kinda dependent on the read you have on your opponent's archetype. This deck beats spell hunter, but struggles against deathrattle hunter and beast hunter if they snowball early. It's still a winnable matchup though. The mulligan looks like this: Mountain Giant, Spellbreaker, Doomsayer, Hellfire, and Defile.
  • Mage: The only deck that mage really plays right now is elemental mage. Elemental mage is extremely board oriented, and we like that. If we can snowball early (thanks to 1 mana tap) then the game is over. Elemental mage doesn't have many comeback mechanics against big boys early. Kill them before Frost Lich Jaina if you can. Mulligan: Mountain Giant, Doomsayer, Twilight Drake, and Lesser Amethyst Spellstone.
  • Paladin: Paladin is one of two things; OTK/DK paladin or odd paladin. OTK/DK paladin is a big of a struggle if they have both Equalitys early. Otherwise the matchup goes rather smooth if you find enough of your big cards early. If your opponent chooses the OTK game-plan then it's much harder for you, but if they go the DK route then you are likely to win depending on the draw. Beating aggro is extremely easy. Use this mulligan: Mountain Giant, Defile, Twilight Drake, and Doomsayer.
  • Priest: Ah, the fated matchup for our boy Marin the Fox. Gallery priest, the current bully of the meta. I talked a bit about this deck earlier in the guide if you want to read more but let's just get right into the mulligan: Mountain Giant, Twilight Drake, and Doomsayer.
  • Rogue: Rogue is almost always going to be odd rogue, I haven't really seen much of anything else. Rogue can snowball out of control early and destroy you, but if they don't draw the nuts you have a strong fighting chance. Mulligan like this: Mountain Giant, Doomsayer, Lesser Amethyst Spellstone, and  Acidic Swamp Ooze.
  • Shaman: Even-shaman seems to be the current choice for most shaman players. We don't really struggle much against shaman since they have lots of small minions that are easy to deal with. The mulligan is pretty simple for this one: Mountain Giant, Hellfire, Doomsayer, and Twilight Drake.
  • Warlock: Most warlocks are playing Mecha'thun warlock right now. Other then that you might run into the occasional zoo but that's very rare. Mecha'thun is extremely easy to beat if you get going early, so don't be afraid to tap tap tap. The mulligan is simple: Mountain Giant, Doomsayer, and Twilight Drake.
  • Warrior: You rarely ever see warrior but I have to say, warrior just flat-out beats us most of the time. They have too much single-target removal to deal with early giants and drakes. If you get lucky though, you can beat them up a bit before they draw any of the high-tempo removal. Mulligan like this: Mountain Giant, Twilight Drake, and Acidic Swamp Ooze.

Yes, mountain giant IS that good.

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"This was kind of a fresh take on Evenlock, sadly never got to use Marin but worked out well anyway! Thanks for the deck!"

Tommy Wave

"A really fun deck that throws some unexpected curve-balls at the opponent. Love the addition of Crazed Alchemist and his friends!"


"ARENA FANATIC HYPE!!! Great deck you made here!"