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Immovable Taunt (guide included)

  • Last updated Jan 9, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 10200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/22/2018 (Level Up Nerf)
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Updates: -1 Defender of Argus, -1 Annoy-o-Module, +2 Flash of Light;

-1 Spellbreaker, +1 Stonehill Defender +1 Mindbreaker (it's so good versus odd, even, DK & smOrc hero powers!)

Primary way to pull off the combo:

Immovable Wall

Secondary way to pull off the combo:

Scariest Dreadsteed


You thought, there will be no more broken infinite combo decks after the recent nerfs? Well, oops! Meet Da Undatakah! The taunt minion, which cannot leave the board. Whenever it dies, it shuffles into your deck and immediately gets back with full health. Let me explain:

How it works

The card 'Immortal Prelate' says: "Deathrattle: Shuffle this into your deck. It keeps any enchantments." Actually, it keeps not just enchantments, but any buff, debuff or any other effect, including acquired deathrattles. Da Undatakah can get a deathrattle from Immortal Prelate, and it will work the same way. The trick is to get this deathrattle + deathrattle to bring Da Undatakah back from the deck. 'Bring back' effect can be achieved from Silver Vanguard or Meat Wagon (but you have to buff Attack value of Da Undatakah to make Meat Wagon's deathrattle work properly). This way, Da Undatakah will become 'immortal'! Just give it Taunt, and enemies will not be able to reach your face anymore.

This combo in Trolden's video (3:45)

General Strategy

The main course of the deck is to push the board with decent treats, while slowly go towards the combo (Shudderwock style). But, unlike Shudderwock, combo can be ruined by poor acting much easier. Someone in the comments on the video above says this deck is a "maneuvering nightmare". And it's goddamn true! You should always keep in mind the pool of your dead deathrattle minions. This deck cannot be autopiloted! Also, try to bait out opponents's silences. 

Combo plan:

  1. Let Immortal Prelate die on your side of the board. This is mandatory step. Be carefull, don't let it die 3 times before Da Undatakah! (More precisely, ensure, that there will not be any group of 3 deathrattles from the pool without 'bring back' effect).
  2. Let Silver Vanguard or Meat Wagon die. It's OK to let it die even before Immortal Prelate.
    1. (plan A) Silver Vanguard. Draw Da Undatakah into your hand before playing Silver Vanguard. You really don't want to pull Da Undatakah before he gains it's deathrattles. In extreme, very risky case, you can hope to pull it & copy empty Da Undatakah using Zola the Gorgon next turn.
    2.  (plan B) Meat Wagon. This is way more tricky. Meat Wagon will probably pull out the Mechano-Egg, so consider it may fall into deathrattle pool too. Also, Da Undatakah will pull itself using Meat Wagon's deathrattle only while having buffed Attack. Even harder, it is not guaranteed to pull itself if you have any other minion still in the deck. But most important, DO NOT BUFF MEATWAGON IF THE COMBO PIECES ARE STILL IN THE DECK! Also, you do not want to recruit 1/1 Lynessa Sunsorrow;
  3. Play Da UndatakahThere is no need to play Sunfury Protector on the same turn, you can do it later. The main pitfall is the order of gaining deathrattles. It determined randomly during battlecry phase. If 'bring back' deathrattleis acquired before any 'shuffle' deathrattle, Da Undatakah will not pull out himself back. But this is not the end! You just need to draw it and play from hand one more time. Second time he will get new 3 deathrattles on top of the old 3! That guarantees a 'resummon' effect.
  4. Give Da Undatakah Taunt. And buff it, if on 'Meatwagon' plan.

Replacements & Variations

 Combo consists of only 4 cards (1xImmortal Prelate, 1xSilver VanguardDa Undatakah, 1xSunfury Protector). This group can be included in every non-aggressive deck. Any other card from this list is unnecessary.

I tried a number of recipies, this particular deck is 15'th iteration. Currently it lacks protection from burn, so consider including Uther of the Ebon Blade, Flash of Light, Truesilver Champion or even Kobold Monk.

One close cut is Faceless Manipulator. It is one more way around 'wrong order' effect (Undatakahs will pull out one another), and also a protection from 1 silence effect.

You may love one of the following builds:

Straight Combo

Are you familiar with 'TTK Shirvallah' deck? With every single control card from Paladin class? Just remove 4 cards, put combo pieces inside, and here you go. You may even keep Shirvallah, the Tiger combo. Just control Immortal Prelate not to ruin Holy Wrath.

Also, you can use Baleful Banker to give another chance for silenced Undatakah.

And don't forget to include Faceless Manipulator!

You can check out a Luchtverfrisser's attempt on this deck: Immovable Object Paladin deck.

Spell Heavy

Blessing of Kings, Consecration, Spirit of the TigerShirvallah, the Tiger along with some nice buff targets, like Cloakscale Chemist, Half-Time Scavenger, Rusty Recycler and many more. Provides solid 'I have something to play!' feeling.


I am sad i don't have key card to test it, but...

Soup Vendor! There are a lot of Paladin cards, that restores 3 or more Health at a time (Benevolent Djinn, Paragon of Light, Flash of Light, Lay on Hands, Uther of the Ebon Blade)... Don't forget Zilliax, Lifedrinker, Earthen Ring Farseer. Insane survivability with a very fast cycle for combo pieces.

Including synergy cards like High Priest Thekal, Blackguard,Crystalsmith Kangor & Truesilver Champion probably should make you a scary opponent, even without combo.

Call to Arms

Immortal Prelate will remain 2 mana, even while havily buffed with Fungalmancer, Spikeridged Steed and so on. That means it can be brought back by Call to Arms! Just create aggressive deck with a bunch of solid 2-drops.

But be awared, that Da Undatakah combo will not be a main win condition anymore, because it's almost guaranteed to lose 3 Immortal Prelate's before it.

Val'anyr Overload

  1. Land a Val'anyr buff on Da Undatakah somehow;
  2. Play Da Undatakah (with Immortal Prelate's & Meat Wagon's deathrattles);
  3. Play Spiritsinger Umbra and Faceless Manipulator on Da Undatakah. Suicide first Undatakah, in case of order issues;
  4. Enjoy your 14 Val'anyr triggers (and, maybe, 14 triggers of another deathrattle along, like Plated Beetle's).

Leper Gnome OTK (TTK)

  1. Play during the game and let die: Immortal Prelate, Silver Vanguard, Leper Gnome (or Goblin Bomb);
  2. Play Da Undatakah;
  3. Next turn: Spiritsinger Umbra, Zola the Gorgon on it (or Youthful Brewmaster), Time Out!, trade your Undatakah into something; (opponent takes 28 damage, you are guaranteed to survive)
  4. Repeat last step to ensure a kill.

You can check out a Kissmealloveragain's attempt on this: Goblin Bomb OTK deck.

Could be also done in a fancy way using Abomination instead of Leper Gnome, and Deathspeaker instead of Zola the Gorgon.


You know what is really satisfying with this deck? Opponents get surprised. Some Taunt Druids and Quest Rogues with full board, saying "Well Played" already. They don't feel Da Undatakah + Sunfury Protector move can stop them. They break the taunt and... it's so funny to see opponents targeting your face in confusion. 'A minion with Taunt is on the way'!

I hope you can enjoy this too, before the synergy becomes well known. Good luck!

P. S. Do you like unique & wicked decks? Check out my Bomb Priest!